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Katherine Jackson Sues AEG Over Michael's Death

9/15/2010 8:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson and Michael Jackson's children are suing AEG Live -- claiming the company breached its agreement to provide physical care for Michael Jackson -- and that AEG was negligent in their hiring of Dr. Conrad Murray as MJ's physician.


In the suit, Katherine claims AEG's contract with Michael "created a legal duty for AEG to act reasonably toward the physical well-being of Michael Jackson."

In the document, Katherine also blames AEG for hiring Dr. Murray without  a proper background check -- claiming, "AEG did not provide a doctor who was truly looking out for Jackson's well-being and did not provide equipment."

The suit also alleges AEG caused emotional distress to Michael's son Prince because he witnessed Michael suffering and dying, and "he was put in a position as bystander to these tragic events."

Kenny Ortega, who produced the planned London concerts for Michael, is also named as a defendant.

The attorney who filed the suit, Brian J. Panish, released a statement saying, "The purpose of this lawsuit is to prove to the world the truth about what happened to Michael Jackson, once and for all."

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1466 days ago

Gsharon 710    

I think it is possible Katherine and her lawyers know it is a slim possiblity of a successful lawsuit, but the major thing is, the ones they are suing will have to defend themselves, and in the process, we will hear more information about MJJ's death.Perhaps some things they suspect but would be better if it is brought up in court.

Don't be so quick to think the Jacksons are just wanting more money. I am willing to bet that if any of us had a son who died suspiciously, we would get loans to obtain lawyers to see what happened to our son.

Yes many millions love MJJ, but it cannot touch the love, hurt, wonder, concern that the parents feel. Katherine had to worry about her son, wonder if the courts would indeed let the children live with her, and so much more. She should be applauded, not ragged on.

1466 days ago


Have anyone notice that the LA DA OFFICE is silent???

No information hitting the media circus.

They must have some powerful information against Dr Death.

1466 days ago


We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat - Pt. 3...............
-#210: themaestrogirl, I totally missed that one and you're right, TOHME should also be named in this lawsuit as he was the one who put it together. Katherine must've forgotten about him....
And I hope Katherine enlists Karen Faye for her suit. If she did tell Ortega and Phillips that Michael looked ill, they definitely had the chance to show compassion and have him THOROUGHLY checked by a doctor OTHER THAN MURRAY before proceeding...
Thing is, they clearly could've cared less what was going on with his health, they only wanted to make MONEY!!
FYI: AEG threatened to kick Michael and PPB out of the HOLMSBY MANSION if he didn't cooperate, they had no way to touch his music catalogues....not directly at least.........
As for the Insurance coverage, according to Randy Phillips, they had gotten 25 of the concerts covered, and were working on the other half when Michael passed.......
BTW: Someone posted that AEG may have used an Imposter for Michael to ensure that his Physical came back with flying colors. I've never thought of that, but it's possible......BRILLIANT!!
-#231: letschill, you hit the nail on the head! And as for the recording for TII, I also believe this was done with an idea that they may actually use it for film purposes, but it could be that they were simply being GREEDY, and planned to sell Michael on the film idea....the fact that they filmed in HD, is pretty suspect though.....
-#235: Hey Missy, you tell 'em, girl!!
-#236: Melliemel, you also nailed it! Why are people SO concerned with what money the family gets? I have to admit that I hate to see them or anyone else using Michael, but I think in this case the money is a moot point.
What Katherine is doing will help to EXTRACT THE FACTS in Michael's death. It opens the door so that we can explore AEG/Randy Phillips, Tohme, Ortega and DiLeo's MOTIVES in regards to the 02 concerts. If they come out clean--so be it, but if not, they will hopefully suffer the consequences....
What she is doing is what I've wished for all along. I am NOT satisfied with the answers I've gotten about his Murder so far, and I KNOW there's more to it than the culprits and the media wants us to see....
And if she gets money from the case, SO BE IT, Michael always wanted her to be taken care of. There are NO families I know--including my own where there was a death in the family and they didn't inherit money, why is it SO wrong for Katherine to get money? Noone complained when the BRANCA and Co. are making their millions off of Michael....and we're not even sure that they're LEGIT!!
-#238: Onward, clearly you weren't paying attention, but I'll help you out. GO on the A&E website and watch the "Jackson Family Dynasty", then come back and tell me you still feel that way.
None of the Jacksons were supportive of TII--matter of fact, Katherine, Janet, LaToya, Rebbie, and Tito did NOT attend the premiere nor watch a preview of the movie. Tito was on the Red carpet but then he left. Not sure if they've seen it by now, but they weren't for it. You are referring to what Jackie or Jermy said about the film, not Katherine.....
-#241: Barb, you've choked on your own twisted logic: If Michael IS culpable as you stated, then you can't blame Katherine for not forcing an Intervention--what Intervention would you suggest when you just said the fault all lay on him? Too twisted....
BTW: You're my DISAPPOINTMENT for tonight. SO many insightful posts stemming from clear, logical thinking out of the box....and then along came your post and ZAP, we're back to normal........sigh......
-#242: Great post kitnmeisner and've restored my faith in these boards!!

1466 days ago


We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat - Pt.4............
-#248: Hey MiMi! I've read excerpts from Rowe's book and it had some deep things to say about AEG--namely the ticket scalping, and the fact that he couldn't get Tohme and Phillips to meet with him because they didn't want him involved in what they deemed "their business".
As for Katherine and the "Intervention", it may go deeper than we realize. From what I understand, there were Interventions in the past, but some of those so-called Interventions, were actually just the family's attempts to gain access to Michael so they could pester him into doing another reunion concert. I think Katherine knew they had cried wolf one time too many, so Michael wouldn't probably buy it...
Also, there's the chance that she knew he was ok and there was no need for an "Intervention". Remember, the bodyguards said that Katherine ALWAYS had access to Michael, unlike the rest of the family so they often used her to get to him. Maybe she just got tired of being used by them. Rowe was working closely with Joe at this time which is also why he lacked credibility with the fans and the Media. Remember he was on LKL and a few other programs and they chewed him up--made him look really bad and AEG look good, with Joe looking on....
-#251: Me, you're "voice of reason" is more like the "voice of the media", if you believe that crap about him being an addict! And unless you were with him, popping pills and so on, you have NO Proof that he was an addict! The Coroner's report said he showed what? NO SIGNS OF DRUG ABUSE.......I can REPEAT that cycle as long as some of you can repeat the MEDIA LIES.......
-#258, 259: Hey Human Nature! You may be right, because this lawsuit will help to clarify things if she's allowed to proceed with it. I know PPB would be happy to have their Dad's name cleared.........
-#266: Niecey, I'm not sure where Miko is, but he never turned tail and ran like 3 other characters in this case--you know who they are--he was on CNN with LKL every other night answering questions and looking genuinely DEVASTATED...
Do I think Miko knows some things? Of course, he couldn't be that close and NOT know, but there are many reasons why he may choose to be silent now:
1. He feels he's told everything he knows and wants to mourn Michael--his best friend, in peace
2. He has been instructed NOT to speak until the trial gets underway, if he is a material witness
3. He knows too much and has been warned by the culprits to keep silent
4. All of the above
Of course, I may be wrong about Miko, but I don't think he would do anything to hurt MIchael, but we'll least he's not writing books and running around selling his story to the highest network bidding....
Him and Evvy Tavasci are the only so-called "friends" of Michael's who've actually ACTED like true friends to him.....
-#290: CloBird, good points, but A few things--Michael was SUPPOSEDLY given a physical by a doctor who's name escapes me and claims he passed with "flying colors", but this "physical" was suspiciously done at said Physician's home. If Katherine's team can demand to see th tests and workups and if they're not sufficient, there's more evidence. As to Michael being bullied by AEG, they certainly can use this to help cement their case--as long as it's not all the case is based, which I assure you it isn't...
I hope Kath's lawyers will get every bit of tape on Randy Phillips, Ortega and Travis Payne that they can find--Liewicke and Gongaware, too. That along with TII footage and Karen Faye and his Costume Designer's testimonies would do a great deal of damage to AEG....
And then there's the ticket scalping and the AEG contract with Michael itself......
BTW: Not sure why people take such issue with anything they deem Conspiracy theory. IMO, the reason for most CO's is because there are too many convenient answers or unanswered questions in a given case to make it a simple "A shot B" murder. WHile I agree there needs to be proof, this case will go far to bringing out the truth of what really happened....and isn't that what we want--THE TRUTH??
One more thing--it is AEG's word against Michael's that he demanded Murray. Murray is claiming the opposite--saying that he was hired by AEG NOT Michael. However, once AEG agreed to take on Murray, he was THEIR employee and THEIR PROBLEM, NOT MICHAEL'S, therefore, THEY ARE LIABLE FOR HIS MISTAKES, period....
-#317: Nikki, you're right on point! You wrote:
I would have done this on day 1. It is about time. In my heart of hearts I think AEG and even the SONY Exec slimeballs who were all on TV after he died....they are all responsible! Why else would they band together to put up a united front of defense so early after his death. If you did nothing wrong, there is nothing to defend. The fact that they all banded together indicates they wanted a united front in getting their stories straight. They KILLED HIM. Murray was just the instrument they used. BOYCOTT ALL SONY PRODUCTS.
Posted at 10:13 AM on Sep 16, 2010 by Nikki
-#321: CloBird, aren't you also making a lot of ASSumptions?
-You are ASSuming that AEG is right and MIchael did hire Murray
-You are ASSuming that just because Michael worked with Murray in Vegas in the past (actually MUrray treated PPB, NOT Michael,) he would turn around and hire him as his Primary Physician on a HUGE TOUR
-You are ASSuming that Michael hired Murray in order to get Propofol
-You are ASSuming that Michael even WANTED Propofol in the first place, when there is no PROOF that he ever asked for it, only hearsay and conjecture, as you put it....
See what I mean, most of what YOU'RE saying is based on hearsay and conjecture. The only hard evidence people use to bck up the Propofol story is the ALLEGED use of it on the HIStory Tour with Dr. Ratner which has NEVER been confirmed, The story Nurse Cherilyn ran to every news outlet and spread about MIchael begging her for it, and Murray himself, claiming Michael begged him for it--ALL HEARSAY.....
And no, the fact that Propofol was found in his room at Holmsby doesn't justify these claims. The house was never sealed off as a crime scene, so family members, Tohme and Murray returned there before LAPD showed up......
And the Propofol found in him only confirms that it was the CAUSE OF DEATH, not his drug of choice....especially since doctors have stated that it would have to be administered by a second party.......
One thing we totally agree on is Rowe. He definitely would have WAY more credibility if he had waited to publish that book........

1466 days ago


We're gonna Need a Bigger Boat - Pt. 5.................
-#323: Unknown, Nanny Grace and Tohme are no longer talking because they may have been involved....I think Tohme actually was in the group that killed him, and as for Grace, if she wasn't part of it, she knows who was......
According to a poster here, she was on facebook in the early summer, claiming she was going on some Missions Tour out of the country and suddenly appeared to be very happy, compared to her previous blogs. The poster stated that she thought Grace wasn't going to have to testify at the Trial as she thought she would....I hope this isn't true--she's named in the LAPD affidavit as a "PERSON OF INTEREST" because she purchased that PO BOX in her name that they found drugs being sent to.........
I would like to see her AND Tohme answer for their actions along with Murray, AEG, and DiLeo.........
-#328: Hey Daphne! The "Riot act" just means they told him to either do what they want or the party's over. And yes, SOMEONE wanted Michael isolated because they hired many more security guards in the last weeks--people who were in the area have stated they saw this--and they wouldn't let anyone in to see him unless AEG approved....
This is what also tells me that DiLeo was in cahoots with Phillips on this because he was not only allowed to come to the house, but he also was there when they told Michael he would have to get out of Holmsby if he didn't cooperate.....
-#332: Hey SaraJane! SO great to hear from you--you;ve been sorely missed! As for this post, it's brilliant as usual. All people need to do is go on Radar online and READ THE AEG CONTRACT with MICHAEL, and it will clarify EXACTLY what AEG was up to......
-#335: Hey MiMi, you're muy hero, tonight! You wrote:
If you read the contracts that MJ signed with AEG, one will see that all monies spent were to eventually come out of Michael's pocket. It was AEG who contracted the $100,000 per month home that MJ resided and died in. Tomhe was on the payroll of AEG as was Michael's lawyer who participated in signing the agreement.
All AEG did was advance monies to MJ that would have had to been repaid.
Also the contract restricted MJ from doing anything other than what AEG desired thru the end of 2011. Michael was in a no win situation. Once again, people he thought he could trust messed with him big time.
Posted at 12:41 PM on Sep 16, 2010 by MiMi
....I could've saved myself a lot of typing and just gone wth your post--KUDOS!!!
-#342: Hey Moni! One question--don't you think it's important to find out who MURDERED the one you love? And sorry, accepting that Murray simply tripped all overhimself by:
-MISTAKENLY giving Michael the benzos
-MISTAKENLY, giving him too much Propofol
-MISTAKENLY stepping out of the room
-MISTAKENLY waiting hours before calling 911
-MISTAKENLY performing CPR on a bed
-MISTAKENLY making phone calls on his cell
-MISTAKENLY calling Prince Michael to the room
-MISTAKENLY refusing to let the EMT's declare Michael dead
-MISTAKENLY leaving UCLA ER to go back to the Holmsby Mansion supposedly to remove bleaching creams
-MISTAKENLY disappearing for 2 days before the LAPD could find him
If you could explain all of these MISTAKES, then maybe me and many others would just accept things as is and move on, but you can't and Murray won't. So I say THANK GOD for Katherine's lawsuit. EVen if I didn't think there were others involved in his death, I love him enough to want to KNOW FOR SURE, and these lawsuits will open up enough cans of worms to settle things one way or another........
BTW: You were totally on point about that Lighting programmer. I'm not saying he lied, but what if he was put up to it by AEG? What he said followed the "company line" they were putting out.
Another person who should've been on lawsuit is Travis Payne--I hate to say it, because I like him as much as everyone else, but he WAS Ortega's right hand, the Choreographer, and he was practically under Michael's skin--as you can see on TII, yet he claimed Michael was 100%, just like the others.........
-#343: Hey Marie! We don't know that Michael asked for the Propofol--there's no proof, so we can't say he's even 10% responsible........
-#345: Hey SIggisiss! DId you review Kai's Interview? I remember her saying he DID go up there, because I remember being appalled by it. The only thing is that maybe she contradicted herself on different interviews, or I remembered wrong which is possible......
-#362: Kathryn, thanks so much for clarifying this. As much as I want to see Justice done, I am concerned with Michael's children's money being lost--although lost money means NOTHING when compared to losing a parent........
-#373: MiMi, I love it--you're so quick!!
-#379: Daphne, that's one thing I LOVE about Rowe's book, the fact that now, everybody who said how Michael should've been so GRATEFUL to AEG for all they were doing for him, will hopefully realize that they weren't doing a thing for HIM, they were doing it for themselves...........
AS IF Michael needed them or anyone else to do him a favor,anyway....IMO he would've eventually toured WHEN HE WAS READY TO, and made more than good. AEG wanted nothing more than to suck him dry and when they found they couldn't, they got rid of him, instead.........
-#383: Great point, Daphne!
-#385: Great point, MiMi! Thing is, I think Michael knew what they had done to him in the end, and that's why he stopped coming to rehearsals and they eventually killed him................
-#408: Hey Moni, Murray does have a 'past' when it comes to enabling in that he and Quanell Armstrong ran that "pill mill" clinic in Houston. Not saying that AEG would've known this for sure, but there are ways to check on whatever connections there might have been.
There were statements that Michael's security were the ones who first introduced Murray to Michael in Vegas to care for PPB's colds (incidentally the SAME premise Nurse Cherilyn gave for meeting Mike,) these same security guards who are NOI, are also connected to Quanell Armstrong in Houston from what I understand......
Small world, isn't it??
-#425, 428: CloBird, why do I feel that you're just determined to see this case fail before it even starts? Why would you want that? Even if it does fail, what it will do is expose the intentions of the parties involved. We will know if AEG, Tohme, DiLeo and others are culpable or not...
For that reason, I think it's a BRILLIANT lawsuit. And no, I DON'T think it's great if they only want to make money, because there is a chance that AEG's lawyers could dance their way out of trouble, but I think they'll have a hard time of it, after reading the AEG contract...
I know you've read the lawsuit, but now, I advise you to read the AEG CONTRACT just as dilligently, then come back here and tell me you think Katherine's wasting her time............
BTW: as for your conjecture about MIchael's anger, anorexia, et. al, I totally disagree with you, but you're entitled to your just seem so intent on tearing him down for some reason....why?
No Peace till Justice!

1466 days ago


The TRUTH is slowing leaking out!!!!

Now, I would like to know where is Tohme Tohme and his involvement??????

Truly believe that Tohme Tohme gave MJ the final dose of propofol while Dr Death left the room.

1466 days ago


Number 1 i know that had this happened to any one else's family they would sue. Everyone says the Jacksons are sue happy but the whole world is. If my child died in the way Michael did and i thought that someone should be held accountable i would sue as well. Secondly no where in the autopsy report are they illegal drugs in Michael's system and the only drugs in his system were what Dr. Murray gave him. Yes Michael admitted to using painkillers and being addicted and if i had gone through everything he had gone through in his life i would probably be addicted too, alot of people have some form of addiction. But whether Michael was a drug addict or not isn't the point. The point is is that Dr. Murray HAD NO BUSINESS GIVING PROPOFAL to Michael to begin with especially with no life saving medical equipment. He should have known better. Propofal is what killed Michael, not painkillers. And if you don't like Michael then what are you doing reading the posts? I don't read about people i don't like much less take the time to trash them. Bottom line is though the only people that trully know what happened that day is Dr. Murray, Michael and God. And to say that the kids are better off with out him is really really low. All kids deserve to have their mother and father in their life ( if the parent is worthy anyway) Did you not hear how much Paris loved her Daddy? I don't know how responsible AEG is though. I know Dr. Murray should definitely be responsible but maybe Katherine knows more then we do. We all do what we feel we have to do and if Katherine feels this is what she needs to do so be it, right or wrong.

1466 days ago


MJs family doesnt care about the money, they want justice which michael was searching for his whole life

1466 days ago


Did Prince actually complain that he saw his father in a bad condition or is somebody "PLANTING" words in the poor child's mouth for their own benefit?It is totally heartless and INSENSITIVE to drag the children into this because they have suffered way TOO MUCH!

1466 days ago


I think it's dangerous to come to conclusions without knowing the TRUE facts. But you seem smart, I'm sure you know the media get it's info from one or two sources... like TMZ. Then that story is spread whether it's accurate or not.
I heard back in July of 2009, that Joe Jackson and Jermaine introduced Dr. Murray to Michael when he returned to the US around christmas of 2007, and settled in Vegas after his exile. He was in Ireland when Vegas promoter Jack Wishna proposed a Vegas show to him which pulled Michael back into the world of his father. Wishna said Joe began bothering Michael again causing him to act weird and start taking drugs to cope again. Before Michael came back to the US, he was clean of drugs. It was said that it was around this time when Murray and MJ met. He was first brought in to take care of the kids who had colds.
Ask why a cardiologist would take care of kids who have colds?
A cover maybe. Murray's real purpose was probably to supply MJ with whatever he needed to deal with the pressures Joe put on him.
Now knowing that, Murray said after Michael died, he didn't know MJ's medical history. He said he didn't know MJ had a past problem with drug use. If they were friends and Murray was his personal doctor, he had to of know Mike's medical history. Someone is lying.
AEG keeps saying Murray was Mike's longtime personal physician. Michael's bodyguards said Murray only treated the kids. These discrepancies are why Mrs. Jackson is within her rights to sue AEG and whoever else the information she received deems responsible. There may be information that was uncovered that we the public don't know of.
I think we all should chill-out and just let the process unfold before we start calling mother's and grieving families greedy.
I think all Katherine Jackson wants are answers. She's not getting those answers by asking nicely, so she's hoping those answers will come out in court. I really don't think it's about money at all. She'll probably spend more money on the suit than she will receive if she wins after all appeals are exhausted.

I read on here where someone reminded us of how Fred Goldman and Denise Brown relentlessly pursued an acquitted OJ for civil damages. No one called them money hungry. I know the cir***stances were different, but the similarities are two families wanted to find answers and get get justice for their dead loved ones.

1466 days ago


Really? It took them this long to actually sue someone is a huge indicator someone tipped them off that they might have a case.

From the Jackson "theme park" to the museum/shrines, this is all about money. Always has, and always will be. Why do you think they are taking so long to settle on a location? It has to profitable. Right?

1466 days ago


A lot of typos.
You get point though.

1466 days ago


Itchy,I haven't come to conclusions yet as all of the facts are not in.I have been a stickler for being balanced,something many here are failing to do.There are many sides to a story.We have only been witness to pro and con,not the in between.Katherine's court case may allow us to get that in between.The only thing that we know for sure is that Murray gave Michael propofol,and mixed it with other depressants,failed to properly monitor Michael,allowing Michael to die.
We don't know real,proven facts for anything else,just statements.And these statements have to be scrutinized for not only facts,but for who is saying them,and the reasons behind why they are saying them.This is far from being over;we need more and the court case will hopefully give us concrete facts.

1466 days ago


Cherwood: I think that Katherine can win the part of the case that states the AEG was negligent in supervising and monitoring Murray.I am a stickler for balance and commonsense.I know how the law works for a civil case.Preponderance of facts that back up a claim will win a case.
The court case will hopefully fill out missing parts to the story with believable facts.
Saying that I am determined to see the case fail is presumptuous,ill-founded.

1466 days ago
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