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'Big Brother' Star's

House Burns Down

9/15/2010 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She just got burned inside the "Big Brother" house -- but this morning, the Arkansas home where contestant Britney Haynes was set to return to after tonight's finale was heavily damaged in a fire.

According to the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, Haynes' home caught fire early this morning while her fiance was still in the home ... though he managed to escape the blaze without injury.

Even though Britney was eliminated from the BB house last week -- she's still sequestered in the "Jury House" and cut off from the outside world -- until the season finale concludes tonight.

The cause of the blaze is still under investigation -- but officials claim the cause doesn't appear to be suspicious and believe it may have originated from a grill at the home.


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THIS````````` will pass, just like most things do. I wonder who will let the cat out of the bag during the back yard live interviews that happen after it's ALL said and done. Regardless to how the fire happened, I'm glad that Nick and `` the dogs are OK. The 50% lost in the fire can be replaced by the 10K Brit won in the hide and seek comp. Not sure if she'll get AC. I did read that there will be an auction of BB items at the Vegas wrap party this week end. So hopefully they will get some more money to help them get back on their feet, once again. ALL good, IMO. :) and remember HATERS!! BB is a GAME. Until YOU have spent months in a house with total strangers and know the whole experience`` Please STFU! :) ♥``6one9 ```````````````YO!!

1497 days ago


To all you people who think Britney is a great person, she is a spoiled little brat who cries when she doesn't get her way, Boo hoo hoo Britney. Karma is a bitch and so is she.

1497 days ago


I know she will be really upset. BUT She will love it that she made it onto TMZ!!!!! I remember her saying she missed TMZ on the live feeds

1497 days ago

L A    

Brit I was really hoping you were gonna win it, you made me laugh the hardest, You are nowhere near a dumb blonde give Lane a chance you could tell he has strong feelings for you (besides he's really hot!) Good luck and God Bless

1497 days ago


LOVE YOU brit. your personality and wit made the season.and hell 25,000 down on a new home sounds ok to me. p.s lose the bogey and get with Lane.

1497 days ago


Hate to say this but some of that ugliness she spewed came back on her. Karma-----just when you least expect it. Maybe she can take her winnings and stipend and go to Las Vegas with Rachel. Maybe Ragan can follow too. Seems both of them are going to need jobs. Maybe Rachel can get them waitress jobs.

1497 days ago


Anyone who thinks Karma burnt down Britney's house because she wasn't sugar and spice at all times better have insurance on their house too.

1497 days ago


I am glad everyone is alright. Thank God they have insurance. I had already voted for her to get the favorite houseguest prize of $25,000.00. Thank goodness she won. I pray that everything is fine and that they stay safe. I really wish her well. I really liked Brit as a player. I even wanted her to win at one time. I think people should realize that she actually lost a house. People should have more sympathy for others. How would you feel if your house burnt down? Especially while you were away. Prayers and well wishes Brit!!

1497 days ago


# 83 sounds like Rachel...sore loser. Britney Haynes is a natural beauty, classy, witty, intelligent and can talk sports with the best of any sports loving, talking man. She'd make a great sportscaster. I'm glad she's come away with a little bit of money and I'll guarantee, Hollywood is calling this woman. Hope to see and hear more of you Brit. Thanks for a fun summer.

1497 days ago

meow meow    

Anyone who watched the Big Brother live feeds knows that Britney was a nasty and vile foul mouthed bitch who spent hours on end spewing nasty personal attacks aimed at other people in the house... but only behind their backs, and never to their face. If she wasn't such a despicable and nasty piece of trash, I might actually feel sorry about the fact that her house was destroyed by a fire.

1496 days ago


U couldnt have said it any better "My2Cents" Society has absolutely lost the ability to be compassionate and its sad, BUT, although the percentage is low, there are still SOME of us out here who truly do care and have a heart... That being said, I sincerely hope that Brittany is awarded the "favorite Houseguest" prize of $25,000 and not just bcuz her house burnt down, but bcuz she was an awesome player on Big Bro & totally deserves it!!

1496 days ago


i think the only flirting that went on was like she said brother and sister. I respected her in there and she was so funny. Sorry about the fire, and glad she won the $25,000 plus the $10,000.

1496 days ago


I just finished watching the BB finale (couldn't watch it last night because of work). I am very pleased that Britney won the 25k. I'm glad Lane didn't win the game since he's already well off financially. I was hoping that between Hayden and Enzo the winner would be Enzo, but there was never really much chance of either Hayden or Lane taking Enzo to the final two.

Right down to the wire Rachel proved she is a low-class bitch when her last on screen moment of this season of BB was her flashing her jealous glare at Britney. As if you ever had a chance at being picked by America as their favorite house guest, Rachel.

This entire season I was convinced that Britney and Lane knew each other outside of the house and were probably romantically involved. I definitely called that one wrong.

I didn't like Britney at all at the beginning of the season, but when all the other chicks were gone and she toned down the cattiness she grew on me and I was won over by her simply being so darn adorable.

This was not particularly my favorite season of BB, but it is what it is - which is a cheap summertime replacement show.

1496 days ago


I'm so sorry Brit. I'm glad Nick and your fur-babies are okay. # 45, Ragan being gay had nothing to do with him being the saboteur. He was a hell of a lot better than Annie who got kicked out the first week. I think you should be locked in a room full of horny gay men so they can have their way with you.

1496 days ago


Britney I was so happy to see you win the $25,000 last night on the finale! At least your day wasn't a complete disaster! You looked beautiful and you WERE right about Lane, so I hope you can keep your chin up about your BB experience. Yes you were all duped by the Brigade, but at the end of the day, you and Ragan were the only 2 jurors who didn't look like douche bags in the end. (Let it go Rachel! You fluked out in a couple comps and showed your vag to the nation,get over yourself and show the winners the respect they deserve! Oh ya, and having sex and giving Brendan bj's on live camera couldn't possibly be why we all think you're a skank!!) Good luck in the future Britney!

1496 days ago
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