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Susan Boyle

Sings 'Perfect Day'

9/10/2010 2:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained audio of Susan Boyle singing "Perfect Day" -- the song that drove her to tears after being told she couldn't sing it on "America's Got Talent."

Susan Boyle Perfect Day
We broke the story ... Lou Reed -- who wrote and sang the song -- is not a fan of Boyle's and would not give her permission to sing it.  Although Reed's reps have reportedly denied he withheld permission, we have posted an internal email between Boyle's manager and producers of the TV show that says otherwise.

We just got this statement from Simon Cowell, creator and Executive Producer of "America's Got Talent," who says if Reed did turn thumbs down it's "petty -- so pathetic." 

Cowell adds, "Loads of people have covered this song ... Well Lou, if you're listening to this, do we have permission, yes or no, to put the song on 'America's Got Talent' next week?  Personal request from me." 


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Susan Boyle, you have the best singer in the world and you proved by being #1 world-wide in 2009. You sold more CD than the top 5 artist combined. You are perfect. This bit of song is stunning. You put your heart and soul into every song you sing. This LR "so called" writer doesn't deserve to be associated with you. It is too bad you didn't know this guy's rotten attitude beforehand. He doesn't deserve the money he will get if you do this song. Susan, you are too nice and way above the likes of that ungrateful "so called" artist. God Bless you Susan. Don't pay attention to the downers like LR

1505 days ago

Cynthia J    

Ms Boyle can sing, that's a fact. But her Diva-like behavior is so annoying. I think she has some mental disability, not that there's anything wrong with that. You'd think she would be happy she's had such success this late in her life rather than be a complaining ugly, fat weirdo.

1505 days ago


"Anni" you are a perfect MORON. You call someone a snank then WHINE she's not putting out... uh oxyMORON much? She's a good person... and since she's had a standing O (something YOU will never have) I'm pretty sure she's had some damn better days than a ho like you

1505 days ago


I didn't vote because yes, she sang it perfectly but I think it's a LAAAAME song. They should let her sing an actual GOOD song.

1505 days ago


Poor Lou Reed, catching **** because of this piece of sshhitt
shanky moron.

1505 days ago


OMFG! She completely butchered that song! Just terrible! Team Lou Reed all the way!!

1505 days ago


Many singers and musicians appreciate Susan;s beautiful voice...that should tell you something. Sounds like some of you here are a little jealous. As for all the stories of her crying and having fits, 98% are made up by the tabloid press...they're just like some of you here..mean-spirited.

1505 days ago

Tom Hambly    

I can’t understand why anyone would have negative comments about Ms. Boyle singing any song, her voice is truly a blessing.

Susan, “thank you for using your God given talents”

Tom Hambly

1505 days ago


ha ha ha ha ha ha ahh ha hga holy crap

1505 days ago


I listened to Lou Reed sing this song. He was off key and awful. If he didn't want her to sing it, why wait until she takes an exhausting 11 hour flight across the pond to change his mind? Susan is not the one with the mental problem. Lou is. And why did this publication use such an unflattering photo of Susan? There are some beautiful photo's of her.

Susan never has a bad word to say about anyone. Kinda refreshing after some of the low class comments I've seen against her on here. But then, a generation raised on the filthy lyrics of rap music wouldn't know know good music or good manners anyway.

Susan is a beautiful singer and if she turns her back on singing this song I couldn't blame her.

Susan will come away from this with her head held high. And you may as well get used to her singing because she's going to be around for a very long time. I and thousands of Susan's fans guarantee it!!!!!

1505 days ago


I've heard this woman sing once, she has a beautiful voice... just not my cup of tea. Since shes been "discovered" the fame seems to overwhelm her. Perhaps its a better idea that she not commit to singing live shows. The studio would probably suit her lack of confidence much better.

1505 days ago


It is a Zeta, never to be an Alpha. ha ha ha ahhh ha ahaha

1505 days ago


you are just fooling yourselves. She is a bust in the states.

1505 days ago


I love Susan's version. No wonder, Lou Reed didn't let Susan sings live. She has definately made it her song.

Lou Reed, you know Susan Boyle has a slight learning disability, right? So why are you uptight? Can you be kind and generous?

1505 days ago


It's amazing how some people don't even want to hide their dark, ugly side. Their true character shows in their posts.

Susan, you go girl! Your voice can make a so-so song sound like pure gold.

1505 days ago
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