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Britney Spears -- Queen of Disneyland

9/11/2010 6:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears played the easiest card in the parenting book today -- she took her little munchkins to Disneyland -- and we're told she had her run of the place.


Our spies tell us the Dumbo ride was shut down so that Britney and her little ones could have the ride all to themselves. Notice how the people are waiting patiently for their turn.

We're told Britney -- who was there with both kids, plus boyfriend Jason Trawick -- traveled throughout the park with lots of security around them.

Britney's a great mom after all.


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I like seeing Britster with Her Boyz, I think it's good for her and them.
It's a definite improvement over three years ago.
And come on, Does any one realy think that brit can go anywhere in public without any kind of security somewhere close behind?
Most of the folk trolling through public are just plain to rude and selfindulgent to just stand back and leave her to her biz and enjoy her company in public.
No, they have to mob her and jeopardize her and her Boyz safety.
I say RIGHT ON Brit!!!

1504 days ago


Ever see a picture of the Dumbo ride without people waiting, looking, etc. I don't know which is worse...writing such drivel or people believing said drivel.

1504 days ago


No, But I'v stood at the Dumbo Ride and seen it empty for sevral min at a time. So no great loss.

1504 days ago


I would raise big hell with Disney if after paying what I paid to get into the park I had to wait longer in line because some **** had to have the whole ride to herself.

It's not like anyone can get into the same dumbo car as she's in with her.

I hope she was heckled and booed for making everyone wait until her fat ass was good and ready to get off the ride.

1504 days ago


Love to see Britster With her Boyz, It's good for her. And them. And come on, You think she could travel through any public place without security?
I mean this is a definite improvement over three years ago. You know what, I SAY RIGHT ON BRIT!!!

1504 days ago


Listen people. Those of you who claim its a publicity stunt, good job you just commented on it therefore giving her publicity.Looking at this picture you cannot tell in fact that there is no one else on this ride you can also tell that the line isn't that congested if such a thing did happen. This is simply to make the haters hate more and the fans to continue to cheer her supreme super human status.

1504 days ago


Rare time!...but I'm glad you got to enjoy the ride. Actually my point was a picture showing people standing around the ride does nothing to support the story's allegation that the ride was closed for Britney's use....yet TMZ didn't actually say that... "sources" did . And we all know "sources" are impeccable.

1504 days ago


She had to have felt bad, seeing all those parents there with their kids, waiting to get on the ride.

It would have made it a lot more enjoyable if they would have been fair about the rides....the other people paid to ride too.

1504 days ago


Do any of read before you post a comment!!!! SHE IS NOT RIDING THE RIDE ALL BY HERSELF, SHE DID NOT HAVE THE RIDE SHUT DOWN FOR HER AND HER FAMILY!!! Gezze people WILL believe anything and everything they read, so sad!!! Just check MouseWait, the source for the original picture.

1504 days ago


Shutting down the ride just so she can go on with her kids is a bunch of crap. I feel sorry for all the people in line waiting like they're supposed to. I'd be very, very pissed if I was waiting in a long line (I assume it was long). I sure hope she stayed on for only one ride. A very poor move by Disneyland.

1504 days ago


Funny that dumbo is riding dumbo!

1504 days ago


I can't imagine people standing around with their children waiting for ages to get on a ride, not being seriously angry if this took place. Her and her children all alone on the ride? I know if it was me I'd be screaming! Something doesn't sound right with this story. I would think it would put her in danger making everyone stand and wait, it would spark some tempers. I would think people would be yelling at her etc. This wouldn't be a really smart move on her part. Sounds fishy to me.

1504 days ago


I would not just stand there and watch brit on the ride with her kids, if the park wouldn't let everyone waiting ride. then I would have demanded my money back, shame on you Disneyland shame on you, people are you lisening.

1504 days ago

Jim in Cali    

at Victoria McCord and the others that have their panties in a bunch over this; WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

1504 days ago


Disneyland did not shut down the ride. They usually have celebrities enter through the exit of a ride so they can get on quicker which always helps with crowd control. Give me a break TMZ. I agree with the other person who posted - check out mousewait

1504 days ago
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