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Oksana Grigorieva Switches Lawyers

9/14/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Oksana Grigorieva has officially switched lawyers in her custody war with Mel Gibson.


We've learned Oksana signed a retainer agreement this afternoon, officially hiring Sorrell Trope to replace her existing family law attorneys.

Trope's firm has represented all sorts of A-list celebrities -- including Anna Nicole Smith and Britney Spears.

So far, Oksana has not been able to squeeze an extra penny out of Mel in family court -- she's still getting $5,000 per month in child support plus housing expenses.

This is the second time Oksana has switched legal teams since her custody war with Gibson fired up.


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Just because the judge made Mel pay her attorney's fees does not mean he is giving her carte blanche. She can change lawyers all she wants to and burn through money like it is water but she isn't going to be able to change the facts of the case.

I would think this all makes her look worse to a an impossible client or one that does not reveal everything to her attorney (like already having an agreement). the name of God will this Judge put an end to this gang rape of Mel and the system by this woman????

She is worse than a train wreck.

1466 days ago


Hi Koala Babe and all.

I'm sorry but I heard a saying once from a retired LAPD lieutenant who used to live next door to me.

"She is a pimple on the penis of progress". Ouch!

1466 days ago

Fidel's niece    

@ Tellthetruth59,

AMEN! Lawyers always end up with the money, even if their clients do not win. Ok$a thinks she has the same status
like Elin Nordegren, Tiger's WIFE of 5 years.

Earth to Oksimoron, You were not married to Mel...

1466 days ago


Who paid the retainer and with what money?

1466 days ago


I really really hope that judge will not rule this time for Mel to pay her attorney fees.
he just paid $250,000.00
That was sufficient for her best representation.
Everything on top of that should be ruled out. And been paid out of her packet.
This woman has no limits in her greed. Judge need to stop it.

1466 days ago


Silly old man.

Maybe she will go bankrupt and the courts will award custody to Mel.

1466 days ago


Thinking she has a new attorney beceause she and her former attorney are about to be indicted co-conspirators in an extortion case. Now that will be a fun turn in this tale.

1466 days ago


I pity the next guy she goes after, she seems to like living off of child support. She is a perfect example of why it is so hard for women who are actually abused to get the help they need.

1466 days ago


Oh boy .,,,.,this will cost Racist Mel at least a $500,000- 1 million in legal fees that he will be ordered to pay .,.,.

It couldn't happen to a nicer racist .

Posted at 4:03 PM on Sep 13, 2010 by get a life ho

Don't count on it. It's within the judge's discretion as to whether or not to award legal costs. And judges don't look kindly upon lawyer hopping- this is set number 3.

1466 days ago


Why does TMZ insist on making this a story? No one cares!

1466 days ago


Why does Mel have to keep paying her attorney's? One time maybe. But is he always responsible for them every time she feels like running up a debt?

1466 days ago


I just can't help thinking that this lawyer fell in love with those lips. Does anyone know if the original meeting was held under his desk? snort!!

1466 days ago


i posted this question for the live answers today
"Harvey, will the judge set a limit on how much money mel has to pay for oksana's continual lawyer search?"

and they spent a good portion of the livecast discussing it

and it was good to see Harvey, taking mels position on it or so it seemed

1466 days ago


It makes me vant to throw up! If the judge accepts this and makes Mel pay fees for this change, just what the hell kind of a justice system is this?

I am with maryska on this. 250K was more than sufficient for her have excellent representation.

What is she going to say now? What is it that they did not explain to her this time and she was coerced into?

I must say that this latest stint just underlines another of the things Mel said to her.....she is NEVER satisfied. She could hire the entire Supreme Court to work for her and she would still come up with something wrong.

1466 days ago


"She is a pimple on the penis of progress". Ouch!

Posted at 4:16 PM on Sep 13, 2010 by realist

ROFL!! That's great!!

1466 days ago
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