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'Big Brother' Star's

House Burns Down

9/15/2010 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She just got burned inside the "Big Brother" house -- but this morning, the Arkansas home where contestant Britney Haynes was set to return to after tonight's finale was heavily damaged in a fire.

According to the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, Haynes' home caught fire early this morning while her fiance was still in the home ... though he managed to escape the blaze without injury.

Even though Britney was eliminated from the BB house last week -- she's still sequestered in the "Jury House" and cut off from the outside world -- until the season finale concludes tonight.

The cause of the blaze is still under investigation -- but officials claim the cause doesn't appear to be suspicious and believe it may have originated from a grill at the home.


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I really don't get why ppl feel the need to comment about how bad the show sucks...really it sucks sooo bad you take time out of your day to comment on it...get over yourself.

And then ppl who are like I think the fire started in the attic...thanks cpt smarty pants when did you get to be a determiner of what started a fire?!?

haha dumb ppl...I love the Britney, and hope it all works itself out!!

1437 days ago


suitcases weren't in the car, he grabbed them as he ran out of the house! At least he has some changes of clothes in case they all burned.

Lane or Hayden, either one can win this thing and I'll be happy. Even if Hayden is nearby in phoenix and goes to ASU. As we call them, s***bags (don't worry they have some names for the Univ of AZ too) :-).

tmzgossip, I didn't know you were watching this show. I do the feeds too.

1437 days ago


yeah cha cha, the other families will do the after party and maybe the backyard interviews and they will go to Las Vegas for the bash.

1437 days ago


That sucks. She gets to find out tonight during a live show. CBS will really milk it.

1437 days ago


Haha did anyone read the story...Her fiance was scared she would be MAD at him...really mad, I know if I found out my house was burnt down I would be upset...and ask a lot of questions but don't think I would jump to being mad at the one I love...hmmm I know shes a bitch and I have been watching the feeds and all but weird how that's what he was worried about!

1437 days ago


It would take Mother Teresa like saintliness for me find affection for this woman, but I would not wish such a thing on my worst enemy. It is truly heartbreaking to hear and reminds me of the contestant in 2001 who had to hear her cousin was in the Twin Towers during 9-11.
To come out of this experience with euphoria and immediately walk into tragedy is awful. I truly wish her all the best.

1437 days ago

Joe Chicago    

Someone made an interesting comment about the house fire and her fiance being home. Tonight is the live finally. She's been sequestered for months. A week or two before the show, the whole time she's been on the show, and now she's in the jury house until tonight. Tonight's the first night in several months she won't be under CBS control and he's at home. People are saying he stated he wasn't going to be at the live finally but is now flying there to break the news to her. Someone else chimed in with her telling him via the Live 24x7 feeds you can subscribe to, to make sure he purchases renters insurance since they just moved into the house before she went on BB. Let's review: She tells him to purchase insurance, she's not going to win, there's a fire. NOW he is flying out there to tell her about this terrible tragedy which has befallen them. You think people are going to be sending them money? Could they be that smart?

1437 days ago


Like Hayden said before he told her he wasnt using the power of veto... "I'm glad you won the 10k"

1437 days ago


You and your family are in our prayers!!

1437 days ago


@Joe chicago
I wouldn't put it past them. No they're not that smart, but I'm sorry to say the public may be even dumber and fall for it!!

1437 days ago


I sincerely hope Britney wins the money as fan favorite. I felt so bad for her when she was told about the alliance. I think she handled herself w/ class and dignity. She never bad-mouthed the guys and wished them well. I'd like to see her and Lane end up together. I think they would be great as a couple.
I can't stand Brandon and Rachel. I felt Rachel was disgusting and unattractive to boot! Ugly personality and ugly toward other housemates.
Brendon was a sore loser in the challenge when Jeff and Jordan showed up. No class

1437 days ago


I do watch BB, including the live feeds so I know how horrible a person she is. She may be beautiful outside, but very ugly inside. I am so glad no one was hurt in the fire, but kinda makes me think karma had a hand in this onen.

1437 days ago

Politico Pablo    

Since Britney left, the shows been totally boring. I'd rather watch her in the bathtub.

1437 days ago


with rachael politico? LOL (I just had to say it.)

1437 days ago


If some of you believe in karma, you should be careful with the hateful comments about Brit.

1437 days ago
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