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Katy Perry Strips

... Then Rips Old Classmate

9/15/2010 1:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katy Perry burned one of her former classmates during a surprise performance at her old high school yesterday ... calling out some dumbass who ignored her during her pre-girl-kissing years.

Katy Perry Strips
It all went down at Dos Pueblos High School near Santa Barbara, CA -- where 25-year-old Katy claims she spotted and then singled out the "most popular kid" in her class -- then rubbed in the fact that he "never wanted to date" her.

Katy then poured salt in the wound by screaming, "What's up now?" ... and followed it up by dedicating her next song to him ... titiled, "You're So Gay."

BTW, Katy started off the show wearing a cheerleader outfit ... then stripped into something more revealing ... and yes, we left that part in.


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Well, that was mature. I guess she just can't get past her high school self. Russell better watch out.

1501 days ago


Good on her!. She's a successful recording artist at the moment, she's got every right to give that **** back to the people who wouldn't give her the time of day before hand. Payback's a bitch to the "most popular person in school".

1501 days ago

Perry J. A.    

I an see here getting a humorous shot back at someone that rejected her , but the gay reference is going to far - school, kids and all inc. personal slander.
I would look into suing the biatch !


1501 days ago


Actually, she sort of loses because she's still thinking about him.

1501 days ago


Oh my... she's still bitter about her high school days.
So she becomes famous and she now thinks she wins, and thinks she's better than Shane Lopes and all the girls who were more popular than her. She sure showed them. Yay revenge!
She watched The Cinderella Story too many times. bahahah. Idiot. Run Russell Run!

1501 days ago

Bill F. Murray    

Yep, just like Britney Spears, money can't buy class.

1501 days ago


Yeah she really showed him by dating that dirty disgusting Russell Brand. HA! And is it supposed to be an insult to be called gay? Homophobic bug eyed skeeze. And finally, she's so big she's playing high school auditoriums now? hahahahahaha

1501 days ago


Ah - I watched the video. It wasn't as bad as it sounded in the article. She was genuinly surprised to see him and made a tiny snippet of a comment that made as much fun of herself for being unpopular as she was in teasing him. Come on guys - everyone knows how scarring high school immediatly revert to the old feelings of insecurity. She's not even that old - MAYBE her 10 year reunion just happened.

1501 days ago


You know, Katy, I was also snubbed and bullied in high school, probably more than you ever were, but if I ever became a celebrity, I wouldn't use it as an opportunity to get back at the people who were mean to me. First of all, you sank to his level by doing this. It's an eye for an eye until the whole world is blind, right? Secondly, if you can't forgive the guy for what he did to you, that's your business, but at some point, you have to realize that this guy was just a CHILD when he was mean to you. People do stupid and mean things when they're younger, sometimes because they've got serious problems going on in their own lives that they don't know how to cope with so they lash out at others. Sometimes these people grow to become better people and sometimes they don't, but at 25 years old, YOU should have known better than to behave like this. What was your excuse? That guy did what he did became he was a stupid child, but you did what you did because you're a very bitter adult. Think about it.

Also, when you were invited by the school to perform for them, I'm sure this is NOT what they had in mind. Shame on you for taking advantage of the situation. This concert was supposed to be about the STUDENTS, not about your petty need for revenge. If, nearly ten years later, you're still harboring so much resentment for someone that you need to humiliate them in public, do you really blame that guy for having ignored you? I think he might have been right to do so.

1501 days ago


I love how she was up against Kesha in every category she was nominated for on the MTV music awards. They would play a snippet of "Tik Tok" and then directly after play a snippet of "California Gurls". I think MTV did that to help the audience realize that they WERE THE EXACT SAME SONGS!! Too bad Kesha's came out first.

1501 days ago

His Prince Michael    

What else could be expected from a person whose
greatest contribution to Humanity was a weak song
that promoted same-sex relationships?
Wow, how good.

1501 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

And here I thought she was a fun chick. She prolly beats her roadies, too.

1501 days ago


Sounds to me like the dude made the right decision.

1501 days ago


She is such a talentless skank. I cannot WAIT until her 15 minutes are over.

1501 days ago


MoooOOOOOOOOOOOOOO that's Katy Perry the French Cow

1501 days ago
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