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Oksana Meets with Top Family Law Attorney

9/11/2010 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva has just the left the offices of one of the most prominent family law attorneys in Los Angeles -- after meeting with him for two hours in her ongoing custody war with Mel Gibson.

We've learned Oksana has just met with Sorrell Trope -- considered one of the toughest family law attorney in the divorce biz. In the past, Trope's firm has represented the likes of Brooke Mueller, Victoria Hopper, Anna Nicole Smith and Britney Spears.

So far, Oksana has not been able to squeeze more money out of Mel Gibson since she signed the settlement agreement with him back in May -- a settlement she is now trying to disavow.

Oksana is currently getting $5,000/month in child support for baby Lucia. TMZ broke the story ... her current lawyers are asking the judge to up that to more than $40,000/month, but the judge hasn't ruled.


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Another lawyer? They work on Saturday? I thought Oksana was poor? Why don't we ship Oksana to Iran and let her screw up that place. The gal is going down.

Team Mel

1449 days ago


This whole piano player scenario is SO outrageous, maybe somebody will buy it. I think she does have the cash.

$90,000 per year TAX FREE

Disputed intellectual property: the songs released on cd, 'un dia' and whatever she had with Sam Oriti (who has songwriting title on 4 of the disputed songs) unknown value, but she can trade legal services for signing over her rights.

Nobody knows how much she and her family have in property, businesses, etc. over the years. My guess (pretty educated) would be that there is a lot that nobody knows about. Again, she could trade or sign over properties to new attorneys with the guarantee that cash will be reimbursed by Mr. Gibson. The piano player is not poor; nor is her family poor. They know, like any scammers, it will take more to stop them than anybody in the world has in disposable income, no matter how much they claim Mr. Gibson is worth.

Tee hee

1449 days ago


Her gig is up, who's going to go anywhere near her after this fiasco?
Posted at 12:46 PM on Sep 11, 2010 by Muppet

as Oksa father was saying in that russian article
Oksana want to go back to Timothy Dalton

1449 days ago


how many lawyers does the ox have?

1449 days ago


So, if she learned how to use others from her parents. What does that tell you about her children in the future? This whole situation is so unfortunate for them.

1449 days ago


Hey Genna,
Thank you for your welcoming reply in the previous thread. I am following you here for my reply.
I know what you mean by "human". (Doesn't sound dumb at all.) He does seem to me just as you described, what I see is a wonderful character but also very intense (which can sometimes spell trouble but is what makes him so "human"). So my "instincts" are to be on "Team Mel", but I just think we have to be very careful. People are so opinionated and ready to point fingers (either direction) and judge even when there isn't a shred of actual evidence. Heck, this is what Mel's movie "The Man without a Face" addressed. Prejudice, i.e., people pre-judging based only on appearances, opinions or ideology, no real evidence. Truth is, I know very little about Mel or OG. And I think not many here do either. That being said, her requesting more money from him really tilt things. If her intentions were honorable I would think she would take the $5K/month and try to separate herself as far as possible from all these shana****ns while keeping herself and the baby safe, for the sake of Lucia. Instead, she seems desperate to fleece him, which confirms his allegations. And, again, who knows whether she had the baby just for that purpose (the idea makes me want to puke!). Anyway, I think for now I will skip being on a Team. If I had to pick one I'd pick Team Truth, but I can't claim to know anything about that, and besides I am an individualist in nature. (Again, thank you for your reply - Made me more comfortable. I am still very green in this. Feel kind of odd posting in a group like this!)

1449 days ago


Would you mind explaining what you meant when you answered Diane (see below). I don't quite understand what you were saying.

Diane said: She has REAL problem with the confidentiality issues now thanks to her father revealing privileged information.

hellnurse replied: I agree with that Diane, it sure looks like a friend sent her to him and she ran with it.

1449 days ago


Didn't the Judge order Mel to pay Oxy's attorneys' bill of $250,000 just last month?

So, Timothy Dalton pays $2,500/month for their 13yr old son -

Why does Mel have to pay $5,000 for a 7month old daughter - and Oxy wants $40,000/month child support for a 7month old - when Mel also provides housing?

Look out Mr. Dalton - you're next in court.

"Gold-Digger" the new career of whores in this stressed economy

1449 days ago

I am tired hear about her, WHO CARES? NOT ME!!

1449 days ago

voice of reason    

I assume due to the gag order in place, her lawyers have told her to shut it.
However, mouthpieces are needed to get her "message" out there.

Few weeks ago it was a "friend" who came forward to give an interview to Pravda and now its Ma and Pa trashing Mel.

These "interviews" are picked up by the international media.
More defamation and character assasination for Mel.

I hope Mel takes Ma and Pa to task and takes them to the cleaners.
It has been reported that Ma and Pa own "houses" in Moscow. Hmmmm!
Mel doesnt need the money, but charities and worthy causes could benefit from it.
And Ma and Pa could go back to selling potatoes.

1449 days ago


Would you mind explaining what you meant when you answered Diane (see below). I don't quite understand what you were saying.

Diane said: She has REAL problem with the confidentiality issues now thanks to her father revealing privileged information.

hellnurse replied: I agree with that Diane, it sure looks like a friend sent her to him and she ran with it.

Posted at 1:24 PM on Sep 11, 2010 by Ann

Sorry Ann it is that Nurse writing that makes no sense to anyone.
I feel that Oksana was also a hired prostitute that was sent to Mels trailer by a friend while he was filming. That he liked her enough to tango a few times more and she trapped him.
just mo

1449 days ago


Wow. She sure has been lawyer shopping. Can't find one who tells her what she wants to hear. She doesn't deserve $40,000 a month child support. Just because he has money doesn't mean she gets his money. She lives rent free. He pays $5000 and Tim Dalton pays $2500 a month. She has more than enough!!!

1449 days ago


@ IA -- Yes, Genna is very nice and welcoming to all. I am not necessarily nice (but I am good-humored).

Good for you! I feel like the only Midwesterner here: our biggest virtues are commonsense, hard work, and, most important, a sense of humor.

Good luck ferreting out the truth. Sometimes the Hollywierd valued are totally beyond me. Most of us 'team lunatics' have been working on the truth and do not necessarily subscribe to a 'team.'

Throwing sparklies at you (meaning you are good people, sometimes it takes a while to get the humor).


1449 days ago



Yes he was. He also represented Anna Nicole in the child custody case but the DNA test proved that Birkhead was the father of Dannielynn. I think he filed suit against Anna’s estate as he was never paid for his legal fees. He’s in his early 80’s.

1449 days ago


You people whom think 5000.00 isn't enough are high . I bet most that think its not enough don't even make that much in a month salary . Its plenty for a young child . Don't forget Mel when he has the child can spend as much as he wants for her. So its not like he can't give her anything she wants , he can but just not to that bitch whom is collecting from 2 guys now . Her lips are only good for one thing and I bet she got a pair of happy knees for them ...

1449 days ago
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