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Susan Boyle -- Email Confirms Lou Reed Rejection

9/10/2010 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Susan Boyle was "absolutely devastated" when she learned Lou Reed had personally blocked her from performing one of his hit songs on "America's Got Talent" ... so says Susan's manager.

Lou Reed & Susan Boyle
TMZ has obtained an email that Susan's manager fired off on Thursday to FremantleMedia -- the production company behind "Talent" -- saying:

"Susan was absolutely devastated to be told on the morning of the show taping that Lou Reed had personally decided to block her singing his already much covered song, 'Perfect Day,' on 'America's Got Talent' in L.A.."

The email continues, "We obviously had no idea of this prior to leaving London. None of us can understand the decision given that it's such a beautiful rendition of the song."

Susan's manager also explains that Susan decided to pull out of the show entirely instead of changing her tune because she only learned about the rejection with "less than two hours to go before the recording" and had "no other new song rehearsed."

A rep for Lou Reed has reportedly stated that the former Velvet Underground singer didn't throw the kibosh on SuBo -- but obviously, Susan's camp isn't buying it.


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Unacceptable, unprofessional behavior...
The world Jackie Evancho!
Posted at 8:28 AM on Sep 10, 2010 by InvestmentCowboy
unacceptable, unprofessional behavior from AGT!!!

from Susan Boyle management:
"...every effort was made to try to find a solution...
Susan would like to say thank you to all those fans who travelled milles to lend their support that day..."

1502 days ago

Fallopia Lopez    


1502 days ago


Looks like a fifty fifty split on this one by the comments I read. I love Lou Reed. It's obvious that a lot of the comments are from people who weren't even born when Lou was rockin' the scene. I've seen him six times in concert and he always has great musicians and rocks the **** out of the venues he plays. You may think he's an old goat who should let anyone cover his songs, but the point is that they are his songs. If he says no, so be it. I would suggest that you listen to more of his music before you call him names. He does have over twenty albums to choose from.

This old school rocker is way better than any of the boy bands and rap crap you all grew up on.

1502 days ago


It would seem the intelligent thing to, would be to get permission before hand, to do something with something that somebody else holds the copy right for.

1502 days ago


For "whatever reason" Susan Boyle is very emotional and needs to be handled with kid gloves - if not white coats. Her reaction is not surprising given her past reactions to smaller upsets and Simon Cowell has always been kindly protective of her behavior peculiarities and his own professional interests in her.

1502 days ago


Susan's management should never have let this happen. She should never have any shaky moments in her world. Nobody ever calls it for what it is but she is an emotionally and intellectually challenged person who has been thrown into a spotlight that many more able people can't handle. She needs protection like other huge divas might. This would never have happened to Celine Dion or Jennifer Lopez.

1502 days ago


Lou is an eff up - dude had ECT at 17, lived with a transexual, was a junkie and wrote some good songs, wrote some crap as well. So, for SuBo it's a nasty blow for someone not equipped to cope with rejection but FOUR FIVE SIX sing another mothereffing song.

1502 days ago

Hammerin' Hank    

Uh, Lou Reed's not hurting for money or credibility. The Velvet Underground's one of the most important and acclaimed bands of all time, and their catalog sales alone probably provide a good living. And that's not counting the royalties for "Walk on the Wild Side" and the sales from his solo back-catalog. Reed's a serious artist who'll be remembered and celebrated as long as rock still has any currency.

1502 days ago

john blane     

Boo hoo fe wont let me play with his toy.Childish crap get your own toy,or write your own songs

1502 days ago

jane anderson    

The real tragedy here is that Susan's many fans now won't be able to hear her sing. People care about her, and Susan's special was one of the highest rated on TV. Can you imagine people from 25 different countries getting together to make a gift for you! That's what her fans did for Susan Boyle.

Susan, we love you.

1502 days ago


Loi you are a jellous jerk. You had to be flat happy that such beutiful voice was going to sing your song and you got scared that it would be much better. You are a loser. To reject it 2 hours before the performane is called stabbing in the back. You have chosen the easiest target for you Susan the wonderful voice and wonderful personality. I hope you will get back what you have done to Susan She is suffering now, I wish you would suffer much more. Susan, we love you.

1502 days ago


Toughen up Susan there are plenty of other songs that are just as good as that one!

1502 days ago


Susan Boyle for all her talent is not a seasoned professional, i.e., she cannot just pull something out of a hat that she's been singing in her act for years -- because *she doesn't have an act.* She is a gifted amateur in middle age, and at least for now must rehearse every number she presents as new material. Given she had only two hours to come up with an alternative, withdrawing was the smartest, most realistic thing she could have done. Lou Reed should lose a little paranoia: any decent singer can do justice to "Perfect Day." It's not like she was asking to sing "Heroin."

1502 days ago


Susan Boyle is the best voice in our days. She has to be cherished and take care of. She has done nothing wrong to anybody. She had a hard life to achieve her dream to be a proffessional singer, the career that hundreds of others achieve easily without any voice at all. Lou you are a mean person. 2 hours before the show change your plans and spoil the joy of millions to listen to a real singer. I understand Susan could not sing another song, she puts a lot of emotions, feelings, she puts all her heart into her singing. Imagine her feelings after what you have done to her. Jelosy sucks you, old jerk. Shame on you.

1502 days ago


What a jerk that lou is. Has let so many others perform his music and a no all of a sudden. Very sad. We all know he will never be as big of a star as susan anyways. He has been washed up for so long. Why must he be so jealous of susans popularity and stardom. Some people never grow up. Alot of people are saying how ugly susan is and I would love to see pictures of all of them!! Cause you know its got to be the uglist people on the planet hiding behind these words of theres. At least the poll shows 90% have sided with susan. Keep up the good work ms Boyle.

1502 days ago
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