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Kate Gosselin

I Need a Bodyguard in Mexico

9/13/2010 4:00 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Kate Gosselin took time out from starring in reality shows to go to Cabo San Lucas with her bodyguard and rumored boyfriend Steve Neild on Saturday.

Meanwhile on the same day, Kate's ex-husband Jon Gosselin played daddy day care with his eight kids and girlfriend Ellen Ross in Pennsylvania.



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Ok it's a stretch but I can understand security during filming so they can get stuff done in a timely manner. However, the kids aren't with her and who the hell in Mexco would even recognize her? Talk about being full of yourself.

1410 days ago


Oh yea, look at those kids crying and screaming to go back to Mommy Dearest. Self important self indulgent fame whore. Famous for having children she couldn't afford and pawned out to make money off of, yet she thinks she is the star. Not what I would want to be famous for. PLEASE stop with her. She is not talented, she is not anything. We truly truly don't care about her and you posting about her makes her think people care about her. We don't.

1410 days ago


For all of you who said that Jon cheated first... Ah, this Steve guy has been bodyguarding Miss Kate for quite awhile. I have a feeling that she was bonking him long before she and Jon had the Hawaiian wedding thing. I just cannot picture her snarling face and oh so fake body all over him. I guess he knows what he's got himself into!

1410 days ago


Late last night while surfing channels, I came across TLC rerun of (Quints by surprise) and decided to check it out. It's about a white family with six kids, five of them 4 girls one boy being 16 months and a daughter age 6. Get this... They lived comfortably with their single daughter in a renovated mansion they no longer can afford since the Quints were born. Mother is unemployed, father is a builder, fix and re-renovate homes for a living. But business died and they had no means of support and are force to sell their mansion in TX and move into a smaller, much more affordable home. They have to sell their home because the father can no longer afford the high mortgage payments. Here's where TLC comes in... To help this family pay their heavy high price mortgage on their home until they can find a buyer and get a smaller house. TLC agrees to pay their mortgage etc. in exchange these parents exploit their kid's lives. I saw a child fall and bump his head on an iron railing, kids stepping on one another, kids being fed food without bowls, plates or silverwares, child with some kind of helmet thing on his head, eldest daughter in dangerous situation and force to hold one of the Quints, babies crawling all over the kitchen floors while cooking Thanksgiving dinner at their parents home (thank God no hot grease, water or food fell on these kids) One lady stepped over the child and almost fell. This family, (don't know their names) had a lovely cute daughter but wanted one more and got five instead through the same fertility treatment as they Hayes, Gosselin and Suleman, all claimed babies came as a surprise. And the whole time watching this "Quints family" I'm thinking, "SURPRISED"? After you learned you were carrying 5 babies and knew you couldn't afford to raise them all. Why didn't you put them up for adoption, abort some of the babies growing in you or had family members take some off your hands? Isn't this what people were saying about the Octomom? At least these Quints family admit their mistake and using TLC to help them get out of debt, prevent them from going homeless having to move into the father, parent's home.

But this Kate Gosselin... She is as fake as they come. Jon had sense enough to want and tried to pull his family off TLC because it not only ruined his marriage, but destroyed their children mentally, emotionally and turned his divorce into a bitter, bickering match, humiliating world wide disaster in the public eyes.

Kate scares me... here's why. Behind that woman eyes, I pure hate, resentment and anger. I fear for those kids, they've been through so much in their young lives. They have been exposed to TLC camera crew, naked, potty trained, whip, yelled at, back talking, fighting, seen sleeping on laundry room floor, throwing up, kicking, biting, and name calling siblings. Every aspect of their young lives has been televised. Kate doesn't care, for all she sees is dollar signs, claiming she does all this for her children. Oh really Kate? Because all I see you doing is taking advantage of your kids lives, trying to get rich off them, by putting them to work for YOU! Exploiting them so that YOU can live in a mansion (You claimed was all yours), drive around in luxury vehicles, go on free invited trips and pretending you're a celebrity popping up on talk shows etc... All while competing and putting the kids up against their father Jon, hating him on national TV. Telling everybody that he is unemployed and you're the only bread winning parents. How can that be, when Kate is UNEMPLOYED herself, basically? Okay, so she had a ghost writer and wrote a book or two. Apparently that money is long gone otherwise with all the plastic surgeries, tummy tucks, spa, hair and wardrode make over etc. What was the purpose for DWTS when she claimed she made millions off her "Books" sell? Beside that, we all know-- because of Kate mind you, that Jon has to pay child and spousal support and gets father visitation rights. Can't help but notice when Kate was asked to go back to nursing, she refused claiming she can't make enough money to run her mansion, raise and support her kids on a nurses salary. RME's! So rather then Kate work for her kids, her kids work for her. Otherwise, she could not afford a sexaguard lol.

In fact-- all of these TLC large families. Would become Octo's-- if it wasn't for TLC. Octoduggars, Octoquints, Octokate, OctoRoloff, Octohayes. I find it ironic that, all these mother's are unemployed. lol

Now I don't pretend Jon's a saint, he's not and just as much at fault as Kate to a certain... Jon must be doing something right, because he's not out there doing talk shows or hating on Kate. He actually living a nice quiet life with his gf, tweets a lot but otherwise spends quality time with his kids. We're able to see that through the Paps lens. :)

1410 days ago


Kate has be doing the bodyguard b4 her Jon were divorced, this is what put Jon over the edge..however Jon didn't know how to play the game like Kate does. he was too public with his girlfriends, so in the end he looked like the s***bag...

but it was Kate that told Jon it was over way b4 the divorce, she has never admitted to screwing the bodyguard, but it is pretty well do***ented she has been for several years..

1410 days ago


I can hear it now...."Jon has the kids...what should we do? Oh, I know, let's go to Cabo, you know, Cabo San Lucas, everybody is seen in Cabo!" Complete media fanatic, this woman! She is a star in her own mind.

1410 days ago


Typical cop. Married and cheating. And Kate is a now
christened his " Badge Bunny ". hahahahahaha
good going whore. good going officer.

1410 days ago


I'm guessing Kate needs a bodyguard because so many people hate her and she's afraid somebody might attack her. She tells so many lies and she makes alot of people angry. So that's probably why.

1410 days ago


Everybody needs a bodyguard in Mexico these days - a.k.a. little Afghanistan on our Southern Border - how long til the car bombs start here? You can thank your president that we now have signs in Arizona 100 miles from the border telling You and Me to watch out for drug and people smugglers as they are armed and dangerous and it is not safe for us, Americans who actually live here, to travel in parts of our OWN country. Btw, we've been warned for months not to go into an AZ State Park because it is too dangerous. An AMERICAN state park. How nice to live in a country that would rather protect the criminals than get off their rears and actually do something about it.

1410 days ago


Looks like the kids may have used up all of the shampoo!

Chill, dude! Her ex is a loser who's been cheating on her since the babysitter(remember her?). Anyway, who knows or cares if she's having an affair with the bodyguard. She's not married anymore.

1410 days ago


Let me guess she did this for her kids right???? Cause she NEVER does ANYTHING thats not for her kids!!!! Whatever TMZ stop putting her on your site!!!! Stop giving her what she wants!!!!!

1410 days ago


kate is a sneaky sleezy person

1410 days ago


is it just me or is the bodyguard missing his wedding ring??

1410 days ago


Can Kate PLEASE put a bra on.

1410 days ago


Funny how she thinks she is so important that she needs a body guard for protection but in recent photo she is taking kids out of her van and putting them on a school bus to go to school...with no body guards in sight to keep them safe. Seems like she is flaunting to the world that she is so important that she needs a body guard but the children it seems are not that important to her to be guarded. Can anyone explain to me just what it is that makes her so worthy of tv exposure and the need for a body guard.

1410 days ago
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