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LV Hilton : Video Proves Vince Neil Didn't Hit Woman

9/9/2010 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Las Vegas Hilton claims it has surveillance footage of Vince Neil from Sunday night ... and hotel reps tell TMZ ... the eye in the sky shows the Mötley Crüe singer never battered anyone in an elevator.

As TMZ first reported, Jessica Radovicz filed a police report claiming Neil roughed her up in a Las Vegas Hilton hotel elevator on September 5.

But a rep for the hotel tells us, "After reviewing surveillance video and interviewing witnesses, we've concluded that her allegations against Vince Neil are completely unfounded."

The rep continues, "We also understand that the local authorities have deemed her allegations to be without merit.  Accordingly, we consider the matter closed."


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Pound Sand    

Stupid fat bitch! Someone should make her shut up by sticking a dozen Big Macs in her mouth and then arrest her for false reporting. Gross, lying bitch!!!

1507 days ago

Pound Sand    

D'oh- let that be a lesson to would-be extortionists. Video cameras are everywhere.

Posted at 2:47 PM on Sep 9, 2010 by Bruno


1507 days ago


I wish there were video cameras from unbiased thrird parties everywhere. It's come to the point that people need them especially if they are rich, famous, or are in a custody/divorce situation.

1507 days ago


I called this one soon as the story broke on TMZ, go back and look for my comments! I said they would have video in the elevator and that Vince wasn't the one that touched her. She doesn't deserve any of the attention she is getting unless it's sitting in court facing charges of fraud and extortion!

1507 days ago


#32. u r so right.

1507 days ago


So.....I guess Jessica Radovicz is a big fat lier

1507 days ago


I'm laughing at all the comments from the previous story who were SO sure that he was guilty of this. You kept preaching that we are obsessed with celebrities, and that he deserved to be punished for his guilt. Well, look how that went for you guys.

1507 days ago


Leonardo DiCaprio would also say "stay away from anyone with Sharpie eyebrows... seems to be the requirement for a nutjob!"

1507 days ago


Not defending the man if he did it, but shouldn't people hold off judgement until he's proven guilty. People will say just about anything these days if they think they'll get a bit of money out of it.

Posted at 8:22 PM on Sep 8, 2010 by Muppet

My post from the other day...this is why people should not judge until they have been proven guilty. It's ruining people's lives and this woman should be charged. No wonder people that really are abused are hesitant to come forward, it's women like this that make people not want to speak up for fear others will think they are lying. Stupid idiot deserves a smack after what she just pulled.

1507 days ago


HAHA Serves you right you fat who*e!!!!

1507 days ago


Vince Neil should just carry a car windshield with him, since it only kills the passenger...

1507 days ago


Then, post the surveillance video and let everyone decide!!! If the police "deemed her allegations to be without merit", then they would charge her for filing a false police report. Me thinks the hotel is just protecting a VIP customer!

1507 days ago


Closed? If they don't go after this loser for filing a false police report, wasting manpower and money to investigate her lies then I guess we know why the USofA is going broke. Liars and cheats go unpunished and will only continue to try and rape the system leaving the taxpayers to foot the bill. ENOUGH, take this lady( using the term loosely, very loosely )to court and recoop all the wasted money.

1507 days ago


So why do people find it so hard to believe that Michael Jackson was a victim of this sort of tish? Because it was a precedent? Now it happens every day. The types of people are trash--pathetic trash, and they've been around for years.

1507 days ago


What is she supposed to be pointing at? He's an irresponsible drunk driver that should have done more time than 30 days for vehicular manslaughter...And his second charge, proving that taking another man's life in a drunk driving accident taught him absolutely NOTHING...But I don't think he messed with this woman.

She looks like she's asking for it though.

1507 days ago
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