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MJ Cemetery Charging 3 Bucks to Leave Gifts

9/15/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's gonna cost Michael Jackson fans if they want to continue leaving gifts inside the King of Pop's mausoleum -- because TMZ has learned the cemetery is now charging a special $3 MJ delivery fee.

Michael Jackson mausoleum gift fee.

According to sources at the infamous burial space, Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, CA has decided to take down the stage where fans were previously allowed to place gifts -- and are now enacting a new gifting policy ... so long as fans pay the price and abide by the rules.

Effective immediately, cemetery staff will take gifts for MJ inside the mausoleum -- where fans are still forbidden from setting foot -- for a $3 fee ... oh yeah, as long as those gifts are flowers.

Anything else -- teddy bears, posters, picture frames, candles -- will get dumped ... and if they run out of space inside, we're told excess gifts will have to brave the elements outside.

UPDATE: The cemetery tells us "Anyone who purchases flowers, for any decedent, can request that the arrangement purchased at Forest Lawn is to be placed at an interment site."



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"Thanks for letting us know, TMZ... I posted this at our MJ's Army forum...

At least FL took down that tacky stage. What bothers me is that fans can't leave cards or gifts anymore! We would have assumed that the Jackson family gets everything once there's no room left to store it. I guess we assumed wrong! Someone should come up with a solution, or else send all the gifts directly to the Encino compound. Does everyone agree?

Posted at 2:44 AM on Sep 15, 2010 by mlayton"

Oh please, they've already come up with a solution and it's the same solution they use at all cemeteries. Cemeteries don't store whatever is left behind then forward it to the family. They clean house every once in a while and throw out anything that's gotten nappy looking, or just doesn't belong there.

And why would you assume that if you send something to the cemetery it will remain there untl eventually being forwarded to the family? That's silly.

You know what's even sillier? Assuming the solution is to bypass the cemetery and send everything to the Jacksons instead. What makes you think they want all of this crap constantly being sent to them? lol

It ever occur to you that FL offered to go the extra distance and the family was like no way! Just dispose of the stuff like you do for everyone else, We don't want it!

It's comical that MJ's fans think that their momentos must be meaningful to the jackson family too... NOT!

1444 days ago


hi there ! regarding murray mugshot..
i had initially checked into that and was it was not given to the press like michaels was and the reason is ...
mj had his taken by the sherrifs dept..

murray was by the police dept.

sherrifs dept releases them to the press which is why they mj photographed there. to embarrass him and have the public view him as a common criminal .just another step in tainting the jury pool .

murray on the other hand was done at the police station which doesnt release the mugshots ..
this way the general public doesnt have a picture in their mind of murray being regarded as anything other then the good doctor..
you might notice that mj was perp walked in handcuffs and the press all got a picture of that..
but not dr murray,,
as much as i believe michael is gone ...
and some may not..
the mugshots and handcuffs have nothing to do with it..
imo it has more to do with the district atty office doing everything they could to smear michaels good name
and somebody else ..not sure who ...doing every thing they can to protect the image of murray in the publics eye before trial...

1444 days ago


Michael is not gone. but i guess if you want to send flowers he's seeing pics of them and loving it

1444 days ago


Hey, TMZ, what do you mean by "infamous" Forest Lawn. My father is buried at Forest Lawn Glendale; I deeply resent the term "infamous" used to describe this beautiful location. Forest Lawn has always made a delivery charge. Nothing new here; Harvey Levin, you are just looking to stir up the pot, but you CANNOT. Michael Jackson supporters and fans will not permit it. You are responsible for the slime and garbage you put out here; posters, there are far more reputable sites than TMZ; I post here only when something really pisses me off; if you really love Michael, give Harvey the boot once and for all.

1444 days ago


Get over it people and quit being so silly...HE'S DEAD! So accept it and move on.

1444 days ago


Still stupid stories about MJ when is the media going to stop.

1444 days ago


#51 you need help. Sadly enough MJ is gone. I love this. Mike still has all of you haters talking about him. Keep talking about him, that will keep his name up in lights. He had more power in his name than you haters will have through out your whole lives.
You Go Boy
Love Ya,
Rest in peace

1444 days ago


Hi Nan,you couldn't have said it better.And it's a complete outrage that despite the autopsy reports and the medical board not only is the murderer proudly walking around,he hasn't been handcuffed for all the world to see and he hasn't been thrown in jail for murdering Michael.But Michael although innocent had to be handcuffed for all the world to see.What is unfair to me is that they didn't get rid of Michael's mugshot after his aquital and his tragic murder.

1444 days ago


Someone should set up a way for people to show their respects and offer something meaningful at the same time. Who cares about stuffed animals. There should be a way for people to channel that energy into something a box for donations or something for a charity.

1444 days ago


FL should donate the gifts to MJ's favorite charities instead of dumping them, as TMZ put it. MJ would have told them to do so.

Posted at 12:23 AM on Sep 15, 2010 by Chico

Good idea,Chico.

1444 days ago


Author: Jim
Comment:Who cares? Charge $100 to the freaks that want to immortalize that child molester. Sick Puppies!
$100 for Elvis and only $3 for Michael. This is what I was talking about.

1444 days ago


Love you Michael!

1444 days ago


Author: dustin
Comment:Mj is burning in hell, you sick pedophile junkie.
Still cutting and pasting the same old dated remarks.

1444 days ago


The events surrounding MJ's death and the way TMZ has reported items like this make me on the side of it not adding up. Seeing a flash mob with someone who looked like MJ in costume, and hearing him singing on the newish Janet "Nothing" song (which is a lovely song by the way) makes me feel like he's still out there somewhere.

Wherever he is I hope MJ's happy. Our society can be stupid. Any of us would want to take off after spending a lifetime hunted down and attacked like MJ was to the end.

The crazy yucks in our society are celebrated while someone who tries to entertain us and help children is crushed. Given MJ's genius and talent we have lost someone who only wanted to share their gifts with all of us. Stupid.

Wherever MJ is today, it's got to be better than being tormented by the public and media. Or, if he really is dead than that is our loss too. Even more stupid.

1444 days ago


FL thinks Michael Jackson is there.
Michael Jacksons fans think Michael Jackson is there.
But Michael Jackson is not there.
Michael J. Jackson is alive....not lying in a sarcophagus at Holly Terrace....or anywhere else.

Forest Lawn should not have to be responsible for all the silly trinkets. It's a good thing that the outdoor yard sale display is done with. Neither is it FL responsibility to donate the trinkets to Michael Jacksons favorite charities.....the fans should either cease sending the garbage (since it will be discarded) or donate it to a charity themselves.

Has anybody other than family talked about how Michael Jackson looked in his golden casket? Hell no.
Was there a public viewing of Michael Jackson, King of Pop, such as the viewing of James Brown/Godfather of Soul. Hell no.
Has anybody talked about how the "dead" Michael Jackson looked at UCLA. Hell no.
Has there ever been an official autopsy report given publicly by the Coroners Office? Hell no. The autopsy report was changed so many times that it's a joke.
Michael Jacksons photographer buddy took that fake ambulance "death" photo that he made big bucks off. Fake fake fake.
etc. etc. etc.
You have NO PROOF....absolutely NONE....
that Michael Jackson is "dead".

he isn't.

Good for you Forest Lawn....take back some of your former respectability.

1444 days ago
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