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Katherine Jackson Sues AEG Over Michael's Death

9/15/2010 8:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson and Michael Jackson's children are suing AEG Live -- claiming the company breached its agreement to provide physical care for Michael Jackson -- and that AEG was negligent in their hiring of Dr. Conrad Murray as MJ's physician.


In the suit, Katherine claims AEG's contract with Michael "created a legal duty for AEG to act reasonably toward the physical well-being of Michael Jackson."

In the document, Katherine also blames AEG for hiring Dr. Murray without  a proper background check -- claiming, "AEG did not provide a doctor who was truly looking out for Jackson's well-being and did not provide equipment."

The suit also alleges AEG caused emotional distress to Michael's son Prince because he witnessed Michael suffering and dying, and "he was put in a position as bystander to these tragic events."

Kenny Ortega, who produced the planned London concerts for Michael, is also named as a defendant.

The attorney who filed the suit, Brian J. Panish, released a statement saying, "The purpose of this lawsuit is to prove to the world the truth about what happened to Michael Jackson, once and for all."

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Thats right Daphne

1445 days ago


Murray makes me sick, callign a child to watch his father die?

1445 days ago


I guess we need to be careful about our comments here or the Jacksons (one of them) might decide to sue us. They're suing everyone else in the world. In the end, they just have to accept Michael was responsible for what happened to him. And no one else.

1445 days ago


I still don't understand how a concert promoter was suppossed to take care of the medical equipment? Shouldn't a $150,000 per month fee to Conrad Murray be enough for Murray to use the resusitation equipment he would already own by being a practicing cardiologist?

Wouldn't Murray just use his own while waiting for AEG to supply one? It wasn't like Murray didn't have ACCESS to this equipment, so it would be reckless for him to administer Propofol without the monitoring/resuscitation equipment because he had access to it.

There is a big hole to this story. I wonder if AEG urged MJ into this death hoax thing. MJ seemed too intelligent to let someone essentially euthanize him.

1445 days ago


I am sick and tired of people saying it's Michael's fault he died. Michael was not a drug addict. Take the time to actually READ the full autopsy report. It's spelled out for you in black and white.

1445 days ago

MJAlways guys didn't have any MJ news stories for the past few weeks...and then BAM! On a random Wednesday out of nowhere, the MJ news stories start coming up. 3 MJ related stories in a row. Damn. Talk about RANDOM.

1445 days ago

solar panel    

The Jackson parents have lived too long and need to be given 500-oz shots of Propofol this evening. Right into the temple. Conrad Murray knows the delivery process, give him the patients and the bottle of industrial strength One-Last-Jackson-Picker-Upper.

1445 days ago


Love you Mrs. Jackson

1445 days ago


This shiz will go on for years...and become a non-story. Like Anna Nicole against the Howard Marshall estate, vs. Pierce Marshall's estate, vs. Dead Anna's Estate, vs. Daniel Smith vs. Howard Stern's estate, vs. Larry Birkhead's estate, vs. Dannylin (sp) estate. Jesus, by the time it comes to court, they're ALL DEAD. And so it will be with Michael.

1445 days ago


I think what everyone is forgetting is michael had full access and the help of alot of people to get any medication he desired, and could do it at anytime he felt the need and at home if he preferred. but the truth of the matter is that when the autopsy report came down there was no sign of any drug abuse to him , ONLY WHAT DR MURRAY HAD GIVEN TO MJ THAT DAY!!!! FROM THE MOUTH OF THE CORONER!!! sue from tampa

1445 days ago


Audie you and i and SamSamIsCool are right,unfortunately a lot of people still the opposite and it's sad because presenting Michael as an addict is disgraceful.What i can't accept is that the "family"believes that Michael was in denial,that says it all.The quack is going to walk.Iam vey much afraid of that.

1445 days ago


Now, Katherine, aside from Joseph and Oxman, has a relevant point. If Murray had the proper equipment he would have been able to save Michael. Murray is crazy for still giving him the drug without these nessecities.

1445 days ago


give it a rest, don't ruin my MJ please

1445 days ago


JOE & KATE sue away!! lol

AEG and Conrad Murray are going to make grass out of your arses!

I thought Katherine and the MJFT/Branca had an early agreement that AEG wouldn't be involved in a wrongful death suit? SOME things smell mighty fishy. Like it always does when it comes to the Jackson families wheeling and dealings.

Ginger....intimidation should never serve as a deterrent.
I WISH the Jacksons would sue my poor arse.....
I could use a few mil right about now.

1445 days ago


This is SO FUNNY!
STFU Katherine. You were the one who prevented your sons much needed drug abuse treatment years ago. REPEATEDLY.
Joe himself even blamed you for Michaels death!! So he apologized for saying it....or else you and the rest of the Jackson family would have silenced him forever!! lmao....

Read: and ask Joe and GraceR ....among others....
....."Joe Jackson reportedly tried to intervene and get the singer into a psychiatric rehabilitation centre - but his wife Katherine blocked the move."
Please are disgraceful..
And a true M.O.N.E.Y. monger/W----.
YOU interfered with treatment for your sons drug addiction....
because of the media coverage...and a negative effect to his popularity and $$$$$$$ income. M.O.N.E.Y. in your pocket.

1445 days ago
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