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Katy's High School Target -- My Chick's Hotter

9/15/2010 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Not everybody wants to date Katy Perry -- despite what she may think -- because the dude who was the target of Katy's "look at me now" moment at her concert this week tells us ... he doesn't regret a thing.


As we first reported, Perry took the stage at her old high school on Tuesday -- noticed her former classmate Shane Lopes in the crowd -- and announced, "You never wanted to date me ... you really chose well, honey. Whats up now, playa?"

We just spoke to Lopes -- who told us he "couldn't believe it" when Katy spotted him in the crowd at Dos Pueblos High School ... but claims she "exaggerated" the whole dating situation.

Lopes adds that Perry was "just trying to embarrass" him -- because he says they "never had any problems" during their days at DPHS.

All that aside, Lopes says he's now engaged, ironically, to his high school sweetheart ... and is "happy with how things turned out."

We don't blame the dude -- his fiancee is pretty damn hot.

Take that, Katy Perry.


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Publicity stunt...and not a very good one. Non-story.

1499 days ago


lol you people think his fiance is hot she's fugly her nose all slopes down has an enormous wide chin, weird looking high raised cheeks and guy looking eyebrows that are too low you can't even see her eyelids. But you all are pretty un-picky for who you are attracted to. Seems like you all just want to stick it too Katy for being too pretty ladies and gents she was #1 on Maxim 100 you can't get there being ugly and you definitely can't reach that spot being fugly as that couple right there. That guy seriously has a huge flat forehead and tiny eyes and nose. Not to mention those two look so stuck-up and think they're better than everyone else. I hate thin lips top and bottom on people it's just so unattractive. I don't like enormously big lips either just something in between would be good. Like a pout look without even trying or you know those soft kissable lips those are best<

1499 days ago


I agree completely with Jane, from above, . . . definitely the correct choice!!! Also, someone earlier had suggested that he had made an incorrect choice because of the fact that Katy Perry is financially well off now. It isn't wise to base a relationship choice due to potential money, not a very strong foundation for a relationship, friendship, or otherwise. I would take true happiness over money any day!!!

1499 days ago


'Cause everyone totally wishes they could date the bitter, obsessed chick who is still b*tching eight years later.

1499 days ago


Glad to see Katy equates level of fame with desirability. That should allow her to have great relationships.

Anyway, I'm on Shane's side here. Despite her money I'd have zero interest in her. In fact I have to turn off the radio every time one of her god awful songs come on!

1499 days ago


I agree with Jane :) We went to HS with this kid and he was nothing but a sweetheart, and so is his fiance. Honestly, I am sure he didn't even know Katie in HS...seems like she is still butt hurt-too bad she can't be happy with her success and move on. And his fiance is not a "tree hugging hippy" ha.

1499 days ago



1499 days ago


Oh come on. Everybody has thought that at some point, she just got to say it. He isn't going to admit he's kicking himself...

1499 days ago


I'm a fan of Katy, but her comment was really self-centered and disrespectful to the guy's fiance. Katy doesn't know him anymore, it was rude and kind of strange of her to think that he cared about her.

1499 days ago


I know Katy Perry is considered beautiful lol she would make a gorgeous WONDER WOMAN :)

1499 days ago


she's a bitch. plain and simple. nobody will remember her in 5 years. she also wrote a song about her ex travis mccoy dissing his pill addiction ...MEANWHILE her future hubby is an ex heroin addict. i will sit back and eat popcorn while i wait to see her in a few years when her life in in shambles at the fact he cheated/did drugs again etc etc etc...karma is coming for you, and LOL at the fact his fiancée is hotter than her.

1499 days ago


His fiance is fugly. She looks like a boring plain fake smiling hippy from my point of view. She doesn't have the body nor the face which mean she's got nothing. I never realized there were so many Katy Perry haters. TMZ has got it all wrong buying what that guy is saying. He can't have Katy and he knows it. So he's gotta stick with the eww gross manly faced Kendall Jenner look alike she really fugly.

1499 days ago


She looks better than his fiancée... not to mention the dude looks like a friggen toad.

1499 days ago


Katy looked really bad doing this... lost a lot of respect for her.

This guy shows up to cheer on his former classmate. She lashes out at him publicly like an immature, insecure little girl. Grow up Katy. He didn't want you then and he doesn't want you now.

He probably didn't date Katy in high school because her personality is horrible. Anyone who would carry a chip on her shoulder about a relationship that never happened in high school & then calls out the guy in public after becoming famous is nothing short of an ugly person on the inside.

This guy showed class by coming to cheer Katy on. And Katy showed her true colors. I hope this guy is happy with his fiance that is 10 times hotter than Katy. After that video, the fiance is probably 10 times classier than Katy too.

1498 days ago

not me    

lol, it had to have been a stunt, to intro the song.

I thought it was done out of fun and he seems to be enjoying the attention he is getting out of it as well.

1498 days ago
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