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Britney Spears -- Queen of Disneyland

9/11/2010 6:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears played the easiest card in the parenting book today -- she took her little munchkins to Disneyland -- and we're told she had her run of the place.


Our spies tell us the Dumbo ride was shut down so that Britney and her little ones could have the ride all to themselves. Notice how the people are waiting patiently for their turn.

We're told Britney -- who was there with both kids, plus boyfriend Jason Trawick -- traveled throughout the park with lots of security around them.

Britney's a great mom after all.


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Throwback kid    

Britney takes more vacations than the Obama's!

1467 days ago


Why is it fair to the rest of the people who had to save up to take their kids to DL for the biggest vacation of their lives to have to sit on the side lines while some blond bimbo with money takes the rides for herself & her kids? Is she really that special that she can't sit with her children in a Dumbo bucket at least 10 ft from any other child or family? Talk about absolute self-centeredness. It is no wonder celeb's kids grow up to be **sholes when they have them for parents.

1466 days ago


Shutting down a ride because the bitch is too good to ride with everyone else? DISGUSTING!! What a pig. It is so time to take out the trash in the entertainment industry.

1466 days ago


not been funny but people will just pounce round her if they didnt shut it but obv u people wouldnt know untill your in her shoes... love u all the worl briney keep up ur amazing work i have grew up listening to ur music... and cary on 4eva.. mwahh.. xxx

1466 days ago


I was there Saturday and saw her. She did NOT have a big entourage, just her boyfriend and maybe 3 other people. She smiled sweetly when she walked by. I'm sure the whole "shutting down" of the ride thing, was a Disneyland thing, to make sure nobody mobs her, and gets hurt and then sues Disneyland.

1466 days ago


That's the way Disney works. Famous people are more special than you. If you don't like it, don't blame Britney, blame the people who enable it. In this case, it's Disney.

1466 days ago


Did she have to wait in line like everybody else or did she just waltz right up and get on?

1465 days ago


No celebrity deserves to have a ride shut down for them what are the little kids going to do rip her clothes off I didnt like disney before since the first time I took my son to disneyland goofy took pictures with all the little white kids then when it was my sons turn he walked away everytime i hear news about disney I like them less and less

1465 days ago


I was there, standing in line trying to explain to my kids who had been standing in line waiting for the ride, in the heat, and who were the next to get on, why they couldnt get on, and why the ride was nowe going around with all the DUMBo seats empty but one. They did not understand, obviously and it was totally rude of her and unforgivable of Disneyland! Totally disapointed with Disney for that!!!!

1463 days ago


I've seen other celebrities at Disneyland and while they always are flanked by security which I can understand, I haven't seen them shut down a ride for them...sure, they're normally taken to the front of the line, but shut down a ride? I'd be embarassed if I were Britney.

1463 days ago


I was at Disneyland the same day as Britney was. She was there with her boyfriend, kids, and like 2 security people..that's it.

1462 days ago


Wow, you guys are SMART... she's not doing it to seem better or what not... she shops at Walmart for God's sake.
THINK how many people and kids would bug her for an autograph or picture for each ride... perhaps more than twenty people at least in each line. She's Britney Spears. Top ten in Forbes.
So if all these people asked her for an autograph, picture, etc, then she would never have the time to spend with her children would she?
And we all know how busy a famous celebrity (recording, interviews at 5 AM, photoshoots, etc) can be-- and I think she deserves all the rest she can get with her kids.
This woman is chased by people everyday- give her a rest.

Before hating her, why don't you think she does what she does? Would the president even go to the amusement park with other people? Think about it. Britney Spears was as famous as Obama for the last 10 years.
TMZ, you are stupid. Stop writing about her eating fries or going to the park. If all you do is make fun of her and think she's retarded, then why not JSUT LET HER BE?

1379 days ago
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