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Kate Gosselin

I Need a Bodyguard in Mexico

9/13/2010 4:00 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Kate Gosselin took time out from starring in reality shows to go to Cabo San Lucas with her bodyguard and rumored boyfriend Steve Neild on Saturday.

Meanwhile on the same day, Kate's ex-husband Jon Gosselin played daddy day care with his eight kids and girlfriend Ellen Ross in Pennsylvania.



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Ratings Needed    

At least she didn't cost taxpayers HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF $$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!! Her taking a vacation is a non-issue, after all, Jon has traveled the world since they split up.

1503 days ago


Fake hair & fake boobs still do not help Kate, she still has the same selfish, disturbing personality.
Stay in Mexico and stay off any type of tv shows.

At least Jon does normal outings and together time without a film crew. Unlike Kate who still exploits those children.

1503 days ago


She jz wants to see a **** that is more than a half inch long. Jon is half aZn u kno.

1503 days ago


she might wanna check out one of the clinics in mexico......... by the look on here face that STD.......must be really worrying her

1503 days ago

Illinois person    

I've got news for you mama Katie - you're not that important. Meanwhile, who'd do Jon's left overs??? Yikes! Can you imagine this guy's mother when the cat drags this one home? I wished Jon "e" boy would do something with that puffy, bloated face.

1503 days ago


I just feel sorry for that so called "body guard". I mean, is he that hard up? Or does Kate just have him whipped like the family pig?

1503 days ago

Bill F. Murray    

Can't find a man to put up with her sh*t, all else fails start banging the help. Nice catch Kate, he'll stick around as long as the checks keep clearing.

1503 days ago


She is a ****ing dirty whore messing around with a married guy this whole time pretending he is her bodyguard!!! No one wants to be near you bitch so you can stop ****ing the body guard now you hag...........

1503 days ago


He is freaking gorgeous! No wonder Jon went bonkers when she started traveling with him.
I think they are a couple. I hope so. He is already like a dad to the kids so it wouldnt phase them. His wife is a very frumpy fat and homely woman so I could see those two together very easily!
I say dump the wife and make it official and include him in the show. I loved the one with him in it. The show is boring with out a mate.

1503 days ago

shari mandalewski    

doesn't everybody need a bodyguard in Mexico??

Best bet is to stay home and check out the season finale of Minute to Win it tomorrow night at 8/7c on NBC! Two best friends and returning soldiers from Iraq compete to win it in a minute on our American heroes episode — tune in!

1503 days ago


On Regis & Kathy she said she sits home by the phone wating for the kids calls to say they want to come home.
More of her lies exposed she off bangin the bodyguard and smiling more than she ever does with her own kids.

1503 days ago


Um hum... working my arse!!! Friends my arse!!! LOL

Wait, wasn't she just on Regis & Kelly talking about, when the kids are visiting Jon, she stay home and wait by the phone for the kids to call and say they want to come home. Because Jon home isn't home to their kids. They don't like it there, they like it home with her, their beds and toys? Kate's full of it!

And Steve got a secret he's not telling his wife. Then again, she probably knows and don't give a darn. Just so long as the money from TLC keep rolling in, says Steve wife! lol What a mess.

1503 days ago


The funny thing about her is she still insists that she is not doing him!!

They were on the beach, she had her hand on his leg and when they found out someone took a picture, she sent her "bodyguard" to the person and threatened the poor woman to delete the picture!!

She is a sad woman! SHe uses her kids as pawns. She absued Jon. She cheated on him and STILL is portrayed as this super mom that is so kind and caring!

She is a super farce of a human being.



1503 days ago


Harvey, what did you think of GaGa's all meant dress? How does it compare with Bjork dead goose dress?

1503 days ago


John only had 6 kids! TMZ can't count??

1503 days ago
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