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'D.C. Housewife' Injected Into Plastic Surgery Lawsuit

9/12/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Suspected White House Crasher Michaele Salahi may need to save more face than Botox can handle -- because the "Housewives" star is being sued for allegedly stiffing her plastic surgeon.

The man behind the lawsuit is Dr. Navin Singh -- from Ivy Plastic Surgery in Maryland -- who tells TMZ, he performed several "procedures" on Salahi last April -- but Michaele never paid the bill in full.

According to the suit, filed in district court in Virginia, Salahi still owes a cool $500 for unnamed procedures.

Dr. Singh wouldn't confirm the nature of the procedures -- but according to sources connected to the lawsuit, it's all over unpaid Botox injections ... which we're told Salahi had requested for a fundraising event a few days later.

A rep for Salahi -- who has been ordered to face the charges in a Virginia court on September 17 -- tells us, the DC housewife did in fact see the good doc in question ... but as far as she's concerned, the bill was settled.


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Those are low brows who are true social climbers and have their noses snubbed by East Coast Society. These people are trash, bottom, tacky thieves. No self-respecting East Coaster would ever appear on that show.

1510 days ago


Isn't it funny how this party/events crasher celebrity wannabe is getting away with it. On tv they talk about how they get into parties they are not invited to attend, where the President is going to be, and nothing happens???? If I do that, I would be in jail !!!!

1510 days ago


"but as far as she's concerned, the bill was settled . . . "

We all know what that means!!! She took it from behind, and with a smile on her face. Probably not the best way to pay your bills!!!

1510 days ago


She is forever being sued for not paying bills she racks up. Her husband too. Read Wikipedia!

1510 days ago


WHY, WHY, WHY didn't this doctor sew this WbITCHE'S eyes, nose, MOUTH SHUT, SHUT, SHUT!!!! And the same for that ASS HOLE
quote "man" who is her husband, that ASS needs EVERYTHING on

1510 days ago


OMG! I do not comment on TMZ, I just read it; but will have to join in on this topic. I can't stand these people, especially that husband of hers; he is ridiculously fake. How in the world did they get to be on this show, what are the requirements. Not to mention how they lied about not crashing the party at the White House, which they openingly talk about on the show; so why are they not in jail. If it were anyone else; they will be in jail. I don't get what happened at the White House for them to allow this, and for the party planner to be fired over this. Just shameful!

1510 days ago


A Doctor doesn't sue someone for $500.00. It's a small claims courts issue. A lawyer will cost twice that amount and if you DIY it's lost income on your part.
Normally they just send it to collections,you get a lot of phone calls, and then it gets reported to the credit bureaus. Case closed.

1510 days ago

Yep I said that    

Typical from this no talent and her husband never pay their bills I don't know why any body does any thing for them with out payment up front seeing these two coming would be like a red light

1510 days ago


I guess she didn't realize that having sex with the doctor didn't constitute settling the bill.

And for the person who said this wouldn't be a "federal case": since the procedures were performed in one state, and Salahi lives in another - where would the small claims court suit be filed? Where's Harvey when we need him?

1510 days ago

why is she there ?    

wow, rabbit teeth,
she is really ugly and talentless, bless her . ffffttttt

1510 days ago


Can't be a very successful plastic surgeon if he's sweating over $500.00

1510 days ago

Giz Mo    

$500 is a civil suit in small claims court, not federal, so this probably isn't true.

1510 days ago


These two parasites are well known in the DC/VA area for being what they do best, CON ARTISTS. They live in LA LA land fantasy world where they truly believe their SO FAB, and EVERYONE is JEALOUS of them. Thats the only come back Michelle, not Michale ( a FAKE NAME that she goes by)has any time anyone calls her out to her face for anything.. "your all Jealous of me! Your obsessed with me! You all wish you could be ME" Umm,no Michelle, no one wants to be you, not even for a second.

She also lied about being a Redskins cheerleader, a Victoria Secrets and Chanel Model, said she appeared in VOGUE, ELLE, INSTYLE,along with a dozen other magazines- per her engagement announcement in the Washington Post years ago ALL LIES. The list just goes on and on...Yet they continue to show their faces in public..these two are WHACKJOBS..

The husband cant even visit his own ailing father without a POLICE OFFICER present, per his own Mother..I cant blame her. I'm willing to bet my life on it, these two would pull a Mendendez on the father so FAST -just to take over the winery, that NEVER belonged to them..they spent years trying to con ppl into thinking they were in fact the owners, setting up their own FAKE TRASH

1509 days ago


skanky criminal, not a star

1508 days ago

John Gate    

This is very surprising news, put them in Jail.

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1507 days ago
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