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Kim Kardashian -- $100,000 Handbag Shopping Spree

9/16/2010 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian and her mom spent over $100,000 on handbags in Paris yesterday -- and no, they didn't buy a truckload of 'em ... they bought seven.

It all went down in the notoriously expensive Hermes store -- where we're told Kim and her mother Kris purchased six of the label's exclusive "Birkin" bags ... valued at around $10,000 apiece.

But here's the kicker -- sources close to the reality star tell TMZ, Kim also bought herself an extremely rare crocodile-skin bag from the upscale French boutique ... worth around $30,000.

Overall, the Kardashians easily surpassed the $100k mark. 

What recession?!


No Avatar


She started selling purses for $200.00 & less (in payments) to housewives on QVC.
So her customers might feel she's putting down her own purses
by buy these.

1499 days ago


Now she'll (K.K.) will have to go find herself an old man in a wheelchair like Anna Nicole so she will have a little something to put in her "purses"

1499 days ago


Just having the tax on those bags would change my life as well as my husband's. :(

1499 days ago

Oval Beach    

Wow...these "people" have no shame. You can feed a LOT of hungry people and homeless animals for $100,000 or you can feed one big Kardashian ass...I guess it is the latter huh?

1499 days ago


Some people just have more money than sense. It's pretty obscene to flaunt one's wealth like that. Talk about class-less.

1499 days ago


I am sorry to all the other guys out there, but I truly think she is disgusting looking!

And I watched the show twice, she is a self involved annoying disgusting person!

She must be really good in bed, cause that is the ONLY way a guy would go out with her!!

Her mom, on the one episode, OH MY GOODNESS!!!! She is WORSE!! She treats Bruce Jenner like a child. He has no balls left and no control of anything. I feel sad for him.

Please, people stop watching these useless people!!

1499 days ago


What disgusting people. They fall into crazy amounts of money, contribute nothing to society and waste all this money instead of doing good with it around the world.
Why do people even care about these arrogant do-nothings??

1499 days ago


Call Customs Pay that DUTY to USA (BUY USA . HELP OUR ECONOMY .. right there they show how stupid they are . DUMBER THAN DIRT!) All of that show as well as all reality shows ARE scripted and for Bruce (the only real star or was) to let this go on:( He is a WUS . Didn't I notice that house used to be called KARDASHIAN HOUSE and now is JENNER HOUSE?
See it is cheaper to produce reality shows than to pay for REAL ACTORS/ACTRESSES ala newsbroadcasts AS long as people watch; the reality shows STAY on .. stop watching.

Kim is pregnant? or could be was and found a nice doctor over there?

1499 days ago

Ms. L    

Publicity.... who the F cares? I didnt know they were in Paris....better yet - stay there!!!

Wonder how much their publicist gets paid to leak these stories...? Hmmmmm

1499 days ago

Fred Farkel    


Did you happen to notice that the retail stores you shopped in WERE OPEN FOR BUSINESS DURING REGULAR BUSINESS HOURS???

Maybe now one of you fat hogs can go down and OPEN YOUR STORE "DASH" IN CALABASAS and let the customers come in to buy your products.

Funny how your "store" is typically closed unless the cameras are rolling to "pretend" you are regular everyday store keepers yourselves.

Oh and BTW???

Thanks for showing the entire world how glamorous it is to be hooked up with your loser boyfriends. Every young female I know now thinks it is normal to be treated like dirt and then beg that same dirtbag to treat them worse.

1499 days ago


sick.. and just wrong for the whole society on so many levels

1499 days ago


I still can't figure out how these people became wealthy and famous. Sure, their Dad was an OJ lawyer and probably made a good living, and Bruce made some, probably being a "motavational speaker" or something but enough to spend $100K on purses?

I rarely watch the show but that's just plain nuts.

BTW- I think the oldest one is the best looking by far.

1499 days ago


Factor 'out' the high French sales Tax (TVA) They can get a refund as the leave the country.

1499 days ago


I would have BAD buyers remorse!! I don't think Kim has much as far as morals though. She's burning through cash like she's really a movie star!! Like it's never ending.

Oh, speaking of morals...does everybody REALLY think that Scott Dissick IS Mason's daddy?? REALLY??

That child looks absolutely nothing like Scott...NOTHING AT ALL!!
Kourtney seems like probably the most "real" but I do not think that Scott is the baby daddy. Has he taken a DNA test?? Harvey should ask him...

1499 days ago


Dan I agree. Kourtney doesn't pile on the heavy make up like Kim and Khloe do unless it's a photo shoot or something.

You know that Kim would come on TMZ LIVE especially with the way Harvey has been "bragging" on her lately.

Kim would show up to the opening of a tuna can!

1499 days ago
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