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Spencer Pratt Was Right, He Was Arrested

9/12/2010 9:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Every now and again, Spencer Pratt does actually tell the truth -- turns out he really was arrested in Costa Rica yesterday.


As we told you earlier, Pratt told us he was busted in Costa Rica for felony possession of a firearm on his way back to the U.S. yesterday. He was cited and released.

Now, we've gotten our look at an arresting document from Costa Rica -- and even though it's in Spanish, it does have his name on it and includes fun words like "guilty," "charged" and "prosecution" (thank you, Google Translate). 

Heidi's name is in there too, listed as his spouse -- and his occupation is listed as "actor."

That word must mean something different in Costa Rica.


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I just don't get what ANYBODY ever saw in this guy. He just gives me the skeeves. Yuck.

1447 days ago


Oh no! If Spencer is coming back to the USA who is going to be taking care of Heidi after her new plastic surgery?

1447 days ago


I don't get what passes for "reporting" at TMZ. "Felony possession of a firearm", but they just let him leave the country without any likelihood that he will return to stand trial? That seems strange. And are people allowed to transport firearms to Costa Rica in their luggage? I guess it is possible, but one would hope that airport security would catch things like that.
And what about the concept that he was living off the land? Can you imagine a foreign visitor to the US living off the land, hunting for food with a handgun? Seems unlikely - why would one expect that would be possible in Costa Rica? (Aside from my guess that it would be very difficult to hunt small game with a handgun - but experienced hunters might correct me on that.)

On the plus side, lots of other news organizations seem to be citing TMZ as their source for this story. Thanks for keeping this story alive, if only as an illustration that skeptical reporting is officially dead.

1447 days ago


This should have been reported AFTER you had confirmation.

1447 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Spencer lies, carries guns, makes up stories to the press and is a total douche. Sounds like he could be in the running to be a Britney bodyguard

1447 days ago

t jam     


1446 days ago


You're telling me TMZ doesn't have one spanish speaking illegal immigrant working there that they need to use Google crapalate to translate one do***ent?

1446 days ago

the brat    

Spencer, you truly are a total LOSER!!!

1446 days ago


#19 Tom B ROFLOL!! Thanks, the best laugh today!!

1446 days ago

Old Enough    

Wish they had locked him up and thrown away the key so that we no longer had to hear about him.

1446 days ago


I hope that duchebag never comes back to my country. Nobody knows who that piece of **** is. He is just a freak with a stupid wife with big fake tits.

1446 days ago


> That word must mean something different in Costa Rica.

Funniest thing I've read all week, and it's only Monday.

1446 days ago
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