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Mark Ballas on Bristol Palin: What, Me Worry?

9/11/2010 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Some of Mark Ballas' comrades on "Dancing with the Stars" tell TMZ ... Marky Mark has been grousing that his partner, Bristol Palin, has been missing so many practices that his performance with her could be downright embarrassing.


Our sources tell us Mark canceled Monday's rehearsal because of a party for his mother.  But Bristol canceled Tuesday because she had committed to giving a speech.  And Bristol canceled Wednesday because her son, Tripp, was ill.  And she was only able to practice a half day on Thursday.

Some members of the cast tell us ... Mark is worried the newbie just won't cut it when the show premieres a week from Monday.

But there's another side to this story ... sources connected with the show tell us Mark was really happy with Bristol's progress on Friday and they will be practicing the entire weekend and every day next week until the first live TV show.

On the bright side, if Bristol falls flat, she could get appointed to some position in Wasilla.


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Totally OT - KTD (#87) - Boy did you drink the kool-aid! You might want to seek professional help.

Back to the topic - BP. Her "job" in a dermatology office has been referenced, but her PR "resume" (?) for the KY appearance this past week says she runs her own "consulting firm." ROTFLMAO
WHO on this earth would be so ignorant as to "consult" with her about anything? Hahahaha! Rightwingery can be SO entertaining! (You know, like the "fusion of entertainment and enlightenment" king Beck, who's currently teaching $arah all the tricks of his shock-jock trade.)

1472 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Give her about 5 more years and she will be pushing 300lb. She has a big girl in her that is dying to get out.

1472 days ago

Quincing Snuff    

@ #12 & # 17..

It' so typical leftist of you to embrage Levi Johnson and his attachment to Kathy Griffin and be ok with his attention seeking, (Gaygirl, I mean PlayGirl, Larry King etc etc etc) but Bristol is called an attention whore. It's just your way to hate more on her mother and throw more insults. This girl did nothing wrong but get caught in a bad situation with a backstabbing loser (aka you're hero Levi). The only reason Hollywood gave that psycho Levi any camera time was because he was humiliating the Palins.

If Levi was on DWTS, you would have no problem with it. Perhaps you should ask leftist ABC why they put her on. oh wait I have the answer. Because ABC is a hypocritical Hollywood Corporation, that like everyone else in Hollywood, will sell "their morals and principles" for a QUICK NICKEL.
I mean after all, that's how ADDICT ABUSER CHARLIE SHEEN still has a job , isn't it???

1472 days ago


The posters who praise Bristol for working as office manager for a dermatologist in Anchorage are way behind--she quit that job to be a professional speaker at $15,000--$30,000 per engagement. She was not at the doctor's office full time--she spent more time travelling and doing photo shoots for the tabloids and the talk shows, interviews, etc. This was a part time job at the most and she now is living on Lake Lucille.

For the poster who still believes that Sarah Palin was very popular as Governor of Alaska. The McCain-Palin campaign stated the figure as 80% of the voters giving her voter approval. This poll was taken within months when Palin first took office. Look at Obama's popularity figures--his were similarly high when he first took office and they have dropped dramatically. The incoming elected official always has high figures not based on performance but on promises. The current polls show a lower voter approval for Palin than what Obama now has. One poll showed that 87% of the voters did not trust Palin--and this was taken before she resigned from office. Most Alaskans believe that she stepped down because if she continued office with figures like this coming out, there would be no chance for a book deal or the speaking circuit.

1472 days ago


Maybe this young who*e Bristal can do her dance partner, since we all knows she loves spreading those young legs of hers. Just so her & mommy the *hole of the nation are making money thats all they care about. Anything that has a Palin attached to it will fail.

1472 days ago


Cancelling practice because she has a sick (wink wink) child! Pull out the responsible mother card rather than telling the public that she has a nanny living with them so that she can make all the practices. Hollywood tabloids say she was out very, very late partying and being a wannnabee celebrity or star. Sounds better to say sick child rather than all tripped up with a hangover.

1472 days ago


Even if she was perfect there would be un-named people trashing her..Leftwing people hate anyone who not only disagrees with them but who is a relative of them.

1472 days ago


Honestly... they pay people a lot of money to do that show. She is a single mom; it would be pretty dumb to turn an offer like that down. She works as a receptionist at a dentist's office, you know. Her mom doesn't give her any handouts. I don't blame her for doing this!

1472 days ago


"it's individualized for bristol."

Really? You corrected your post and still neglected to capitalize Bristol. Dumb Ass.

1472 days ago

lowes girl    

They both seem to have had problems practicing that week. Was the party for Mark's mother an all day party? Could they not have practiced during the day sometime? It seems that Bristol could have gotten a babysitter for her sick child. Other mothers do that all the time. Bristol said she had a good work ethic so it's up to her to prove that. I don't think she'll make it to the finals but I give everyone credit for trying.

1472 days ago


Bristol Palin = Sexy

I'd totally **** this chick without a second thought..... and here's to hoping she wins DWTS..... all you people trashing her can go to hell, sure she made a mistake having a child at 17, but why judge her, i'm pretty sure everyone else on this board is a bigger ****-up then she is.

1472 days ago


My dislike of the mother doesn't extend to the daughter. If anything I feel sorry for Bristol; having Sarah Palin for a mother probably isn't easy. I don't watch DWTS but I actually want her to do well.

That being said, I've seen her "dance" and she is pretty bad. Maybe even as bad as Ms. Kate + 8.

As for people complaining that Bristol isn't really a "star", can someone count on more than one hand how many actual stars; not has-beens or never-weres; that have competed on this show? Anyone?...That's what I thought.

1472 days ago


Dancing With The Stars is really just a cast of self-absorbed mindless morons. They have to be the lowest form of USA intelligence. Entertainment is not what they do.

I travel for a living. By the age of 12 children in Slav countries are politically astute. In the USA, age 12 children are still re-learning the correct words for pee-pee and pooh-pooh and dressing like minature street-tramps. By age 18 they are street tramps masquerading as dancers, models, singers, and actresses.

1472 days ago


The Palins are upstanding Americans. DWTS obviously believes Bristol will increase ratings. IS she a star - well the media hounded all her family so everyone knows who they are. Go Bristol!
I hope she does a great job.

1472 days ago


I have watched every season since DWTS started, but I will no longer watch. I'm so tired of people being made famous because of their bad behavior. I thought these people were supposed to be stars?!

1472 days ago
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