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Kate Gosselin

I Need a Bodyguard in Mexico

9/13/2010 4:00 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Kate Gosselin took time out from starring in reality shows to go to Cabo San Lucas with her bodyguard and rumored boyfriend Steve Neild on Saturday.

Meanwhile on the same day, Kate's ex-husband Jon Gosselin played daddy day care with his eight kids and girlfriend Ellen Ross in Pennsylvania.



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Khate sucks    

Funny how she kicked Jon out, he gets a bad rap, yet her slutty ugly ass has been sleeping with the body guard for a LONG time! Bye Khate! We won't miss you! You're a has been! She really is a nasty person. Jon was ALWAYS kind to his kids!

1509 days ago


#135 - You are right, she is no longer married, but the body guard is!!!

I saw a brief moment of the Jon and Kate show many years ago. I remember thinking, "who is this b#%ch". Jon was in the driveway teaching the kids to ride their bikes. Kate was in the garage yelling at him the entire time. I never watched again!! Neither parent is perfect, but Kate is all about her---not the kids!

1508 days ago


@Kimba 10 : Loved your blog! What is the fascination with Kate??? I do not watch her shows and as soon as she appears on my t.v. I change the channel. She has zero talent, can't speak english properly and acts so desperate it is sickening. This is why 70% of Americans are in debt. They try to live a celebrity life style but can't afford it. What example are they setting for their kids? What example has Kate set for her kids? They are spoiled and have no family values. Where are their family members?? The sad part is that people that watch her shows don't really care about the kids. They are bitter divorced people that want Kate to stick it to Jon. Sadly, the children suffer in the end.

1508 days ago


Loved reading "Lucy's" comments!! kate/HATE doesn't talk to anyone in her Family, guess they know who she REALLY is~zero, zip nada!! Hoooooooooray 4 JON!! TMZ, plezzzzzzzzzzz STOP puttin' kate/HATE on your website, plezzzzzzzzzzzzz!! This BLACK MOLE needs to STOP spending the CHILDREN'S money (it's NOT hers), they are gonna need it, if they don't already, 4 sofa therapy & I guess medS, alllllllll coz of that OLE HAG MAMA kate/HATE!! The "bodyguard" wink wink IS an "a hole", is his wifey in another relationship & she turns her head the other way orrrrr does the "mensa" get monie$ 4 not causin' waves???? kate/HATE is BLACK MOLE, wonder if a STRONG, STRONG
BLEACH would wipe her ass off the planet?????!!!!! Hoooooray JON!!

1508 days ago


She like any other HOOD RAT, she banged everyone had to many kids and no babies daddy, what next? Find old dude to watch the kids. If Kate where Latina or black would she even have a show or so many follewers?

1508 days ago


I don't care much for Kate either, BUT for those of you saying she is a bad mother for going to Cabo on her time without the kids, when she is not with her kids its up to her what she does with her time. Someone said that she should take her kids on a Holiday not go alone (or with the bodyguard) SHE DOES TAKE HER KIDS ON VACATIONS/HOLIDAYS! Geez who are YOU To judge her??? SO should she just be home when she doesnt have her kids?? what do you think ? She's moving on with her LIFE!

1508 days ago


I saw the new episode last night and really liked it. It is so cute to watch the different personalitys that the kids developed.
I didnt appreciate the vomiting part and will not watch it again because of that. I dont think its necessary to watch such unpleasantness. Are they that hard up to fill up the half hour?
I wish they would bring Steve in the show more. I love watching and hearing him talk. He is sooo gorgeous. He adds so much they should.
Oh also...Kate please lose the hootchie mama tops. Nobody wants to see a mother with all her privates hanging out..yuk!
Have some class and respect for your children. You werent doing this before...why now.

1508 days ago

Dennie White    

I would like clarification of "celebrity mom"...Celebrity of what? I don't think the average single mom, no matter the number of children, go on vacation and paid to be a pretend mom who cares. What is all the screaming about. Well, I guess it is more entertaining that when she speaks. Why does Kate need a bodyguard anywhere????????????

Bring Jon back...Let's see him on dancing with the stars, at least we could be entertained with a personality. Kate is a waste...

1508 days ago

susan m wallace    

Who cares if she's "doing him" after all the action jon got during their marriage and since then why the heck not. Maybe it's her turn-so what

1508 days ago


To the icky TMZ dude that made the on-air comment about Kate G and sex with a bucket of water: Women don't stay loose that way, if that is what you were so smugly implying. Men still enjoy sex with women after having've noticed that, right? Don't smear ladies that way, makes you look weak, dim and small.

1508 days ago


Jeez lots of selfrighteous jerks commenting today.

1507 days ago


What a bunch of idiots. I am not a big Kate fan BUT- anyone going to Mexico these days should be taking a body guard. Or is TMZ the only site you rad? Who cares if she is getting it on with the bodyguard or not. So many of you seem to think you know exactly what is going on, yet you have never seen anything but pictures of these two. There has never been one sign of affection between them.

Why is it that the majority of Americans seem to spend their time imagining what other people are doing behind closed doors. Then passing judgment on it. Just another reason the world is laughing at the USA.

America is supposed to be the country of FREEDOM. What a joke!!!

1505 days ago


I dont understand why you people insist on hating her sooo much. You are all just jealous. If you dont like her or what shes about. Dont follow it. Get a freaking life. She has one, obviously. And who are you to judge. Look at the octo mom. At least Kate is making her own money and not sucking off everyones tax money. Shes beautiful and strong willed. She is not exploiting the kids because TLC is very careful as to what they are allowed to do and what they are not allowed to do. GET A LIFE YOU LOSERS AND QUIT BASHING PEOPLE YOU ARE JEALOUS OF. GOOD FOR YOU KATE. MY FAMILY LOVES YOU AND LOVES WHAT YOU DO FOR YOUR KIDS.

1505 days ago


Everyone needs a bodyguard in Mexico!! Why should she be any different???!!

1505 days ago


Mexico is already fu#ked up enough already, they don't need no Hitler acting wh@re dog hanging out down there. Maybe if America is lucky she'll get caught up between one of the drug cartel gangland shoot outs and take one between the eyes. It will be an early Christmas gift to everyone who is sick and tired of this Skank.

1505 days ago
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