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Vince Neil's Accuser -- He Bruised Me Bad

9/9/2010 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who claims Vince Neil roughed her up in a Las Vegas elevator is taking her battle public -- releasing a video statement in which she says Neil threw her against a wall and bruised her arms.


In the video, Jessica Radovicz -- who recently filed a battery report with the Las Vegas Metro PD -- says she was in an elevator on her way to her room at the Las Vegas Hilton on Sunday night when Neil got in.

Radovicz claims she recognized Neil and asked him if he was "on TV" -- at which point Neil flipped out, grabbed her arms and then threw her against the inside of the elevator ... bruising her arms in the process.

She also claims Neil was accompanied by a couple of young women that night -- and recalls, "As the elevator doors were closing ... [Vince] lunged at me and tried to push me out. One of his lady friends said, 'Get out, bitch!'"

As we previously reported, the matter is currently under investigation.


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This is your 15 minutes Bacon Back!
This chick is about 300 pounds, Vince is maybe 150... She could just step on his foot and he would be screwed..
I like how the fellow obeast chicks are sticky up for the slampig.
Anouther huge bitch that thinks she is cute and cant stand it when they are ignored.
Food is your only friend shreck... go eat a turkey and complain to other fatties.
Leave Vince out of your failures and uselessness.

1469 days ago


With his reputation, I'm not at all surprised that this idiot Vince did that to the girl. I can't believe people are harassing the victim here.

To the victim, make sure that you secure the surveillance tape from the Hilton before they "inadvertently" delete it!

1469 days ago


Most celebrities are douchebags. And nearly all rock stars are.

1469 days ago


This should be easy to prove or disprove. Virtually all spaces in Las Vegas hotels including the elevators have surveillance cameras.

1469 days ago


If a non famous person did that to her I bet she wouldn't be suing. Some people really are as pathetic as they look.

1469 days ago


Why all the comments about her appearance????
Completely irrelevant.
If her story is true, he had no right touching her.
Hopefully the surveillance cameras were working.

1469 days ago


I have heard several stories about that washed up has been being a woman beater.
He probably was completely beside himself that he wasn't recognized as the lead singer of the "greatest rock band that ever lived".
He's a washed up peice of ****, and the girl he allegedly assaulted looks a million times better than he does.
His freakin' cheek implants are bigger than Kim Kardahian's tits!
And that W.C. Field's nose. Jesus!


1469 days ago


What bruise? Yet another s*** who wants Vince to throw a few bucks at her rather than risk paying for a multi million dollar trial. She knows the game -

1469 days ago


Hmm...sorry! But if this happened on Sunday there would still be bruising there if he "grabbed" her and bruised her "real bad". If he grabbed her as hard as she is saying the bruising would more than likely show the bruising in the shape of his fingers on both arms.
I can't see ANY bruising here, but I am on my cell phone so the picture is rather small. But again, one would think that if it were that bad and only happened 4 days ago then it would be visible even in my screen size.
Sounds a little hinky to me. Looks like someone looking for a civil suit.

1469 days ago


Wow Quinn, full of yourself today are you? Got a hair up your as* honey?

1469 days ago


Well, maybe he did. And it was a very ugly and bulliesh thing to do if he did it. But life is full of unfortunate run-ins with jerks. It's a little bit unusually for an adult to turn physical, usually it is verbal or emotional. But none the less. Unless you suffered some kind of significant injury, you really shouldn't file a lawsuit. I get bruises every other day when I get drunk and run into the door before opening it. Bruises really aren't all that big of a deal at all. It is more like a bruised ego and possible money grubbing. Get over it and be the bigger person.

1469 days ago


Vince Neil is a washed up loser!!! Wouldn't do any good to sue, he doesn't have anything left, including a reputation.
What a D*CKHEAD.

1469 days ago


Waaaaa boo hooo
Why didn't she knock him back??
She just wants a free meal, like she
really needs one.
Oooh, that wasn't nice of me to say,
I just get sick of these losers wasting
court time-and money!~

1469 days ago


Looks like 50 cents worth of damage there, well maybe a dollar. You go girl!

1469 days ago


Looks like about 50 cents worth of damage there, maybe a dollar.

1469 days ago
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