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Adam Lambert -- Accused of Battery

9/17/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... the Miami Beach Police Department is now in the middle of a violent incident involving "American Idol" runner-up Adam Lambert ... after the alleged victim filed a police report.


Law enforcement sources tell us the paparazzo seen grappling with Lambert on the beach yesterday walked into a Miami Beach police station around 10:30 PM last night and filed a report ... accusing the singer of misdemeanor battery.

According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, the victim claims Adam grabbed his backpack "where the camera was placed" ... and "wrestled [the photog] to the ground forcefully."


One big problem -- in photos that were taken of the incident, the camera appears to be in the photog's hand ... not in his bag.

The police report also notes that the photog didn't sustain any "bruises or lacerations."

Cops tell detectives will decide if the case is worth turning over to the State's Attorney -- who will decide whether to prosecute Lambert.  If convicted, Lambert could face up to one year in jail and a $1,000 fine.

After yesterday's clash -- Lambert went right to his Twitter account and posted, "I lost my temper for a sec but wow it felt great lol MIAMI!!!"

UPDATE: Lambert just tweeted, "Battery? Nope. I attempted to grab a camera, no punches were thrown and no one was on the ground.... It was literally harmless. If embarrassment is a crime- thats all I'm guilty of. "


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Comparing Lambert to Princess Di???
That really takes the cake, you ignorant skeezer....

More appropriate comparison would be to Fatty Arbuckle. Jesus, what a dipsh*t you must be, you pathetic fat-as*ed loser. Go put some cover-up on those pimples.

1465 days ago


You are reporting half-truths. The police merely accepted a report filed by the intrusive pap, Victor Eras. Fortunately, the video-tapes of this incident establish that Eras filed a false police report. The police noted that Eras was not injured or bruised and he wasn't "thrown to the ground" nor was he hit or punched. The videos indicate that Eras laughed throughout the incident his behavior triggered. Eras is the one who might very will face jail time for filing a false police report, for harassment, invasion of privacy, possibly trespassing, slander, attempted extortion.

1465 days ago


Remember one thing Adam posed for the Paparazzi for an hour to give them pictures for the magazines. He probably said ok now I would like to enjoy myself for on my day off...He has been working his butt off in sold out venues through the US for months now 3 shows in a row then a day off and he starts again. He had been to Europe, Canada Asia and now a Internationa star as well...Why can't people leave him alone on his day off...Forgetting that he is just so talented he is such a kind human being in every aspect it bothers me that people speak ill of him. Anyway just needed to jump in ...leave him alone and go to one of his shows ...maybe that will make you people understand why everyone loves him so....Oh thats right his shows are all sold out!!!!

1465 days ago


What's actually worse here?
a) Another pap plays the victim because they have no concept of personal boundaries
b) Adam Lambert thought for some reason that that hat would somehow prevent him sticking out (because so many inconspicuous men rock sunhats?)
c) Another pap actually has photographic evidence of this guy being overpowered and forced to the ground by Adam ****in' Lambert Of all people!!!
(I would've deleted the pics out of sympathy for the guys reputation as a man)
BTW whatever happened to Whats-his-face, Allen Chris or something, right?....

1465 days ago

DeDe Down    

LEAVE ADAM ALONE! I didn't think your show was as sleazy as some but you've proved me wrong. Show all the picks especially the one of the pappanazi smiling. What violence? Adam didn't even lose his flip flops, nor hat nor glasses. You guys are a joke and you're no longer on my must watch list. Never knew you, Harvey, especially would sink that low.

1464 days ago


@201, I completely agree with you! I had just
seen Adam in concert the previous week; even though
he had toured all summer, he put on a fantastic show.
You know this must be hard, even grueling.

1464 days ago


IMO the paparazzi should be charged with stalking and harrasment - they just don't allow personal boundaries and are intrusive - They should have to maintain a 100 foot boundary for pictures - Don't get in anyones face!

1464 days ago


There are other pictures that show that the Photog is on one leg, and Adam on top, and is falling, there is no way he does not go to the ground.

The photographer has more than one camera, so there is no point in saying he has one in his hand, when it clearly shows Lambert putting his hand in the bag.

Lambert is caught doing what he is alleged to have done, official slap on limp wrist to follow.

1464 days ago


No crimes against papparazzi should be punishable by law. The alleged perpetrators should be given a slap on the wrist and an ice cream sundae.

1464 days ago


1- his hand is totally in the guy's bag.
2-paps are like lawyers, nobody wants one until they need one!
3-alot seem to hate, but aren't you here at a site that supports paps(along with many others)
4- its like the hollywood "circle of life" paps-stars- magazines-shows- publicity....?

1464 days ago


bottom line is he didn't want his picture taken and thats all there is to it noone was hurt he grabbed the guys backpack so he wouldn't run away with the camera that has photos that he didn't wish to have taken of him with no consent form signed stating he could go ahead and take them and get paid for it just because these people are in the entertainment buisness dosent mean theyare not regular people with daily lives but the people out there like me that are not popular i dont get attention like them and i have had worse things happen to me by far with nothing getting done by the authorities so its all a money thing for them always money he has it so they are going to pick apart someude walking on the beach that has a picture taken of him that he did not want done if i had someone take a picture of me id hit them if they refused to give me the film and that would be that hey really should make a law about the pap if the person happens to catch them and wishes to not have the picture taken they should automaticly distory if if not they should get one year in jail and a fine for oversteping privacy

1464 days ago


The funny thing about this photo is how white Adam's legs are compared to his upper body. His legs look like they belong on a corpse. He obviously suntans with black pants on because those legs haven't seen sunlight ever! The Sun called and said take off your hat!

1464 days ago


The paparazzi ... I have three words for writing: wicked, hateful, kill ... Mouhahahaha! Adam were in his life he will not deprive prison has had. I have seen tell the paparazzi releasing celebrities. Grrr

1462 days ago


Good for Adam, Leave the man alone!! It is really sad when they can let Paris Hilton strut out of the court room after her cocaine bust, but yet TMZ wants to jump on Adam for this! HEY TMZ take a good look at Adam's tour schedule!!! HE does have the right to be a little on edge, GET OVER IT people!

1462 days ago


Adam Lambert'm also a celebrity is a person who is walking without everybody around him. one day it will die because everyone will be made around him and he will have more air.

1461 days ago
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