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Mark Ballas on Bristol Palin: What, Me Worry?

9/11/2010 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Some of Mark Ballas' comrades on "Dancing with the Stars" tell TMZ ... Marky Mark has been grousing that his partner, Bristol Palin, has been missing so many practices that his performance with her could be downright embarrassing.


Our sources tell us Mark canceled Monday's rehearsal because of a party for his mother.  But Bristol canceled Tuesday because she had committed to giving a speech.  And Bristol canceled Wednesday because her son, Tripp, was ill.  And she was only able to practice a half day on Thursday.

Some members of the cast tell us ... Mark is worried the newbie just won't cut it when the show premieres a week from Monday.

But there's another side to this story ... sources connected with the show tell us Mark was really happy with Bristol's progress on Friday and they will be practicing the entire weekend and every day next week until the first live TV show.

On the bright side, if Bristol falls flat, she could get appointed to some position in Wasilla.


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If a third world uneducated loser like Obama can get elected as President surely Bristol Palin can be considered a star.

1503 days ago


Like Mother like daughter.

Her mother couldn't keep her responsiblity and commitment to the people of Alaska and quit, And her daughter is doing the same thing. You say you are going to do something and you make that commitment, then you keep it.

That's a small town value, I guess unless you are an attention whoring Palin.

1503 days ago


Why is she even on the show. I hope she gets booted quick. Mark may have a short season.

1503 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Anyone who thinks the Palin kooks are the solution to America obviously are people who can't tie their own shoes. I came to this country as a little boy from Italy, I would gladly go back if Palin was President.

1503 days ago


I thought the S in DWTS stood for stars. When did Bristol Palin become a star?

Posted at 1:35 AM on Sep 11, 2010 by joe
The same day Kate Gosslin did.
The name of this show is misleading, it should be called
"Dancing With Whoever We Could Find"
That being said, I'm glad Ms. Palin understands that taking care of a sick child is more important than being in front of a camera.
To bad Kate Gosslin hasnt figured that out.

1503 days ago


I often wonder why liberals are so nasty. They of the belief that freedom of speech is a right, unless of course your belief happens to differ from theirs.
I would much rather engage in a heated debate from someone on the right then have a conversation with someone that sinks to name calling and hate mongering.
Let the mudslinging and name calling begin!

1503 days ago


what did she do to be considered a star? So what she got pregnant and made a jackass out of her mom, kids do that on a regular basis.

1503 days ago


Bristol will be getting all my votes every week. I love seeing Liberals get annoyed. Their whining is just priceless.

1503 days ago


Palins do things for money and for celebrity status. Playing the odds, Bristol will show up for the first episode and get her $125,000. Why work hard when she gets this amount, whether she advances or not? She can stay on--work hard--and earn $10,000 each for the next two weeks; and then $20,000 each week for the next two weeks if she is still in the running. Whether or not she turns out for the practices, she gets the money. Bristol can get $15,000--30,000 for a one hour speech on the speakers tour--plus being treated like a Diva with first class travel, hotel rooms, all expenses paid. Looks like Bristol is planning on taking the starting fee and then will bail. Show Me The Money--Sarah has taught her daughter well: quit while you are ahead. Don't work hard if it isn't necessary. Why work hard when being a grifter is so easy? The State of Alaska spent a lot of time making sure that nobody uses political office just as a stepping stone. It looks like DWTS will have to do the same.

1503 days ago


Damn! Bristol is lookin FINE!

1503 days ago


LOOK, I AM NOT BEING SARCASTIC SO, DO NOT BASH ME. My question is, how is Bristol Palin "supremely talented" as stated by #7? What did I miss? Your response would be appreciated. Thanks.

1503 days ago


It is truly amazing to me how you guys continue to bash Bristol Palin and pump up the guy who dropped his sperm in her and left to show everyone his two-incher. Amazing.

1503 days ago


It's sad what this country has become when the likes of The Palin Family, Snooki and the Kardashians can make lots of money by selling themselves out and looking like fools. I suggest ABC change the title of the show to Dancing with Has beens, Whore and Fools.

1503 days ago

Anon E Mouse    

You have to love how trailer park rednecks think that an unwed teenage mother high school dropout working in a doctor's office is some sort of accomplishment.

Palin's base, a national disgrace and the laughing stock of the world.

1503 days ago


I am so sick of Sarah Palin. I am equally sick of everything related to Sarah Palin, beginning with her ignorant mouth and including her tramp daughter.

1503 days ago
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