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Mel Gibson Car Crash --

The 911 Call

9/13/2010 4:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 call when Mel Gibson lost control of his Maserati and crashed into a hillside in Malibu last month.

During the call, a state park worker tells the 911 operator, "I need to tell you ... are you ready? The driver is Mel Gibson."

The park worker goes on to explain, "He just drove right into the mountainside."

As we previously reported, cops claim alcohol was not a factor in the crash -- and Mel repeatedly told officers that he couldn't explain how the car drifted off the road.


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I wish he had died in the car accident, suffering in agony.

Posted at 5:04 AM on Sep 14, 2010 by Stacy

Lovely woman you are Stacy. When you wished people to to die, they live longer:)

And you'll be rewarded with Karma, ( will it be good or it will be bad? ) time will tell.

1436 days ago


hello Tellthetruth59:)
brb still eating my dinner.

1436 days ago


TMZ gossip and other Oksana supports you are coming off very desperate, but I love the smell of Oksana desperation in the morning.

Tee hee you got nothing.

Team Mel

1436 days ago


Sorry kilmerfan... I am not an OxyBoToxy supporter in any way/ shape or form. Scour these forums all you'd like and you won't find any pro-Oxy posts from me... in fact, you'll find quite the opposite.

Posted at 7:55 AM on Sep 14, 2010 by TMZgossip
Whatever, you still come off desperate. Get off your high horse. I just got some good coffee so I am in a good mood, that and the smell of your desperation put me on cloud nine. Tee Hee.

1436 days ago


Desperation for what?
at least try to make some sense before beating away on your keyboard.

Posted at 8:54 AM on Sep 14, 2010 by TMZgossip
Still on your high horse again, you just can't see. You are fun. You are going all over the place with you trolling another poster making cheap shots thinking you are making a great point, you got nothing. I stay and chat with you some more but I got to go to work. Tee Hee I am light on the keys unlike Oksana.

Team Mel

1436 days ago


Actually TMZGossip you appear to be a man so filled with rage over your own disappointing life that your only outlet is to try and bring others down to your level.
Obviously you have "issues" - likely you are some "group" - perhaps jewish - You rode a bicycle to your bar - and most likely had "lady's of the evening" frequenting your bar - Ah yes you heard alot of sad stories - and something turned so sour in your life that this is now your outlet - casting aspersions on others -
Well you have your own cross to bear so I'll leave you to it - when you point out others flaws remember that finger points right back at you - We are all "fallen" angels in some respect.

1436 days ago


Remember his rants, he "owns Malibu" and will "squash anyone" that stands up to him.
Posted by TMZG

"...and he will "squash anyone" that stands up to him...."

And aren't You, essentially doing the SAME **** ALL THE TIME when anyone DISAGREES with You?
Self righteous bastard! Get the F#*$ over yourself would ya? You AREN'T all that you think you are!

1436 days ago


Sheeeeet... are you guys still going at it down here? Come up for some fresh air and a clean slate in a new thread.

1436 days ago


Sheeeeet... are you guys still going at it down here? Come up for some fresh air and a clean slate in a new thread.

Posted at 1:29 PM on Sep 14, 2010 by Tellthetruth59

I cant wait for the "Gibson in disguise" story that is going to be posted on TMZ later today

Posted at 2:05 PM on Sep 14, 2010 by TMZgossip

Hey TMZ, you lost me... what does that mean "Gibson in disguise?" I miss an awful lot around here so bear with me.

1436 days ago


now i am a bigot because I see Gibson for what he is, based on **HIS** own transgressions.
Once again, I have to wonder, do you think before you type?
Show me and prove that my comments about him are false.

There is no way you were well brought up if you idolize a drunk driving, alcoholic, racist anti-semitic boor.

As for forgiveness, I don't need to, and it is not my place to, forgive Gibson for anything. If you 'tards weren't trying to paint him as a white knight, and everyone else that deals with him as the devil, there wouldn't be a reason for me to want to remind the rabid team mel freaks of the reality of what their idol really is.

and the kids are doing great!!!!

Posted at 7:51 AM on Sep 14, 2010 by TMZgossip

TMZGossip I agree with other people, you are sanctimonious self righteous,unforgiving bigot. You have so much raged inside you, no wonder you can't forgives Mel Gibson, there much be so much reflection of him in you.

I know what Mel Gibson had done, and I knew a she had provoked him in many ways.
She didn't do the right thing like going to the police if all allegations she told the whole world was true. If she did, she would had been protected.

Releasing the tapes to ROL and humiliated him to billion of people, she is worse than him. Now trying to extorts more money from the person she had humiliated and gutted a bit rich.

I am brought up to forgive as my parents always instill on us, there is no perfect human beings, but in the eyes of god if they do more good than bad, they will be save.

I guess your family are doing okay and I hope to god they are not like you. You are pretentious and it stick up like a dog balls.

1436 days ago


Whoa - new post with Mel in disguise!!!! How did you know that TMZgossip?

1436 days ago


@TMZ Gossip - I know very well what goes on in a bar - I have designed and built many for the owners - And the stories they tell could curl anyones ears! Of course it is a business - so is a brothel! Did you run one of those too?
I look forward to those luxurious days when I have nothing more occupying of my time than to watch Dr. Phil or whomever happens to be on -
I've also known some wonderful people who had the misfortune to have the disease of alcoholism and the personal battles they went through in life - Some were the owners of those bars - You of course pandered to just that type of person because it made you more money - Ironic I think that you would blaspheme those who made your living for you -
I have no bone to pick with you or anyone else - my opinions don't come from sensationalist news they come from making a judgment based on my life experiences -
There are many harsh words spoken between people in a break up of a relationship and there are many "throw away words" made when angered - Sometimes "ego" gets in the way of better judgement for many people -
Most "idols" have feet of clay because they are just human and apt to make mistakes - But the world turns and life goes on to a new day - You might try not taking it so personally and find you are much happier - it is after all not your problem -

1436 days ago

R Sparks    

A State Park Worker tells the 911 Operator??? We never get any credit. TMZ...Park Rangers are armed, sworn Police Officers and we are actual Law Enforcement Dispatchers who handle 911 calls as well. Geez.

1435 days ago


I came to the car crash sites to check the posts and I'm horrified to notice that somebody stole the same name I use and wrote something disgusting. It just makes me sick to know that there really are criminals involved in this. They read TMZ and know the names we use,and they are so evil they use the same names and pretend to be one of us, writing crazy things we would never say.

If I didn't like Mel Gibson I wouldn't be on TMZ almost every day.
What kind of horrible people are involved with Oksana ? She really must be the s*** of the earth.

1420 days ago



First I wonder WHY they radio'd in for the SHERIFF's department? Did someone ask them to specifically do so here or is it standard procedure for the Park Service to call Sheriff's department? If it is standard procedure - then I see a way to alter policy/procedure to save some tax dollars!

TMZ - come on, shouldn't you have included that IMPORTANT detail? Guess this story is just there to stoke a fire?

And for the record - who responded? Since Mel Gibson may actually be the victim of EXTORTION and that case is being investigated by the Sheriff's Dept. shouldn't someone from that investigation have been informed, responded, and had that car examined?

Just wondering.

1419 days ago
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