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Susan Boyle -- Email Confirms Lou Reed Rejection

9/10/2010 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Susan Boyle was "absolutely devastated" when she learned Lou Reed had personally blocked her from performing one of his hit songs on "America's Got Talent" ... so says Susan's manager.

Lou Reed & Susan Boyle
TMZ has obtained an email that Susan's manager fired off on Thursday to FremantleMedia -- the production company behind "Talent" -- saying:

"Susan was absolutely devastated to be told on the morning of the show taping that Lou Reed had personally decided to block her singing his already much covered song, 'Perfect Day,' on 'America's Got Talent' in L.A.."

The email continues, "We obviously had no idea of this prior to leaving London. None of us can understand the decision given that it's such a beautiful rendition of the song."

Susan's manager also explains that Susan decided to pull out of the show entirely instead of changing her tune because she only learned about the rejection with "less than two hours to go before the recording" and had "no other new song rehearsed."

A rep for Lou Reed has reportedly stated that the former Velvet Underground singer didn't throw the kibosh on SuBo -- but obviously, Susan's camp isn't buying it.


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@ #15: Why not just use all caps?

1512 days ago


1-He's worried/jealous her version will be better/more popular.
2-He wants money

1512 days ago

Ian Flanders    

Lou Reed is an X@!&Z and acted like a spoilt child having a hissy fit. Grow up you big jerk.

1512 days ago

Small Old Bean    

I would have said no too! SuBo, ew.

1512 days ago

andy burns    

Now Theotherwilkie i have to give you a gold star for being by far away the biggest prick to ever make a comment, oh silly me you have brought some of your school buddies with you, with the same iq jumped to a different song, jeesh if stupidity was a university degree , you would be A+ status . there were 100 backing kids their to sing with her , your knowledge of music, you could write on a fleas ear like the other dodo brains on here . Yes she could have sang another song but the object was to sing one from her new cd , and you think you can pick any song you moronic prick with 100 kids doing backup. jeesh , the nicest thing is i can giggle because in 1 room by far and away the biggest bunch of sad morons ever to gather. Reed is by far and away one of , if not the crappiest apology for a singer ever to walk the planet . almost every group that ever lived sang other artists songs, but this prize prick who had given permission for it to be sung in the uk, decided not to let it be sung in the usa 2 hrs before the show. you have got to some real creep to do something like that. So Theotherwilkie just be grateful that most of the world do not like you and other brainless sheep in here weren't born to turn out pricks like some of you.

1512 days ago


Too bad but Susan would have been great. As far as the hate spewed comments, you people are just insane. So what if she is sensitive. A lot of artists are. At least she is kindhearted, and talented. Those are qualities that are not always appreciated in this ****** up world. Go Susan! We love you!!

1512 days ago


Susan is great and she deserves to be upset. Obviously this guy has issues not Susan. She does not need to grow up but the jerks with the mean comments do. They are so jaded and cynical. What is this world coming to. Its like you aren't even human. Go Susan!! People love you

1512 days ago


Absolutely devasted over a song? Ever lost a child? I have. That is devastation.

1512 days ago


the show should have had made sure the permissions were set before anyone sang anyone's song! As for the writer, I hope he remembers all those songs he wrote that got turned down and turned down. Finally someone thought a song was good and picked it up and asked him to change this and change that. He needs to remember all that rejection and the spirit of music before he decides he doesn't like someone singing technique and closes the door on them.

He needs to remember the past.

1512 days ago

I Luv TMZ    

I'm note sure who's fuglier.

1512 days ago


Quite obviously the people saying Susan should have "simply sung another song" are not profession singers, nor do they know anything about professional performing. With orchestrations already set and a backup choir, in less than two hours, just "sing another song". For a nationally televised program. Really? Someone was clearly at fault here. It was not in any way Susan Boyle. How sad that there are those who are taking this opportunity to show such mean-spirited and ugly souls.
Posted at 6:18 AM on Sep 10, 2010 by anne

anne you are right
Susan Boyle was eliminated because Susan is a christian
and Jewish AGT already decided who will win and how....

Susan angelic voice was in their way of their chosen winner
" 10-Year-Old Soprano Storms "a new singer taking the world by storm.

Jackie Evancho, a Pittsburgh native, sing Puccini's famous "O Mia Babbino Caro" on Tuesday night's "America's Got Talent."
Watch Jackie performance HERE
it is FAKE! to bad for Jackie
Jackie was just lip singing, performing without a voice!
why AGT decided to silence Jackie???
one judge "...I did we all did we felt goosebumps....I know
whats gone to happend.. we'll wake up tomorrow
and America's go crazy for alittle girl with angelic voice...."
AGT you Tube audition Jackie Evancho, August 10, 2010

and now compare 10 years live singing
10 old Zara Larsson from Sweden

well judge Piers Morgan did not happened
but you got a job replacing Larry King
congratulation cheater

1512 days ago


I'm still trying to figure out how a PR email from Susan Boyle's manager proves that Lou Reed did anything. WTF?

1512 days ago


I don't care about Susan Boyle BUT I really feel sorry for the 100 kids in the choir who were probably excited to be on TV and all of their parents and relatives were looking forward to seeing them.

1512 days ago


Lou Reed should eat a d**k and choke for a while.

1512 days ago


Boyle, To be a good singer, you have to be able to sing any songs at any time. Are you saying you cannot sing any song unless it's being rehearsed? Why can't you at least sing songs from your CD, you still have to rehearse first?

1512 days ago
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