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Mark Ballas on Bristol Palin: What, Me Worry?

9/11/2010 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Some of Mark Ballas' comrades on "Dancing with the Stars" tell TMZ ... Marky Mark has been grousing that his partner, Bristol Palin, has been missing so many practices that his performance with her could be downright embarrassing.


Our sources tell us Mark canceled Monday's rehearsal because of a party for his mother.  But Bristol canceled Tuesday because she had committed to giving a speech.  And Bristol canceled Wednesday because her son, Tripp, was ill.  And she was only able to practice a half day on Thursday.

Some members of the cast tell us ... Mark is worried the newbie just won't cut it when the show premieres a week from Monday.

But there's another side to this story ... sources connected with the show tell us Mark was really happy with Bristol's progress on Friday and they will be practicing the entire weekend and every day next week until the first live TV show.

On the bright side, if Bristol falls flat, she could get appointed to some position in Wasilla.


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That last comment was really a cheap shot. Rather than look for ways to stir up trouble, why not just report what's going on and wait to see what happens September 20th?

1502 days ago


Palins are upstanding Americans. DWTS obviously thinks Bristol's participation will increase ratings. If Americans had known as much about Obama as we do Palins, he would NEVER have been elected. Media did not vet Obama, although some are doing the backstoke now.

1502 days ago


Hey Mark, Watch out! She may just QUIT! It's in the genes!

1502 days ago


To "C" - Your theory about Europeans being more astute than Americans doesn't hold water since the majority of dancers on DWTS are from Eastern European nations and dumber than doorknobs with the exception of Karina who has an economics degree and is smarter than a whip. Have you ever heard Edyta try to talk or tried to wade through her twitter? She's practically illiterate and that goes for Maks as well.

1501 days ago


I know that Sarah and Bristol and Levi all went to some foreign country to learn their English--which country? if it was learned in Alaska, why can't they speak in sentences or spell words correctly? Most of the people I know who live in Alaska seem much better educated and have more class.

1501 days ago


Obama is making Democrats cross the line to conservatism by the droves.

Palin is intellectual and people are bigots because the real reason they didn't like her was because she was a woman. One that stands for real conservative values, unlike McCain.

Bristol is her child and makes her own decisions. Leave it alone and get over your damn selves.

1501 days ago


Just read last week Bristol dumped Levi because all he cared about was being in the news....Gee now she is on dancing with the stars.What a phoney Bitc#. She's as bad as her mother. Both trailer trash and news whore#. Her up there dancing with those ham hock for legs man she has some heavy weight legs. She need to go on a diet black clothes can only hide so much. Sad world we live in when all you have to do is spread your legs - spit out a baby when your a teenager and that makes you famous. She's a douchbag

1501 days ago


I thought the S in DWTS stood for stars. When did Bristol Palin become a star?

Posted at 1:35 AM on Sep 11, 2010 by joe
The same day Kate Gosslin did.
The name of this show is misleading, it should be called
"Dancing With Whoever We Could Find"
That being said, I'm glad Ms. Palin understands that taking care of a sick child is more important than being in front of a camera.
To bad Kate Gosslin hasnt figured that out.

Posted at 9:09 AM on Sep 11, 2010 by SayWhat

Kate has a tv show. Kinda different.

1501 days ago


She'll quit when the going gets tough about half way through...just like her Mother taught her!

1501 days ago


Poor Mark.
Sounds like Bristol can't follow through any better than
her mom! When one starts something, accepts payment, the commitment should be followed through on. Bristol hasn't had this
modeled for her but she isn't five years old. She should know
how to fulfill an obligation.

1501 days ago


TMZ, your bias is showing and it's not very attractive! Good luck Bristol!!

1501 days ago


You people make me sick. Bristol Palin could have gone to the neighborhood butcher shop on the corner and killed her baby like thousands of other teenage gilrs do every year. But if she did you bastards would have found something else to bitch about.

1501 days ago


What the h..l speech could she give?

1501 days ago

Big Jim    

My comment would be: There is no effin way her performance can NOT be embarrassing. Though I really think Dancing With The Stars is beyond embarrassment these days. Otherwise, why would she get an invitation at all. If her name wasn't Palin, would they even allow her to try out?

1501 days ago


Again I ask What has Bristol Palin done to any of you to make you hate her so much? If it because she had a child out of wed lock, then you should hate a very big proportion of all teenage girls.What you feel about her Mother should have no bearing on her. As for being a fame whore as someone put it, that would describe all of Hollywood and the entertainment industry. Does Madonna,Brittany or "Lady Gaga" work for free? Hell no, Fame whores? Hell yeah.

1501 days ago
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