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Mel Gibson Car Crash --

The 911 Call

9/13/2010 4:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 call when Mel Gibson lost control of his Maserati and crashed into a hillside in Malibu last month.

During the call, a state park worker tells the 911 operator, "I need to tell you ... are you ready? The driver is Mel Gibson."

The park worker goes on to explain, "He just drove right into the mountainside."

As we previously reported, cops claim alcohol was not a factor in the crash -- and Mel repeatedly told officers that he couldn't explain how the car drifted off the road.


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How did his life drift off the road?

1470 days ago


Oksana is now a computer expert ;-) After learning photo and audio editing, she jumped to hacking cars' computer systems. Didn't Heidi Montag's plastic surgeon die on the same day or around about the same time in a car accident? What if he is also Oksana's plastic surgeon and she hacked into his vehicle's computer so he can have an accident?

1470 days ago


TMZ Gossip - You may be younger than Mel but you will NEVER in this lifetime be voted handsomest man alive and have your picture in People Magazine ....Hum.....So whatever age he is - he's not my icon but I do value his contribution to society - can't say that running a bar would be top of my list of valuable contributions.

1470 days ago


TMZ Gossip - Well let's see - Hmmmm.....Building a church - a house of worship vs. selling booze which likely contributes to various vices - I'll take the guy who built the church for valuable contributions-
Of course that's aside from all the entertainment value he has given people over the years.

1470 days ago


Praying for you and your family, Mr. Mel Gibson. Good luck, Take care, and may God Bless and protect you and your family today and always. Go Mel ! Next time hire a professional driver ! Stress sucks all of the life energy out of you and causes insomnia. Maybe OG messed with the car, but it sounds like Gibson fell asleep at the wheel.

1470 days ago


Mel, Get your breaks checked then go get a restraining order on that ex girlfriend you're not safe with her on the streets free to go anywhere.

1470 days ago


it's comical just how stupid you really are. It does make it easier to understand why you idolize a racist, anti-semitic, alcoholic, drunk-driving boor. No doubt it is a result of your upbringing.

"Oh! uh! daddy your slip is showing!!"

um, is that a flashback for you from when your daddy did the unmentionable to you?

Posted at 9:38 PM on Sep 13, 2010 by TMZgossip

When I said your slip is showing, I meant your true self is emerging, for weeks your like epitome of all intellects you were busy correcting people and telling them how daft they are.

You Mr. Archie Bunkers is a bigot true and true.
My parents brought me up nicely thank you very much and I don't have to pretend of something I am not, unlike you.

You can't handle it because Mel Gibson regardless of his failings are still loved by millions. Because we learned to forgive.

Have you heard of forgiveness? I guess not, your parents had done a great job of bringing you up to hates and hold grudges.

I pity your children actually to have a father whom unforgiven.

1470 days ago


Correction to my last post to TMZGossip

I pity your children to have an unforgiving father like you.

1470 days ago


It doesnt matter how old Mel Gibson are, he is so sexy and good looking, he has got a perfect face. He is also a very good actor and director. Do you remember his movie "Signs"? I do hope everything turn out for the best for Mel! I cant understand how he could get involved with a woman like Oksana. The world is full off nice, pretty womans.

1470 days ago


I love that movie, mum has that on her collection. I'm going to borrow it off her.

Morning Swede:)

I don't care about people ages, just that dude annoyed me with his incessant slinging off Mel any chance he get.
And he always put his two cents of comments and always about Anti-Semitic, Jewish or related comments. I think his opening post earlier is not funny, kinda insulting to Jewish people as well as to Mel Gibson.

1470 days ago


I guess hes not famous anymore-the operator did not react to the losers name

1470 days ago


I guess people like to tease and provoke and see what respons they get. They do like when people get angry. KoalaBabe- What is the capital in Australia? Is it Canberra? Team Mel Sweden!

1470 days ago


Swede, yes it's Canberra:)

1470 days ago



I guess hes not famous anymore-the operator did not react to the losers name

Posted at 4:33 AM on Sep 14, 2010 by jack

The operator handled herself professionally. They are not allowed to act like smitten adolescent, when answering 911 call,it was emergency.

1470 days ago


I wish he had died in the car accident, suffering in agony.

Posted at 5:04 AM on Sep 14, 2010 by Stacy

If Hallmark Greeting cards ever develops a "Death and Destruction" line of greeting cards - you'll be hired.

1470 days ago
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