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Oksana Grigorieva -- Dissatisfied, Lawyer Shopping

9/13/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva clearly wants more than she's been getting from the courts -- because she's seriously on the hunt for another family law lawyer in her legal war with Mel Gibson. We've learned she's made an appointment to meet with yet another high-powered family law attorney today.

Oksana Lawyer
Oksana has a sit-down this AM at the law offices of Hersh, Mannis & Bogen in Bev Hills. We're told members of Oksana's posse want her to hire Neal Hersh. The firm has repped, among others, Pamela Anderson, Denise Richards and Melissa Etheridge.

This will be the second interview with a family law lawyer in two days. Oksana met with family veteran Sorrell Trope on Saturday, but we're told she wants to visit Hersh's firm before deciding.

As for why Oksana is antsy -- so far she has not been able to score more than the $5,000 a month in the child support she agreed to in the settlement with Mel in May -- a settlement she has since disavowed. Her current lawyers are asking for more than 40k a month, but the judge hasn't decided whether any or all of that will fly.

We're told there's strife in Oksana's posse over which lawyer she should hire. But it sounds like she's determined to make a change.

UPDATE: We've learned Oksana has just canceled the meeting at Hersh's office.



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antbabs I'm surprised they have not mistaken the mom for kim jong il and sent her back to north korea

1446 days ago


yes thanks fuddy i have been following that one too heh

1446 days ago


Hi wondering, yes, I see that resemblance, lol.

1446 days ago


Hey Fuddy,

My favorite sits in my drawer - .380 Astra Constable. Have Browning over/under shot gun, and Winchester Pump. Baretta .25 and hubby has something upstairs, like Joe Piscopo from Johnny Dangerously. I think it's a .45. It shoots through schools! lol.

Ok enough gun talk = we're probably scaring everyone. I see you haven't yet posted on the new thread (just left there). What does this piece of pond s*** think Trope can do for her?
You and I know damn well she has lied to him about the short form, which I think she wants set aside. Good Luck with that!

I think it was Diane from other thread that said Judge Gordon needs to make a decision and shut this thing down. Maybe he is waiting for the outcome of DV/Extortion investigations, but let's be frank. If there was anything to the DV, Mel would have been charged already. Cops don't ***** foot around on that stuff.

BTW you posted some stuff today about the cops were looking into the photos, and what not; and possibly stated they were photo shopped. Was there some source for that?

Ok, it's after five here, and I'm enjoying my second glass of Cab Sauvignon. Cheers!

Hugs, Realist

1446 days ago


What the hell is all Nazie/neonazi stuff coming from the lawyer all about. Everything is based on EVIDENCE!!!!! So drop the Nazi st!t

1446 days ago


Janet Looks like she's signed with Trope after all lol!! Wonder how she's paying for it all lol!!

1446 days ago


Hello, Realist!

I hope happy hour is off to a good start for you. Maybe you have your dog nearby, too.

I had a .380 at one time. It was a beautiful weapon; nickle plated with mother of pearl handles. I can't remember the name of it, but I had trouble with it jamming. Took it in for repairs, but it would still jam. It's funny that we seem to share that interest.

I saw the new thread and I posted a reply to Shyone. She asked for a list of OG's attorneys. I believe I posted one or two other quick comments. I haven't had a chance to read the other comments though.

LOL...about what OG 'thinks' she can get...(shaking my head)--truly, I don't think she is going to get anymore than what she has. I think she had probably pestered her attorneys about trying to get an answer from Judge Gordon, and you and I both know that judges will not be rushed. I think her attorneys refused to pushed into pressing Judge Gordon for an answer, and I think OG got mad.

I also think OG is desperately trying to push Mel out of Lucia's life, and again, you and I know that judges do not like to see that kind of behavior from either parent. And there again, if she was pushing her attorneys to try and reduce Mel's time with Lucia, and they were advising against it, then OG may have gotten mad over that. She wants what she wants and she's not getting her way and she is having a fit.

I agree with you that I think OG is trying to have the settlement set aside. Absolutely. So far, Judge Gordon has not done that. Just like you, I don't think he will. It's a done deal, and two very qualified retired judges were the mediators and I don't think Judge Gordon would disturb their findings for a fair settlement. Thank goodness it was not some accredited mediator with no legal background that handled this. In that event, I do believe there would have been more of an opportunity to set the agreement aside.

Yes, and I also believe Judge Gordon is waiting to make final orders pending the DV and extortion cases. Really, it would be easier and less expensive to wait.

Here are some links for you:

(link for report about authenticity of photos)

(another link about authenticity of photos)

(link for OG's house; this is a slide show; very nice)

(link for a really good article RE Mel/OG saga)

Okay...well, I may be out of here soon. It's been fun! Hugs to you, Realist...and Cheers! :)

1446 days ago


Oksana... if at first you dont succeed, QUIT. hi everyone

1445 days ago


maybe Oksana is just making visits to all these lawyers to stop Mel from being able to hire them....I think she may have read the post from someone saying that he(poster) went to "all these lawyers to stop his wife from being able to hire them in his divorce case". According to the poster , once one of the parties involved in a case has spoken to a lawyer the other cant hire that lawyer????..I dont know if this is true I am just repeating what I read on here. I dont think Mel has anything to worry about ...LOL

1445 days ago


First she has a son with Timothy Dalton.
Then she is having another child with Mel Gibson.

1445 days ago


wow that is one beautiful home Oksana lives in...she must be nutso not to appreciate it....Mel should put her and her money grubbing relatives out on the street. Dalton should take his son, and Mel should get his daughter.... TEAM MEL

1445 days ago


Fuddy , if that's what a dump looks like, I have been doing thing's all wrong...I will volunteer to live in that dump fo as long as needed, it's going to take some real sacrifice from me to have to live there, but that's the kind of guy I am...willing to taake on the risk! What time will you be by to get me and my things?

Posted at 8:31 AM on Sep 13, 2010 by Shuffle Demon

I sure agree with you on this Shuffle . I would love to live in that beautiful home, no sacrifice involved lol..Mel, honey I will take of your home for you freee....TEAM MEL

1445 days ago


Hello everyone,

Maybe her nose is getting longer/pointier b/c she is the female Pinocchio..........

1445 days ago

Pondo Sinatra    

Another money hungry golddigger !!!!

1444 days ago
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