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The Situation -- He Shore Found a Nice Apartment

9/13/2010 2:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When The Situation decided to go apartment hunting in Los Angeles, he picked out a place with the most guido-sounding name he could find -- The Palazzo. Ay-oh!

But in all seriousness ... The Palazzo is a giant, swanky apartment community the size of a small city that happens to be located right near the CBS lot where "Dancing with the Stars" shoots. We're told he had his eyes on a unit that ran more than $5k per month ... but no sweat off his brow --  "DWTS" picks up the tab.

And the best part -- he doesn't have to share a bathroom with Angelina!


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sloppy seconds    

i really hope he gets killed. that would be hilarious and not a loss at all. LOL!

1498 days ago


He's paying for very little. His car was a write off for his business, the apartment is covered by cbs, and i'm certain a large portion of his trashy clothes are comped jz so the designers get some free advertising.

so is the reality for a media made millionaire.

1498 days ago


Which is more orange? his tan or that building?

1498 days ago


Oh Sitch... the 80's called, they want their ridiclious hair back. Who does that anymore????

1498 days ago


C'mon now, seriously?? This is whats passing as talent nowadays?there are so many other truely talented paople who are slaving away day in and out trying to improve themselves and their skills and the ones who are being rewarded are the drunk, stumblin', famewhores who do nothing?? C'mon TMZ, you have the power to search out and discover those who deserve a shot and this is all you post? Kim K for the sextape and Jerseyshores?? Please use your power to do something right,PLEASE.

1498 days ago


WHY? Why does TMZ keep giving this idiot any space? WHY? I'd really like to know. WHY?

This time next year these people will be addressed as "Who?" They're inconsequential, without talent, and idiots!


1498 days ago


You guys are some haters
hating on this man because he gets paid 10k to show up at a party. Just think on thursday, friday, and saturday he puts away 30k for just partying. Who wouldnt want a life like that

1498 days ago


that guy has "Gay for Fame" and "Tender Ass" written all over him in glitter and princess script.

1498 days ago


I forced myself to watch some of this on the weekend. Longest 4 minutes of my life! I agree with the other posters's hard to believe these low class, illiterate people are raking in the cash simply for being sweaty alcoholics. They (the DO realize that the only reason women are hitting on them is because the cameras are around. Right?

1498 days ago


LOVE him....he makes my laugh and besides that he cooks and cleans a lot. I like neat guys...

1498 days ago

Brattus Rattus    

I've noticed that this season "The Situation" isn't acting like such a pig (still a self-centered jerk though). He's been staying pretty low-key. Poor thing can't get laid to save his life but I digress.

Jersey Shore is what it is - as are the "actors". I just hope they are all putting their money away because this ride isn't going to last much longer (unless they end up on Celebrity Rehab and you know Dr. Drew is waiting!).

1498 days ago


Good gawd, he is fugly and talentless too.

1498 days ago

Anon E Mouse    

God he is just the ugliest most talentless waste of space ever.
What kind of low functioning Americans actually watch this crap?

1498 days ago


Have fun in your new digs because you won't be there long. I'm sure the judges will see you out the door within the first week or two.

1498 days ago


Danesey, LOL. No kidding! that greasy hair has got to go and what's up with those douchey clothes? This guy probably reeks of booze and is guaranteed to have herpes. I wouldn't touch him if you paid me. What is wrong with this country that this guy is such a hit???? Feel sorry for his dancing partner.

1498 days ago
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