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DJ Pauly D -- Rollin' On Really Expensive Dubs Too

9/9/2010 2:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The "Jersey Shore" kids are single-handedly saving the luxury car industry -- TMZ has learned DJ Pauly D just dropped a frickin' fortune on a brand spankin' new 2011 Mercedez-Benz S550.

Our car sources tell TMZ ... the fully-loaded ride cost the blowout baron upwards of $120,000 ... his first major purchase after wrapping up the third season of "Jersey Shore."

We're told the car is so sick it has seats that massage you while you drive ... which, when we think about it, sounds like a terrible idea.

As TMZ first reported, The Situation recently bought a ridiculously expensive Bentley.

Your move, Snooks.



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3rd season....did I miss something?

1513 days ago


Hahaha, you guys are a bunch of jealouse HATERS... Good for them. Let them enjoy their fame while it last.

1512 days ago


I officially hate my life. Not really, but kinda.

1512 days ago

Haters Suck    

wow the Haters are in full force here. read the article.. this car is his FIRST MARJOR PURCHASE. like someone said earlier, he has finished filming the third season. in which they are making 30k an episode. what, one season is about 10 episodes? (which I might be under on that number) so that is 300k for one season. he will probably clear a mil just on the tv show alone with the finish of all 3 seasons. then you know how MTV do, they will probably collect some type of royalty for years to come...not to mention that there might be a 4th season or more. like someone else said...he makes 10k per appearance in addition to the tv show...who knows how many appearances he has made. and he has a full time gig.

most people here dont have **** and all they know is what someone else has told them. BUYING A HOUSE ISNT ALL THAT GLORIOUS AS PEOPLE HAS TOLD YOU. there is a lot of upkeep with a house..way more than a car. you can still go broke buying a house, you can still be extravagant buying a house. and with the economy these days, you are really not getting ahead if you sell it...might even loose money. and


it sure doesn't say it in this article, and you aren't going to know unless he does something public.

you guys just want to hate cause you are ****ing bored (probably because you arent doing **** with your life) an jealous.

yea I think these guys are idiots...honestly, if you watch the show, its mostly the women that are idiots. the guys (with the exception of Ronny) just go to clubs, drink, dance and pick up women.

you all just want everyone to be boring broke nolifes like you, share in your a bunch of crabs in a bucket pulling eachother down.

another thing. Rappers dont really have the money that they brag about...all the cars and jewelry are rentals, loaners, fake...its an image for most of them. and the few that do have tons of money...50cent, JayZ, etc. these guys got the bulk of their money from INVESTMENTS!

and the basketball players have money to last's lifetimes. you hardly ever hear about a basketball player going broke in 2 years unless there is something crazy behind it. (divorce, jailtime drugs etc). and even then...going broke for those types of people is still no where near the same as going broke for the regular working man. heck look at gary coleman...he was pretty much broke and owned a house that cost more than probably every home owned by anyone that has posted on this article (which I guess only 2 or 3 people that has posted a comment on this thread actually owns anything)

1511 days ago


Stop hating on him! Haters.

1511 days ago


Little playas do it for show,its the real ones who dont want you to know-

1511 days ago


Thank goodness he did not buy the long long Mercedez wagon
that looks like a ... you know what in a... you know what
after a wake.

1510 days ago

willies gomez    

life is short spend go broke who cares? they're adults they'll figure it out only so much a mortal can go through or not ...and with the current worldly economic situation don't be surprised if the whole damn world is broke anyway a year from now no matter what people do...only a world war or super natural disaster to restart all economy will fix this depression

1508 days ago


Good for you Pauly! And why is everyone so negative on here. He's been working his ass off for years and has been able to support himself single-handedly and has purchased nice things on his own before this. It sounds like most of you on here have nothing yourselves and are just jealous of his success. I'll pray for you. And with his DJ'ing backround, his $$$ will keep flowing in as long as he works for it which I'm sure he will do until the day he leaves this Earth. Everyone on here should go find a hobby.

1505 days ago


WHY IS EVERYONE HATING! people are just jelous because while the crew of jersey shore is on tv and making appearences at clubs...AND GETTING PAID FOR IT!!! theyr just on their couches watching how about you dont watch it and stop bitchin'

1490 days ago


Wow....didn't know there were so many haters out there. You know what they say...people who hate on people with money....don't have any! Do your Pauly!

1475 days ago


Everyone who is talking **** about the Jersey shore cast is just to jealous to realize that they will have money.. they are set for life.. of course the show will not be on forever but they are so popular from this show that everyone watches that they will not have a hard time finding a new way of pulling in the money.. movies.. music "cause Pauly D is a dj!".. other shows.. all kinds of things.. everyone who is hating just is pissed that they are not the one next to that car!

1371 days ago


LMFAO so much haters why dont u make something of yourself he already did instead of hating on someone who doesnt even give a **** about u?

1307 days ago


sounds like you people are mad... he's starred in this show for 3 seasons before buying the car; it's being reported that it's his first major purchase - sit down and stfu... haters

1042 days ago
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