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K-Fed Defends Britney Over Abuse Lawsuit

9/9/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kevin Federline has jumped to his ex-wife's defense, saying claims that Britney Spears beat her children are "baseless."


TMZ broke the story yesterday ... former Britney bodyguard Fernando Flores sued Brit, claiming, among other things,  she "savagely" whipped her two kids with a belt.

Federline now says -- through his attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan -- what TMZ has reported ... that the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services investigated Flores' allegations and determined they had no merit.

Britney has not responded to the lawsuit, in which Flores also claims she repeatedly sexually harassed him and came on to him in a naked state -- i.e., California.


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Since, when is spanking a kid with a belt child abuse? Come on it hurts your hand if you spank them right.

FedACreep - would say anything to defend his money train.

1443 days ago


He must have been gay. If i were working there and she did that she would be having baby number 3. But i guess he is a gay spic

1443 days ago


Way to go K-Fed! You didn't have to support your ex but you did. My opinion of you is definitely getting better. As for the man who made these claims. Something ought to be done to him for potentially causing problems for Brit.

1443 days ago


people who use the term "plain or pure and simple" usually have something to hide..

1443 days ago



1443 days ago


I knew it was false and I was wondering where Kevin Federline was and why he didn't turn up yesterday. Now, I understand. Instead of him coming out, it sounds even better to have his attorney speak on his behalf! It probably took some phone calls between him, his attorney and Brit's people. Anyway, I was waiting for him to come to her defense and I'm so happy to see he did this morning! Good for you Kevin!

I agree with the majority of you. If she did hurt those kids, A) He should have called the police immediately. Not wait.
B) Shellfish allergies closes the throat, not makes you puke. C) I could go on but, won't.

I believe he's trying to take advantage of her old, crazy self that everyone in her camp have said....that Britney no longer exists. She's better now and is taking care of herself. It seems to be true. If he walked in on her while she was naked that would explain her cussing him out and her threatening to fire him. He might be such a sicko and when she didn't take him up on his advances...he got pissed and decided to do this. What a pig!!

Child services already investigated the child abuses allegations and found no merit to this guys claims. I'm not even sure how he can sue her for these claims if DCFS found no merit, what makes him think a court will see merit? What an idiot!! Pretty much this will shoot down and close the case before it even gets started. To be honest, it shouldn't even be allowed to go to court just because of these facts. What a waste of money!! He's going to go the distance in court? That's good. Tie up the courts and rack up legal bills for everyone involved all for nothing. What a piece of work and why are the courts allowing this man to do this?!? Makes me mad and I'm not even a Britney fan!

1443 days ago


Just out of curiousity, why would Brit need a bodyguard INSIDE her house, wouldn't he be standing outside with other security? And another thing, she's always out with at least three to four bodyguards, how come none of the other guards have come forward with allegations like this? Me thinks someone got fired for inappropriate conduct (like abuse accusations against the kids) I would've tossed that SOB out of my house too.

1443 days ago


He doesn't need the kids full time anymore because he's already used them to suck money out of Britney. The guy lives like a parasite off the woman. If he wasn't getting money from her now he'd run over and grab the kids from her in a second.

1443 days ago

Tim in SanBerdoo    

Alright K-Fed! I do believe that if he felt that the abuse allegations were for real, he would have grabbed those kids in a flash. He doesn't lose any money by taking the kids out of a potentially dangerous situation, so all of the naysayers who claim that he would lose his gravy train just don't know California Law which covers any support she may owe him. If he takes custody of the children for their protection, he would probably get a lot more from her than he may get right now, so I see his support of her as him caring for the kids.

1443 days ago


Of course, he's defending her. He's getting child and spousal support payments, but she's keeping the kids because he don't want them anymore.

1443 days ago


I have to say, I don't care AT ALL for either of these people, BUT, I don't buy the abuse against her kids allegation for a second. I also think it was incredibly classy of Fed-Ex to stand up for her when he could have garnered this into an additional 15 minutes for himself. Let's be honest, neither of them will ever win Parent-Of-The-Year, but it seems they are at least decent to the boys.

1443 days ago


Kevin would have seen horrible welts and bruises if Brit had belted either boy. He has primary custody and sees them most days. It's clear this bodyguard wants money. Sadly, he will get some because trials are even more expensive so throwing some money at him in order to make this go away is typical. It means little with regard to validity of any cause of action. Remember that part.

1443 days ago


There is no way I believe this guy's story that Brit harmed her children. She was messed up in a lot of ways back then but what harm she did was to herself.

Didn't K-Fed have the kids anyway when she was going through her sickness?

1443 days ago


So...does he get PROSECUTED for making all of this up? Wasting the courts time, etc....
Wow!!! Couldn't think of anything else to do to get a quick buck?
Britney is "back", and better than ever, and some low-life loser wants to drag her through the mud...pretty easy to figure out.

1443 days ago


Why doesn't this punk go get a real job. He knows damned well if she'd have offered it, he'd have taken it.

1443 days ago
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