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LV Hilton : Video Proves Vince Neil Didn't Hit Woman

9/9/2010 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Las Vegas Hilton claims it has surveillance footage of Vince Neil from Sunday night ... and hotel reps tell TMZ ... the eye in the sky shows the Mötley Crüe singer never battered anyone in an elevator.

As TMZ first reported, Jessica Radovicz filed a police report claiming Neil roughed her up in a Las Vegas Hilton hotel elevator on September 5.

But a rep for the hotel tells us, "After reviewing surveillance video and interviewing witnesses, we've concluded that her allegations against Vince Neil are completely unfounded."

The rep continues, "We also understand that the local authorities have deemed her allegations to be without merit.  Accordingly, we consider the matter closed."


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well, merit...hmmmm...he's still a washed up drunken douche my humble opinion of course...

1467 days ago

random poster    

If you're going to file a police report claiming you were attacked on September 5th, it might help your credibility if you didn't make a video saying you were staying at the hotel "Memorial weekend". Make up your mind, when did this supposedly happen?

1467 days ago


Angry women should pummel this pig and the law should make an example of her.

Ever hear about the boy who cried 'Wolf'? With dirtbags like this more people will be rolling their eyes at abuse claims.

1467 days ago


Vince Neil looks like and old homeless woman.

1467 days ago


15 minutes of fame are up mongo!

Another welfare case with nothing to do but eat and breed.

Back to your sofa and cake.

Go after your babydaddies for money.


1467 days ago


@ Stewart....couldn't agree with you more! Bahahaaaaa....

1467 days ago


This fat pig excuse for a female needs to be in What a stinko psycho. She must make her family proud. Please do not reproduce bitch!

1467 days ago

pink floyd    

nice try fatso!!!!!!

1467 days ago


like i posted yesterday...ive known vince personally for over 30 years and while he has his faults,he would never put his hands on a woman in anger!!prolly Miss Chunky wanted to hang out with him and got denied!!

1467 days ago


Evidently, she has never been to Vegas - a town in which survelliance cameras are everywhere!

1467 days ago


Isnt calling a fat person fat like calling a black man a umm ni**er...this is blantant descrimination people,
She maybe be a porker but please refer to her as big,bold,and beautiful

1467 days ago


She should be prosecuted.....however.....
I agree with Solid24k, He's a lowlife, washed up d**khead.

1467 days ago

hung and dashing    

Now people in her life have to go back and think twice about ALL of the lies she's told. This doesn't hit me like this chick's first lie. She seems the sort who lied a lot about guys in high school who either tripped her down stairs of the football stands or who all felt her up once they cornered her after lunch period.

And when she was little, you wonder just how many step-daddies she said touched her "down there".

Even years from now, her grown son or daughter will say, "You're such a liar, mom!! Remember TMZ 2010?!!!"

She has NO CREDIBILITY with anyone for the rest of her life.

And she should be SLAMMED with slander and also for knowingly and willfully (and most-likely for financial gain) filing a FALSE police report.

If she's not, its a simple case of sexism preventing that from happening.

1467 days ago


That fat bitch wishes Vince Neil would touch her.

1467 days ago


Isn't her sister the one that called 911 because McDonalds was out of chicken Mcnuggets?

1467 days ago
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