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Heidi and Spencer -- Reunited and it Feels So Bad

9/13/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Heidi and Spencer, please ... just divorce already. We got these photos, which were taken yesterday just north of Los Angeles, and the rat we're smelling is really beginning to stink.

Although Heidi insists she's divorcing Spencer, they were walking in stride in Carpinteria, CA at the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.

Spencer is fresh off his arrest at the airport in Costa Rica, after he was snagged for illegal firearms possession, cited and released.

If these crazy kids can't make it work, what hope do the rest of us have?


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What the HECK is happening to her nose?

1446 days ago


So you have a nose-job, so you can walk around 24/7 with a bandaid on it ?
What's the point ?

1446 days ago


is that heidi 4sure? she looks like her, but it feels like somethings just not right.. maybe IT's a look-alike? heidis a sweetheart, i dont wanna belive shes back with that psycho. soo.. does anyone else think it's a heidi look-alike or am I the only one? :D

1446 days ago


The bandaid is to stop the silicon thats leaking out of her head, oh wait, that would be her boobs since she is an airhead and it only leaks air.

1446 days ago


what is he doing with his face!? lookin like a cave man!

1446 days ago


Please, just fall off the planet already, you two.

1446 days ago


I don't believe those photos were taken yesterday. Spencer was clean-shaven just a couple of days ago. Unless he has a great wig person, that photo is old and whoever submitted it said it was taken yesterday.

1445 days ago


Trying to help clear up the mystery:
Best description of Spencer: Looks like an armpit with eyes. (looks he smells like one too, only worse)
Facial Hair: The clean shaven photo was an older file photo.
Saying "I'd fire Heidi from McDonalds": You wouldn't have to, she wouldn't be qualified to begin with. Too confused.

Definition of PRAT: [ prat ]
noun (plural prats)
1. fool: somebody regarded as unintelligent ( slang insult )
2. bottom: the buttocks ( slang )
intransitive verb (3rd person present singular prats, present participle pratting, past and past participle pratted)
behave thoughtlessly or exasperatingly: to behave in an unintelligent way, especially when this causes exasperation or leads to time-wasting ( insult )
[Mid-16th century. Origin ?]

1445 days ago

15 year old    

THIS digusts me did you know that for the price of her fake boobs someone with breast cancer could be helped!! shell only do something 'good' if it doesnt effect what she can have and bye look at here showing here breast while tuns of people with breast cancer cant even have breast somethime!

1445 days ago


spencer u better shave or all your crystal energy wont be able to get through that ridiculous mop on your head

1444 days ago

gossip monger's    

Actually they probably could care less about anybody commenting on them including me. But they don't make me sick it's people that have time on there hand's to watch all this s--- and put someone down that's making money and there probably sitting on a couch sharing potatoe chip's with their ****roach friend's. get a life people are better yet get a job. I wouldn't judge if I was you have you looked in the mirror lately? lol, cute couple if I say so myself.

1342 days ago
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