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Kid Rock -- Stogie Break in Waffle House War

9/14/2010 5:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kid Rock found time to fire up a big, fat cigar outside a Georgia courtroom today -- where Kid faced off with a man suing him over a crazy brawl at a Waffle House a few years ago.


Kid is being sued by a dude named Harlen Akins -- who claims the rock star should fork over more than $6,000 for battering him mercilessly during an early morning rumble back in October 2007.

091410_kid_rock_fight_2Rock's attorney claims the singer and his entourage were merely defending themselves -- but today, several witnesses testified that Team Rock pummeled Akins ... and continued to bash him even after he was unable to defend himself.  

The incident was caught on tape by Waffle House security cameras -- check it out for yourself.


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Looks like a trailer park tweaker to me

1498 days ago

get a life ho    

Kid Clown is a ***** ! They bumm rushed the guy .

Even if he mouthed off .,.,so what ?

He's going to be awarded alot more the $6,000 for that beatdown .

F kid rock that litte bitch cant fight w/o a crew

1498 days ago


He should get a lot more than just $6,000. They ganged-up on him. They instigated the brawl. What's with the bodyguard standing and hovering over at the guy's table? This is not how you treat people!!

1498 days ago


What a little punk! It doesn't matter what the guy said, this is supposed to be a rich, grown man. Bad enough to start wailing on someone in the middle of an all night restaurant, but to have your crew in on it all? Big man, can't even fight his own fights! Even if they were just surrounding the guy (which they clearly were not). Just cowardly, trashy and childish. And then to chicken out of copping to it. Grow up already. Pay up! Low life whimp.

1497 days ago


Looks like he was attacked. Should ask for more than 6G.

1497 days ago


Not understanding why the worker behind the counter just does nothing and then a woman customer goes over to the counter like nothing is even going on. Without audio who knows......

1497 days ago


wonder why he didnt have the ba-ha gang with him ?

1497 days ago


COPD and there is NO cure.

1497 days ago

billy vassi    

comment 15 your a moron. They have no right to exit the man off the premises, especially with their fists.

Bitch move ganging up on someone but Kid Rock is a bitch, thus. The universe continues on.
Just funny because if buddy, lippy or not, hired a decent lawyer he is gonna be able to get this clown to cash out.

And 6 G's for having a celebrity beat you down is sane. Even if he mouthed off in the waffle place if we all jumped clowns when they mouthed off, life would be like the wild west..only in America

1497 days ago


kid is nothing more than a "white thug". Hope his soul burns in, oh well, you know :)

1497 days ago


Kid Rock is a big p*ssy. He would not confront anyone alone. He also can't sing and he's ugly as crap. Dude looks like a cross between hyena and a toucan with his big jewish honking nose. He's a has-been loser who's getting up there in age, but still acts like a teenager. He's disgusting.

1497 days ago


The guy deserved what he got, you can see he was running his mouth off trying to start ****. For all they know he could have had a gun. Looks like to me they just ran him out of the restaurant and bitch slapped him LOL. I don't care what you morons say who hate Kid Rock, he is one of the best entertainers out there and he doesn't act like all those flashy ******* stars. He does alot for his city and the people in his community..

1497 days ago

Fuck Kid Rock    

Kid Rock is a clown and a *****. It's real easy to talk **** when you have four other guys punching the guy you're talking **** to.

If you're going to talk **** and be a badass, do it by yourself, not with your posse, you ****ing ***** Kid Rock!

Dude definitely should have sued for a lot more than $6K. Kid Rock is an even bigger idiot for not giving it to him rather than going to trial.

1497 days ago


Just proves Kid Rock is a thug.

1497 days ago


Kid - quit being such a *ussy. Man up, dude. Pay the guy off.

1497 days ago
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