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Vince Neil's Accuser -- He Bruised Me Bad

9/9/2010 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who claims Vince Neil roughed her up in a Las Vegas elevator is taking her battle public -- releasing a video statement in which she says Neil threw her against a wall and bruised her arms.


In the video, Jessica Radovicz -- who recently filed a battery report with the Las Vegas Metro PD -- says she was in an elevator on her way to her room at the Las Vegas Hilton on Sunday night when Neil got in.

Radovicz claims she recognized Neil and asked him if he was "on TV" -- at which point Neil flipped out, grabbed her arms and then threw her against the inside of the elevator ... bruising her arms in the process.

She also claims Neil was accompanied by a couple of young women that night -- and recalls, "As the elevator doors were closing ... [Vince] lunged at me and tried to push me out. One of his lady friends said, 'Get out, bitch!'"

As we previously reported, the matter is currently under investigation.


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Re: 10:22 PM on Sep 9, 2010 by eduardo

So, you are a liar too then...good to know.

1441 days ago

Stan the Man    

I guess this sough hog realizes Vince is a wealthy man. What an ambulance chasing HOG.Vince was probably trying to get away from MISS TRIPLE WHOPPER and she,I mean it, bruised her own JELLY-ROLL arm ! She should have been walking up and down the strip trying to lose some lard!!!!!!! What a typical c@&%t!!!!!!

1441 days ago


I read a post on celebrity social that showed her on facebook talking about how much fun she had in vegas and not mentioning one time being attacked

1441 days ago


I only had to read a few of the comments above & I was whistling through my teeth! My doesn't not matter one iota why she asked him that....called "small talk"- hello.

And "Wow, so damaged she should have her arm amputated" But you, you coward, if it was YOU? So shadddddap!

PEOPLE LIKE THESE ROCK STARS & OTHER CELEBRITIES have proven over&over again how they are so desensitized to human emotions and feel entitled to throw phones, slap employees, push women in elevators, rape them, call them names.

I hope this woman gets a million dollars and I don't care how small her bruise was. If he was "man enough" to hit her, then he should be MAN ENOUGH TO PAY UP!

1441 days ago


That is bad bruising? I have a bruise on my leg worse than that and I don't even know how I got it!

If Vince Neil did push her, then he needs to apologize but really lady, don't tie up the police and possibly even the court system with something so small.

1441 days ago


Two words......nicholas dingley. For those of you who don't know he is the person this waste of oxygen killed on his first DWI arrest. Only served 15 on to 3 maybe 4 DWI arrests...still shacking up with scabby women. I dont care how fat/ugly/ money hungry this woman appears to be......the only fact here is that Vince Neil is a piece of S^#T who truthfully would do the world some justice if he just crashed his car and rid the planet of his s***my existance. Where is the Judge who thought they were going to save Lindsay Lohan's...she could do wonders for society for locking up this trash......Vince is 10 times the train wreck Lindsay is.....he MURDERED someone and did less jail time than she did.....what a joke

1440 days ago


1440 days ago


Why am I NOT surprised by these IGNORANT comments. SO TYPICAL, just because he's VINCE NEIL of MOTLEY CRUE everyone gives him a free pass to act like an A**HOLE. Just because she's fat doesn't mean she deserves to be mistreated( IF this is true). I was once a CRUE fan but at what point is VINCE going to grow the F*CK up and get HELP. I wonder if any of the people on here making excuses for his behavior would still think he was AWESOME if he got behind the wheel drunk AGAIN and KILLED someone you LOVED; or if he roughed up one of your daughters in an elevator( ALLEGEDLY), would you still think he ROCKS. Boy I tell you, the IGNORANCE, STUPIDITY and HATE that so many people continue to show is just astounding. VINCE NEIL AND THE REST OF YOU NEED TO GROW UP!

1440 days ago


ROFL ... "He bruised me right there, mommy!" No doubt about it, this fat cheeka is a money-grubbing sack of lies. Get over yourself, you did NOT get touched by a celebrity of any kind, even trashy ones like Vince Neil. Some fat people look and are nice, decent individuals. But people like YOU, Rado-bitch, are royal drama queens ... NEXT!

1440 days ago


The Stupid Rhinocerous Is ONLY After The CA$H!!!!

1440 days ago


yeah yeah yeah, oh shes whining, shes just looking for a lawsuit, fat people bruise easy, all funny until it happens to your wife , mother, sister or someone you know, the truth will come out in the video footage, hold judgement till than!

1439 days ago


Perhaps he was afraid that she was going to eat him.

1439 days ago


LIAR!!! She is full of Sh*t!! Lets see that elevator video!

1432 days ago


Nice try bitch, but your 15 minutes are up. Video shows Vince did not do anything to her. Police say the case is closed.

1431 days ago


Vince should sue her ass for defamation of character. Teach her a good lesson for lying.

1430 days ago
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