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Mark Ballas on Bristol Palin: What, Me Worry?

9/11/2010 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Some of Mark Ballas' comrades on "Dancing with the Stars" tell TMZ ... Marky Mark has been grousing that his partner, Bristol Palin, has been missing so many practices that his performance with her could be downright embarrassing.


Our sources tell us Mark canceled Monday's rehearsal because of a party for his mother.  But Bristol canceled Tuesday because she had committed to giving a speech.  And Bristol canceled Wednesday because her son, Tripp, was ill.  And she was only able to practice a half day on Thursday.

Some members of the cast tell us ... Mark is worried the newbie just won't cut it when the show premieres a week from Monday.

But there's another side to this story ... sources connected with the show tell us Mark was really happy with Bristol's progress on Friday and they will be practicing the entire weekend and every day next week until the first live TV show.

On the bright side, if Bristol falls flat, she could get appointed to some position in Wasilla.


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to all haters of OBAMA...our president is BLACK

1501 days ago


Palin may not be the brightest person in the world, but she's a heckuva lot smarter than the guy in office now. He's ruining the economy.

1501 days ago


lol was already ruined...remember...or are you in denial like a lot of other people...

1501 days ago


If one of Obama's fat daughters was dancing, people like Alston would be okay with that. Speaking of which, when is Michelle going to go on a diet and exercise like she's telling everyone else to do? Her behind weighs more than a high school child.

1501 days ago


She was in KY on Wed. giving a speech at a fundraiser to raise money for a place that provides housing for single mothers. Problem is, if the Palins are being so charitable, why did they still charge the $14,000 speaking fee? That's a lot of money around here and could have provided many months of housing for single mothers.

From the Louisville Courier Journal:
"The Lifehouse provides housing for single mothers, and Smith said it chose Bristol Palin as a speaker because of her own experience as a teenage single mother. The Lifehouse is paying a $14,000 fee to Palin's booking representative, which includes commission and other expenses along with the portion of the fee Palin keeps."

1501 days ago


nice comment aperture...evidence is illuminating for the intelligent and darkness for the you get it KTD

1501 days ago


OK--so it turns out that the comments about Bristol being at work in the dermatologist's office wasn't true. She wasn't working there....she quit and moved back to Wasilla. And the comment about her not contacting DWTS was only half true--she didn't contact them but her agents did. And the comment about being contacted by DWTS by texting--not quite true, but it was her publicity agent who texted her. With all Palins you can find a little bit of half truths in what they say--good at twisting the facts.

1501 days ago

george fudge!    

Hope that she is the first to be voted out. The Palin family has turned into a bunch of famewhores; they should keep their Trailer Park lifestyle in Alaska.

1501 days ago


like that Carl...spoken like a wise man

1501 days ago

Rico Suavy    

I wish her the best. She is trying to support her family any way she can. It takes nerve to go on a show and perform when you have never done it before.On a lighter note I would let her or her mother sit on my face.

1501 days ago


Thankfully we can always count on TMZ for some unbiased reporting without any pesky political agendas.

1501 days ago


Hey Gloria, spreading her legs worked for Adrina and Brandy. How do you think they got where they did?

1501 days ago


@ #7 cellulite thigh Bristol is "Supremely talented" ?

At what?

1501 days ago


Poor Mark for getting stuck with 'the bristle' and having to try to teach her ANYTHING! Funny! But, he shouldn't worry about the missed practices; he'd be better off worrying about when she's going do the Palin thing and QUIT! It's obvious that apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.

I hope everyone realizes she's on the show for a LONG time unless she quits. It's a fact that the palinbots are even more fanatical than the Kate followers, and look how long that charade lasted!

1501 days ago


They are kind of like the Kardashians of the Great Northwest. Make money any way you can. I guess she was going to tell the poor, unwed mothers that "you too can capitalize on your teen pregnancy and turn it into a gold mine...get paid $14,000 for a day's work and hundreds of thousands of dollars for dancing for a few weeks."

1501 days ago
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