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Katy Perry Strips

... Then Rips Old Classmate

9/15/2010 1:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katy Perry burned one of her former classmates during a surprise performance at her old high school yesterday ... calling out some dumbass who ignored her during her pre-girl-kissing years.

Katy Perry Strips
It all went down at Dos Pueblos High School near Santa Barbara, CA -- where 25-year-old Katy claims she spotted and then singled out the "most popular kid" in her class -- then rubbed in the fact that he "never wanted to date" her.

Katy then poured salt in the wound by screaming, "What's up now?" ... and followed it up by dedicating her next song to him ... titiled, "You're So Gay."

BTW, Katy started off the show wearing a cheerleader outfit ... then stripped into something more revealing ... and yes, we left that part in.


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Good for her.... In todays way to PC existance, its good to see someone with the balls to call the "I'm better than you" twits on the carpet. She is using her '15 minutes' how she sees fit.

1500 days ago


Actually, His Prince Michael, "I Kissed a Girl" DOESN'T promote same-sex relationships--it promotes acting like a selfish, immature little slut and cheating on your boyfriend. If the song were actually about a homosexual relationship, I could have a lot more respect for it, but as it is, the song is about already having a boyfriend and then wanting to experiment kissing other women without even asking her boyfriend how HE feels about it beforehand. The narrator makes it perfectly clear that she's not actually interested in the other girl for anything but satisfying her own curiosity. The fact that so many people think this song is in any way supportive of homosexuality is one of my pet peeves, because if anything, Perry is only disrespecting by suggesting that it's okay just to use people and not care one bit about them.

Hence the lines:
"It's not what I'm used to, just wanna try you on"
"I kissed a girl just to try it, I hope my boyfriend don't mind it"
"No, I don't even your name, it doesn't matter, you're my experimental game, just human nature. It's not what good girls do, not how they should behave"
"It felt so wrong, it felt so right, don't mean I'm in love tonight"

1500 days ago


I know it feels good to rub your success in people's faces that may have treated your crappy, but isn't showing up as a pop superstar and performing enough? She should have shown more class and left it alone.

1500 days ago

go home!    

What's up now? Yah, your marrying that dirty Russell Brand. Lets see how long that lasts! LOL. She is so irritating and annoying and LAME. First off, didnt she only go to the school for a year? Why would she go back there of all places? or is that the only time she ever went to highschool?? LOL. Regarding the comment she made about the guy who didn't want anything to do with her, get over it sweetheart, all women go through that in highschool, every single one of us. The fact that you are still thinking about that at your age and success is pretty pathetic. ha!

1500 days ago

Jim in Cali    

This chick will be in rehab in a few years. The girl seems like a delusional mess.

1500 days ago


How silly and petty. She roasts some guy because he ignored her in high school. So what?... not being interested in her constitutes abuse in her world. Broadcasting her immaturity and insecurity from a stage.

1500 days ago

who dat    

With a face like Katy's, you'd have to hit it doggy.

1500 days ago


She should stay in high school. Who's still calling people "gay"? What an idiot!

1500 days ago

Dick Whippler    

This bizitch is a class-less, no talent having, c@nt who will be finished w/ her 15 minutes soon!!! 10 years from now she will make headlines because she was pinched for suckin off some dude for cigarette money!!! WHOOOORE

1500 days ago


All of you are taking it too far. I'm sure she was just PLAYING AROUND. And I'm sure Shane Lopes took it as a joke. I thought it was funny. And to the guy that says she has no ass or tits... She has HUGE breasts. Stop assuming she's a skinny little stick just because you barely glanced at her picture. She's not calling him a homo by dedicating the song to him. The chorus goes "You’re so gay and you don’t even like boys", so no she is not calling him a homo just because he wouldn't date her. It's just a bitter little song about a guy that wouldn't date a girl. The song itself knows it's bitter, that's the whole point. Sheesh, everyone is taking humor for bashing.

1500 days ago


I agree a 100 percent with you Jody.

1500 days ago


Even if she she was unpopular at that school, and volunteered just for that reason it still must feel great

1500 days ago


What a homophobic, self centered, mean thing to say. People like that usually crash and burn
quickly, let's hope she's one!

1500 days ago


It's good to see she's moved on...

1500 days ago


She is hot, that guy she graduated is a typical jock loser that is probably an assistant coach for some mediocre football team while he attends community college. It was cold blooded, but good on here for calling out a doucher.

1500 days ago
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