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Britney's Ex-Friend Accused of Psychotic Stalking

9/10/2010 5:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sam Lutfi -- the infamous ex-friend of Britney Spears -- has just been slapped with a restraining order accusing him of nothing short of psychotic and extremely dangerous behavior.


Samuel Barth -- an aspiring actor/model -- claims Lutfi developed such an obsession toward him that he hacked into his email, Facebook and Twitter accounts and set out on a campaign to terrorize and vilify Barth's mother and other relatives.

Barth says he moved to L.A. From Virginia in January and rented an apartment near Lutfi, eventually moving in with him.  They became friends, but according to legal docs obtained by TMZ, Lutfi quickly became obsessed, first trying to diagnose Barth with "various mental and emotional problems and forcefully suggesting solutions" -- eerily similar to what Lutfi allegedly did to Britney Spears.

Barth tried to distance himself from Lutfi and that's when the alleged campaign of terror began.  Barth claims in his declaration Lutfi tried to drive a wedge between Barth and his mother, calling her "evil," a "bitch" and "Satan," among other things.  Lutfi sent emails and texts to Barth's mom, telling her how she "viciously destroyed" the lives of her kids.  Lutfi emailed Barth's underage sister (about the mom and aunt), "I wish those two sick women the most evil and painful death possible."  Again, similar to Sam trying to turn Britney against her mom and dad.

Lutfi also verbally attacked Barth's brother, calling him "a waste of human flesh" and a "f**kin' loser."

The judge granted the temporary restraining order today and, among other things, prohibited Lutfi from hacking into the various accounts of Barth and his family.


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Lufti (who by the way is a California boy, native-born - so forget about "kicking him out of the country") has followed this same pattern long before Britney. He's had such restraining orders before Britney, also. Not a new pattern, he has long-standing problems. Basically he's a "multiple stalker". It's not just about money, although if his target has a lot of it - of course controlling the money becomes just as important as controlling the person in general.

I had a friend who was a slightly (just slightly...) milder case - her pattern was to repeatedly "fall in love" with acquaintances and coworkers very quickly and intensely based on her fantasies rather than on a real relationship, and then get angry when the object of her affection had no interest. She didn't go as far as Lufti apparently does and didn't try to financially fleece anybody, but it was still spooky and destructive behavior. In her case, she ended up hopping from job to job every year because of her pattern, leaving a trail of confused and spooked people behind her, it was that bad. She would also scare off people who were initially interested in her (either as friends or as lovers) but eventually couldn't stand the obsessive, controlling behavior.

Unless such people do something concrete that is illegal enough to get them into prison, though, it's really hard to stop them. They don't think anything is wrong with them, and are baffled about why "other people" keep "rejecting" them. Britney was especially vulnerable because of her illness and her money, but other non-rich people are just as damaged by such behavior also when they are targeted.

1468 days ago


If you have some money and someone says to you that you are mentally ill and you need medication - be careful - once you're under meds you surrender control to the medication and the people who have access to it. If the person has been pushing your buttons and manipulating you to react so they can say you are mentally ill, even be more careful.
Anna Nicole, MJ, Elvis all were taking drugs and had friends enabling them and willing doctors happy to prescribe.

When Oksana said to Mel "you need medication" and asked who his doctor is I thought that's got to ring some warning bells.

1468 days ago


If he talked about my Mom that way the coroner would have to strain the remains to find the fingerprints!

1468 days ago


So this Sam Lutfi thinks he can judge other people? Yea Right.
He is trying to push his symptoms off on other people.

1468 days ago

Throwback kid    

Too many restraining orders with the same MO, Lufti threatens the family's and becomes more out of control and full of rage. Law enforcement should take a deeper look into this guy before he snaps and they have another Andrew Cunanan on their hands.

1468 days ago


He should find the pills he use to grind up and and put in Britney's food and down the bottle. Please off yourself Lufti the Loser.

1467 days ago


wow.whata****inmental case.

sounds likeacasae of the bob anthonyies.

never trust somebody with two first names...ever

1467 days ago


I've been fortunate in that I have lived my entire life and never met someone like this. It seems that he is mentally ill and needs help.

While I don't condone his behavior AT ALL, I think someone needs to intervene in his life (his family members) and get him some help.

Yes this certainly does seem a bit scary to me, just as someone already said another Andrew Cunanan. Look at how he destroyed so many lives in his psychopath rampage !

1467 days ago


I've been stalked by a couple of people and it was scary. Although they need infiltrated my life like this guy is doing. They did their stalking from a distance and it's creepy and scary, and it's me feel helpless at times.

My next door neighbor stalks me and I have yet to call the police because I have no tangible evidence of it. I hate it and while I don't fear the guy is going to do something to me, he makes me feel uncomfortable and I have had to change my life because of it and that's just wrong ! I believe he is getting the point that he needs to stay away from me, but it has taken me several years to get him to that point.

But if so much as say hello to him now, it will start all over again and I can't have crazy in my life !

1467 days ago


Lutfi is gay, always was - there was nothing sexual going on with Britney. And of course, psychotic. He should be put in jail before he kills someone.

1467 days ago


L.A. police, wake up and DO SOMETHING about this nutcase that keeps stalking people! What are you sitting on your asses for? Someone has to be killed or seriously harmed before the cops ever intervene in anything. If Sam does kill or harm someone, I hope the family sues the pants off the LAPD. They've issued plenty of restraining orders against this guy and still they do nothing.

1467 days ago

Throwback kid    

Sam Lufti reminds me of another famous stalker "Mark David Chapman" the man who killed John Lennon. Britney's family was very smart to demand that Lufti stay out of her life. This type of obsessive personality will eventually escalate and become violent.

1467 days ago


I read this statement yesterday. TMZ - this story FRIGHTENS me on very personal level.

HOW is it legal in CA for someone to breach multiple cell provider/client securities, hack into multiple people's private email accounts, harass/stalk, actually pretend to be someone else, and make threats against multiple people's lives WHO LIVE ACROSS THE COUNTRY in VA and one of them a MINOR and the man still be walking our streets?


On a personal level I don't understand how this young man changed cell phone providers repeatedly and yet someone was able to discover the particulars and gain access and even control of accounts which were clearly not his own. I would like to know HOW THIS GUY DID THIS and WHY THE PROVIDERS ALLOWED it or if it was done without their involvement. Do they have any ability to HELP? Or do they turn a blind eye? Please someone with expertise help me understand how this is even possible. Don't we need to know how he did it so we can take precautions to protect ourselves?

I know what stalking is first person and for me it began before our current technology existed. I am genuiunely afraid after reading this article. WHY was it so easy to find, harass, threaten,...? As I read this article I couldn't help but wonder

OR are California laws deficient? OR Selective enforcement?

Did this young man and his family file police reports IN ADDITION to filing for a TRO? This young man is from VA. His request for a TRO was actually sought in VA? Did he have reason to believe CA law enforcement would not help him?

This family lives extremely close to the US DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE -

If this Lufti person did this didn't he cross INTERSTATE lines? Did Britney Spears ever leave the state of CA when this man was reported as a threat to her? Didn't some of her family live outside the state of CA?

I don't believe this belongs in the hands of CA law enforcement-if there have been multiple TROs against the same person, clearly CA doesn't care in my opinion. Isn't the state actually putting some people at risk? Did this young man actually have to LEAVE the state of CA for safety purposes? What does that say about CA that he waited until he was in VA to file a TRO?

I do know things are WAYYYYYYYYYY different on this side of the COUNTRY than in CA. I am hopeful the right law enforcement are now involved in this SERIOUS and frightening matter!

People should not be afraid to LIVE!

I believe it is time for the FBI to become involved. And personally it seems to be LONG PAST DUE! If this statement is true, I can't wrap my brain around any attorney in NORTHERN VA failing to advise his client (this man's mother) to

1 - file reports with the VA officials and get the FBI involved
2 - get TROs separately for each person involved.

TMZ were there other TROs but you only reported on the one belonging to the young actor because of privacy laws?

I will say it again - this one scared me.

1467 days ago


I have known Sam Barth for a long time, and he is soooooooooo
not gay. Ask anyone who knows him.

1466 days ago


amazing that this pycho is still free to continue even after all the restraining orders. against him. what will it take this pycho to finaly go so far and wind up killing his next target before he is finaly locked up in and a way from society. not to mention the things the pycho said to sam family he should be lucky he is still breathing even though lufti deserved to have the crap taken out of him plus the pycho needs long term metal help.

1466 days ago
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