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Michael Richards Pap Confrontation -- The Pics

9/13/2010 1:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The paparazzo who claims Michael Richards kicked his ass during a violent confrontation last month has finally released the pics from the incident ... and the photos seem to tell a very different story.

Michael Richards Sued

As we first reported, a photog named Brendon O'Neal (not employed by TMZ) is suing Richards -- claiming the "Seinfeld" actor approached him on an L.A. street on August 25 in a "menacing manner ... with closed fists" -- then proceeded to beat the crap out of him.

But in the pics, Richards appears to be cracking a smile -- definitely non-menacing -- and the only reason his fist could even be considered "closed" ... is because he's clutching his keys.

Obviously, we don't know what happened in between the shots -- but the photog claims he suffered "great mental, physical, and nervous pain" during the alleged altercation.

Calls to Michael's reps have not been returned -- but we're assuming he's gonna deny any wrongdoing.


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It is clear from the photos the entire event took place in front of an ATM. All ATM's are equipped with cameras that capture a wide radius of the area in front of them. This lawsuit will definitely come down to that footage and unlike pictures, video does not lie.

1397 days ago

Hugh Jass    

Harv, get the Wells Fargo Bank security cam video and the images from the ATM behind him. This looks like the branch near 4th and Arizona in Santa Monica.

1397 days ago

Hugh Jass    

Harv, get the Wells Fargo Bank security cam video and the images from the ATM behind him. This looks like the branch near 4th and Arizona in Santa Monica.

1397 days ago

Joe Smo    

The dude is definitley trying to take advantage of people's hate for Kramer due to this racist comments a few years back. Kramer made fun of himself on an episode last season of Curb Your Enthusiasm so I seriously doubt he did anything wrong here.

1397 days ago


Would have to be a ninja to deliver a beatdown and then walk away with his bags perfectly around his arm just like in the "before" pictures.

1397 days ago


If I ever see a photag up Mr. Richards ass, I would be happy to kick the crap out of him. One Kramer looking out for another......

1397 days ago



1397 days ago


Chin up Kramer, we love you!! Please never stop smiling!

1396 days ago


I call bullsh*t too. It doesn't look like a "beat down" to me and in fact, I'm with the rest. It was all right in front of the Wells Fargo ATM and someone needs to get a hold of their pictures for the whole story and the truth.

Not to mention, it was right on a street corner, in broad daylight. Michael just passed a woman with kids and I'm sure if there was this major "beat down", someone would have stopped and watched, called 911 or something and yet, I see no one. Did the camera man say if he had witnesses? Get the ATM pictures!! Also, why didn't the camera man just put down the camera and call 911 himself?!?! That's what most people would do...not keep snapping photos, dumb a$$!

What is with these people trying to slander celebrities? Britney Spears being sued for child abuse? Yet, child services found no merit and yet, that guys still suing? Vince Neil and his fake victim. All was caught on video and proved he's innocent and yet, she lawyers up? Are you kidding me? Why isn't anyone making these people pay for falsely accusing them? If they would, it might help stop others from being falsely accused. This is unreal! Make them pay and stop this crap!! It's not right!

1396 days ago



All the photog wanted to do is get his pictures and name published to enjoy his fifteen minutes of fame and apparently TMZ was happy to accommodate him... guys bought into it Hook, Line, and Matza Ball!


1396 days ago

go home!    

Honestly? This angers me. Paparazzi are S*** and it is so obvious richards did nothing here and the guy is trying to take advantage and do a frivilous lawsuit. Why isn't there anything to protect celebs from these vultures? Why isn't this guy being put and jail and prosecuted for stalking Michael Richards who was obviously minding his own business and not asking for trouble? I hate paparazzi, they are disgusting. Richards should sue him back for harrassment.

1396 days ago


BS, Kramer's innocent.

1396 days ago


Here's the 'h' I forgot earlier...

1396 days ago


I LOVE Michael Richards!!!

F off Brendon O'Neal.

1396 days ago

Lord Rivas    

Michael Richards must be a real bad ass 61 year old. He beats up a photographer with keys in one hand, never puts down his bag and is smiling the whole time. This photog might have had a chance had those pics never come out. What a dumbass.

1396 days ago
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