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Susan Boyle

Sings 'Perfect Day'

9/10/2010 2:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained audio of Susan Boyle singing "Perfect Day" -- the song that drove her to tears after being told she couldn't sing it on "America's Got Talent."

Susan Boyle Perfect Day
We broke the story ... Lou Reed -- who wrote and sang the song -- is not a fan of Boyle's and would not give her permission to sing it.  Although Reed's reps have reportedly denied he withheld permission, we have posted an internal email between Boyle's manager and producers of the TV show that says otherwise.

We just got this statement from Simon Cowell, creator and Executive Producer of "America's Got Talent," who says if Reed did turn thumbs down it's "petty -- so pathetic." 

Cowell adds, "Loads of people have covered this song ... Well Lou, if you're listening to this, do we have permission, yes or no, to put the song on 'America's Got Talent' next week?  Personal request from me." 


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Susan, Well Done. I love your cover. People, I know the real reason why Lou Reed couldn't let Susan perform it live. He was worried that Susan will make this song her own. JEALOUSY. I thought Reed was a man, why is he so scared of Susan singing it live? He allowed Susan to record the song. I just don't get it.
LOVE Susan Boyle.

1474 days ago


Mr. Reed,
Of course you understand that to have many singers with a variety of styles and audiences across the cultural spectrum singing your songs is a measure of your work's universal truth. Ignoring that and deciding what kinds of people are fit to sing your songs would be elitist arrogance and artistic death. So I'm sure you didn't mean to do that.
To those whose comments in these pages reflect an absence of mind and poverty of spirit, your words might have more credibility if only you would learn to spell them.

1474 days ago

Big J    

I think Lou Reed should start appreciating and respecting other artists. You can't say that Susan Boyle is nothing to look at, just look at lou. As far as talent, Susan has a better voice than lou.

1474 days ago

andy burns    

omg i thank these pathetic ridiculous yankees, ( only the idiots
) not the nice ones of which their are millions, not the pricks who hang around in here, the ones who are pissed because they need sex but they can't have any as their mothers are away on vacation. they have the iq of a tin of peas, imagine some poor girl has to take these pricks home one day to meet their mother. so lets name these pricks, al,Y, (He must have been up all yr to think of a name like that ) jay, another idiotic clown,amber, one of your fav songs, what planet you on , if he is one of your fav singers you need therapy more than susan does. now my best is for big al, now al when you say big i know your not referring to you brain or iq . go back to england, hmm an idiot like you am surprised you even heard of it, after all you would never have heard of iraq if you had not invaded it. jeeesh your such a prick. get a life dodo when was the last hit reed had, oh silly me about 1972, some superstar he is eh. oh his album, Metal Machine Music was described by Rolling Stone magazine at the time as sounding like, "the tubular groaning of a galactic refrigerator," and by others, as the worst album of all time. and his record company pulled it. boy am i one happy guy.

1474 days ago


Like Wild Horses and everything else she's done, that is gorgeous!!
That's the way a song should be sung.

1474 days ago


I honestly love Susan's cover, there is something special about her version. Why can't Lou Reed just let her sing it live? He let her recorded the song, so mine as well let her perform it live. This Lou Reed guy looks so mean. Why made a woman cry? Reed, be a gentleman. Well, maybe he was born evil, just look at his eyes.

1474 days ago


Magnificent job Susan~you truly transformed that song! Beautiful~I cannot wait to hear the whole thing.

1474 days ago

Lilly Wong    

I really like her cover. LOVE IT, LOVE IT. Come one, Lou Reed, why are you doing this to Susan? She has disaiblity, but she didn't do any harm to anyone. If Reed didn't like Susan, why did he let Susan record the song? Since Reed let Susan recorded the song, why doesn't he allow her to sing it live. I really don't get this. Why did people say all these mean things about Susan? I guess this is really a big bad world. Susan, I adore you. Don't ever give up.

1474 days ago

bill lee    

Sounds like elevator music very rococo no wonder he rejected it --not his style what so ever--Thanks Lou for not subjecting us to that Selene Dion version of your great song

1474 days ago


Lou Reed what an a-h. Some people are saying that he didn't sell out. Hahahaha. He's sold candy bars and scooters with his music.

More to the point, he's ALREADY sold the right to Susan Boyle to record Perfect Day on her new cd out in November. In other words, people, he's ready to rake in the royalties from her singing. Why his drug addled brain suddenly decided to deny US permission 2 hours before the AGT performance, only a psychiatrist knows
I notice some moron said that Boyle didn't sell outside the UK. What dream world does he live in. Her album was the biggest selling in the WORLD in 2009, although not released till November. She out sold GaGA and Swift, although they were out earlier. Somebody said she wasn't popular in the US. 4X platinum in the US. You weenies who pretend to know about music should get out more. Your tiny circle of friends is a drop in the music bucket.

Oh God, I've spent too much time on you. Go back to your mommas basement where they keep you.

1474 days ago


I never heard of Lou Reed until I read about the contractual problem with his song. Since then, I've checked him out online and found that his style is not for me. However, I love what I've heard of Susan's rendition of "A Perfect Day" and I'm sure I'll enjoy her new album as much as I've enjoyed, and am still enjoying, her first one. Susan can sing, I don't think anyone can deny that, although her voice doesn't appeal to everyone. As for her "meltdown" - Susan is an emotional women and was devastated by the thought that she let down the many fans who came to see her perform, as well as the 100 strong children's back-up chorus. I'm sure her reason for crying was not a selfish one!

1474 days ago


Just heard three lines and no wonder Reed did not want her to sing his old 1972 song in front of millions on tv next week. She would have made his version ( if anyone listens to it 30 years later) sound lame as it was.
If he wrote this song, he does have the right to nix performing it. Why did he allow Miss Boyle to RECORD it on her CD coming out in November then? Makes no sense.
Aparently, Freemantle and aGT as well as Miss B's team thought it was this year's surprise wierd choice, such as "Wild Horses" was last year.
Clearly, unless Mr Reed just wanted to get his name in the papers ( hell, I had no idea he was still alive) there was no reason to pull it at the last minute.
I was in line for the taping. We were stunned to say the least.
Mr Reed should tell Simon it is ok-
I really question Mr Reed's motives in this instance. Oh and by the way, all these mean remarks about Miss Boyle-- thought you kids had headed back to school already?

1474 days ago

the debster    

anni, I'm guessing you're an old geezer who has nothing better to do than to sit on the computer all day bashing a celebrity who has never done you any harm or insulted any artist publicly. Crawl back into your sandbox, anni, and get yourself a box of crayons and write on the walls!! Nobody on here cares what you have to say!!!

1474 days ago


for anni
if not body guard than is Lou your boyfriend?

Early life
Lewis Alan Reed was born into a Jewish family at Beth El Hospital in Brooklyn and grew up in Freeport, New York. Having learned to play the guitar from the radio, he developed an early interest in rock and roll and rhythm and blues, and during high school played in a number of bands.
Reed received electro convulsive therapy in his teen years to "cure" homosexual behavior,
he wrote about the experience in his 1974 song,
"Kill Your Sons"
In an interview, Reed said of the experience:
"They put the thing down your throat so you don't swallow your tongue, and they put electrodes on your head. That's what was recommended in Rockland County to discourage homosexual feelings. The effect is that you lose your memory and become a vegetable. You can't read a book because you get to page 17 and have to go right back to page one again.

1474 days ago


read #157

1474 days ago
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