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Jesse James

Harvey Levin Is My Co-Pilot

9/11/2010 4:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Forget St. Christopher ... Jesse James is going with a different good luck charm for his truck this weekend -- TMZ honcho Harvey Levin

James' new ride is debuting this weekend in the Primm 300 in Nevada. A TMZ logo and a life-size caricature of Harvey, complete with trademark slogan, adorn the side. 

Given Harvey's recent driving record, this might not be such a good idea.


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a long time Leno fan!    

Great pr for both. Way to go Harvey!

1480 days ago


Sponsorship, and to play it otherwise insults anyones intelligence. Come on Harvey, a big part of the TMZ personna is calling "BS" on those in the public "eye". Don't become one of the perpetrators, you'll slit your own throat in the long run.

Posted at 6:10 AM on Sep 11, 2010 by South Beach
I agree with the comment above. I hate to mention but Harvey just turn into another male fame whore, his name is the same level as McGee, Janine and the low IQ of Kate Von D, just in love with the spotlight.

1480 days ago

John Stone    

How stupid.

1480 days ago


What a sell out JJ is. He's a hypocrite. Now he likes the paps so much he's advertising them. Anything for a buck. I guess his lifestyle has taken quite a downgrade, no more respectability in his horizon. He'll sell out for anything. He already sold out his family. Sandra should be jumping for joy for having the insight of not believing the crap this guy was putting out to the media about being a changed man and sorry for what he did.

1480 days ago


If he put the swastiker on the the roof.....that would have been priceless

1480 days ago


Pffft, trademark slogan?!? Trademarking "I'm a lawyer" is like trademarking "You're fired" or "I'm eating".

1480 days ago


WAY TO GO HARVEY !!! You couldn't have picked a better motorsport to sponser. Off Road racing is a great choice. Welcome back Trophy Truck #54. Good Luck .

1480 days ago


This must be a slow news day for the TMZ crew. This gross guy's 15 minutes were up 3 months ago. He is not a celebrity and not worthy of attention.

1480 days ago


So Harvey/TMZ is now sponsoring an anti-semite? Wow.

Long ago I stopped vising Perez Hilton's site because of his sleaze. I think I'm just going to have to add TMZ to my blocked list. It's been coming awhile. TMZ has gotten worse and worse. This is just the nail in the coffin. Disgusting.

1480 days ago


That model is so nasty - not attractive at all.

1480 days ago

Just sayin    

That just ****ing GROSS! You guys are idiots!

1480 days ago

Jeep Fu    

So obviously Levin doesn't care about all that Nazi hoopla he reported on Jessie James several months back. Or is that Levin cares more about making money than working with a possible anti-Semite? I guess time doesn't heal all does.

1480 days ago


Sad note to Harvey Levin:

This still doesn't make you a star. I much as you would like it to be are still just a tiny, bad hair piece wearing, nobody who sold his soul to the devil.
You are allowing your name and the logo of your company to be used by a racist Nazi sympathizer. Good PR move there, Harvey.
You were the one who posted the Nazi pictures....and now you are in bed with the guy.

By the way...does your doctor boyfriend have a conscience? Just curious.

1480 days ago


I'm thinking TMZ is sponsoring this truck because Jesse isn't stupid enough to put this on it without that taking place. It's fine to do that between the two of them. It was clear to me when Cinny was lost that the two men were good friends and Harvey and TMZ have been incredibly impartial at reporting events that included Jesse. I like Jesse as well. He has made mistakes but don't we all. If Sandy can move on, so can I.

1480 days ago


JUST BECAUSE Jesse wore a nazi hat at a party and did the salute doesn't make him into that. There is NO EVIDENCE that he is into this stuff. Jesus Christ, just because you read it on a website or in the National Enquirer doesn't make it truth. Honestly, some of you frighten me. You will believe ANYTHING.

1480 days ago
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