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Lady Gaga -- Proof She Stole From Dead Friend?

9/11/2010 4:48 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The mother of Lady Gaga's deceased friend is taking the singer to task because she feels Gaga stole her daughter's style -- and she's put together a video to try to prove her case.

TMZ has obtained the video made by Lina Morgana's mother made to show the similarities between the two singers. The video is set to a song Lina recorded before she committed suicide in 2008.

Lina and Gaga were friends before Gaga made it big, according to Lina's mom, Yana -- who claims the two worked together back in 2007.

Yana tells TMZ she just wants the recognition she feels her daughter deserves. She's also trying to secure the rights to several songs Gaga and Lina did together before her death.

Sources say Gaga feels awful that a woman died at such a young age -- but, we're told, they barely knew each other.


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first, i don't believe that GaGa has copied this girl at all. the mom is grieving and has to find something to avenge her daughter to keep her memory alive.

BUT, all those pics she pulled are similar but not the same...there are millions of teens with similar looks but not necessarily the same...the ideas are there but each individual can put those ideas together to come up with their own style.

if you look at any fashion mags, a lot of model poses can be similar but advertising different items. Hey, i been told i look like cindy crawford all my life, but i am not a famous model. i have a great body like aniston but hey, i am not a spokesperson for that bottled water, i dress classy but i don't model for channel...etc.

this mom is reaching...she needs to grieve but stop blaming GaGa for anything she didn't do against her or her daughter!

1502 days ago


If they were friends and preformed together, their style WOULD be similar. The two of them together must have been amazing.

1502 days ago


too bad her friend couldn't sing very well.... don't blame gaga for becoming famous

1502 days ago


Most of those photos aren't even close to what this woman is trying to 'prove' just because your daughter held a craft store mask to her face doesn't mean she owns the rights to it? Doesn't mean she started that 'look' ..same with dyed wigs or thigh high boots. The one crying mascara pic is similar but again there are a thousand of those same type of pictures on the all those girls get to claim it at 'their' look? Huge stretch.. performers find inspiration in all sorts of places. I think the words at the start of this thing says it all... a grieving mother can't deal with her daughters suicide and wants everyone to know who she was so her 'spirit can stay alive'... it's sad but it's not what she's making it seem to be either.

1502 days ago


Its obvious that Gaga did use this girls style in a lot of her songs/shows, but imitation is the best form of flattery. I would look at this as a compliment, and your daughter had a nice voice and style.

1502 days ago


Wow... the girl can sing and might have made it very big if given the opportunity, I loved the song. TMZ do you know why she committed suicide?

1502 days ago


I'm sorry that Lina killed herself, but that isn't Lady Gaga's fault. She didn't egg her on, or tell her to do it, or even do it herself. She had a beautiful voice, and she would've made it far in the music industry.

What I 'loved' [note the sarcasm] about the video was that most of the pictures was of photo-shoots Gaga had done- oftentimes, the outfits are chosen to create the most impact and, as both were burlesque dancers, if you go to a burlesque show you'll see similar outfits there as well. The poses often have very little in common, other than the fact an arm is bent or a head is tilted. Go to any modeling website, and there will literally be THOUSANDS with the same poses.

1502 days ago


They were friends, obviously they had things in common... Taste in clothes, music, etc. I have a friend who I've known since we were 14 yrs old, and we can finish each others sentences so what is the big deal? People are NOT orignial anymore, its all been done, however, not everyone can deliver it! And I don't mean to be ugly, but I don't like the Lina girl's music, she sounds like she smokes a carton a day... Just another grieving parent trying to get paid, sad really.

1502 days ago


Wow - very similar and you have to remember that they were working together (at least to some degree) on music related things years ago.

Music / Art is often derived from others and in this case, Gaga's act looks like it was derived from someone who could no longer do it herself.

Gaga sucks - period. If she stole this girl's "Look/Artistic flourishes", then shame on her and I hope she gets what she should have coming.

1502 days ago

Alex Shataloff    

Well, you need to dislike Lady Gaga VERY much to find any copying here. Lame.

1502 days ago


I know some of you Gaga fans will rip me apart for saying this but, I see it. Everything I have heard about Lady Gaga prior to her being famous is so different then what she is now and that the transformation literally happened overnight...makes one believe she did rip this woman off. Also, people in Gaga's past coming out and saying she wasn't a misfit but, was rather normal and seeing her pictures and all, she did look rather normal. It's nothing more then an act and she had to rip it off from somewhere. Why wouldn't she rip it off an old acquaintance who passed? Makes perfect sense. She wasn't original and now, pays people to help her be original. She has the money now, she doesn't have to rip people off and yet, I still see Madonna in everything she does.

I wouldn't put it past her. She probably idolized this woman and when she passed or even before...took on her look and ran with it. Also, personally, I grew up in the 80's and Lady Gaga just seems to be a today's version of Madonna. Desperately trying the "shock factor" and yet, I have to yawn every time and think...didn't Madonna do this years ago? Yes, she did do something similar. She's boring and it does seem lacks originality that is her "own". She's also, very immature and it shows. I don't recall Madonna coming off as soooo immature as Gaga. Gaga reminds me of a lost soul at times. A truly, inexperienced, young, childlike suburban kid in over her head, at times.

I wish this woman's family well and I'm glad they got the message out there. They did the right thing and yes, I do see it but, like I said, I see Madonna too in Lady Gaga and oh, so boring. Yawn. This Lina may have really had a chance to be original but, sadly, we'll never know. RIP.

1502 days ago


@slaphappycretin Gaga begged at the feet of Lady starlight to get near her.I know,people say lady starlight and you don't know who she is,but Gaga ripped her whole persona off also.Starlight won't say anything only cause she is on the dole.

1502 days ago

Alex Shataloff    

Actually it's funny that so many people claim that Gaga "can't sing w/out Autotune", although they haven't listened to any of her acoustic songs.
For the record, the stuff used in "Poker Face" isn't Autotune. Want Autotune? See "Katy Perry".

The girl's mother is obviously trying to get as much cash as she can from the tabloids. F*ck her.

As for Gaga, wasn't everything in pop culture invented before 1990? Everybody is copying everybody now (see Rihanna's "Hard", Christina's Not Myself Tonight, Jason DeRulo's "Ridin' Solo"), so I don't know why people are making such a big deal out of it.

1502 days ago

Alex Shataloff    

By the way, did Lina Morgan invent knee-high boots, masks, draping fabric across your head and being brunette? Don't think so.

1502 days ago


Mother leave it alone, it's not GaGa's fault and she didn't rip your daughter off. Let you child RIP.

1502 days ago
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