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Adam Lambert -- Accused of Battery

9/17/2010 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... the Miami Beach Police Department is now in the middle of a violent incident involving "American Idol" runner-up Adam Lambert ... after the alleged victim filed a police report.


Law enforcement sources tell us the paparazzo seen grappling with Lambert on the beach yesterday walked into a Miami Beach police station around 10:30 PM last night and filed a report ... accusing the singer of misdemeanor battery.

According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, the victim claims Adam grabbed his backpack "where the camera was placed" ... and "wrestled [the photog] to the ground forcefully."


One big problem -- in photos that were taken of the incident, the camera appears to be in the photog's hand ... not in his bag.

The police report also notes that the photog didn't sustain any "bruises or lacerations."

Cops tell detectives will decide if the case is worth turning over to the State's Attorney -- who will decide whether to prosecute Lambert.  If convicted, Lambert could face up to one year in jail and a $1,000 fine.

After yesterday's clash -- Lambert went right to his Twitter account and posted, "I lost my temper for a sec but wow it felt great lol MIAMI!!!"

UPDATE: Lambert just tweeted, "Battery? Nope. I attempted to grab a camera, no punches were thrown and no one was on the ground.... It was literally harmless. If embarrassment is a crime- thats all I'm guilty of. "


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Adam should have punched that little weasel``` right in the face!!! YO!!

1442 days ago


This is the funniest thing I've ever seen. I guess since Lambert was shut out of the VMAs he had to figure out another way to get a headline.

1442 days ago


You go, Adam! There is no crime here! Just a stupid pap disturbing other peoples privacy! This will all blow over, Adam, don't you worry!

1442 days ago


Just read the incident report on the "battery" charge against Adam Lambert . Get this the victim stated that he was approximately 20 feet from "Adam" the subject as he began taking photographs of him. [so much for the camera being in the photographers backpack!]the victim stated the subject became angry[who wouldn't get pissed if someone was practically in your face calling your name loudly and repeatedly!] As the victim began to run away the subject grabbed the victims backpack [yes in the pictures you can see that Adam has a hold of the backpack/shoulder bag][So is that what they call battery? IDIOTS!] The victim was wrestled to the ground and punched and kicked[but for some reason the "victim" didn't sustain any bruises or lacerations, if I was kicked or punched I would have a bruise or laceration somewhere!'speaking from experience'.Now hears the kicker! The victim refused crime scene photos! Photographer battered. I don't think so! If he was wouldn't he want as much proof as he could get? ADAM DIDN'T ATTACK THE GUY LIKE IT IS STATED IN THE REPORT< HE JUST GOT PISSED LIKE ANY ONE ELSE! TO MAKE THIS A CASE OF BATTERY IS GOING TO TAKE AN ACT OF GOD! ADAM WE LOVE< LOVE< LOVE YOU!! :))

1442 days ago


Well, I don't think we have all the info here. Adam should not have let this guy goad him to this point, but, this photog. appears to have gotten exactly what he wanted. I saw several pics and he was laughing in all of them, and never hit the ground. We are sue crazy in this Country aren't we??? I undestand Adam did "ask" him to leave after approximatly an hour of putting up with him and he refused. I think Adam should be embarrased but there was no harm to anyone here.

1442 days ago


Comment # 121 Um Adam didn't grab the camera, he grabbed hold of the guys backpack, and it's battery if you have physical contact with a persons body in some way, or used an object to cause an injury to that person, So no grabbing the camera is not battery. [If he took the guys camera and ran then that would be robbery] no battery was committed because the guy refused to have crime scene photos, which you wouldn't do if you were really physically attacked.As far as education I can only guess where you attained yours.

1442 days ago


Sorry! #121 The comment was for#122

1442 days ago



1442 days ago


GO ADAM!!!! I'd love to see more celebrities beat the CRAP out of the paparazzi.....they DESERVE it! (disclaimer: the TMZ staff seems to be pretty respectful, however.)

1442 days ago


That stupid!! Adam Your amazing i love you!!

1442 days ago

Vote NO Meg Whitman    

I guess Adam'e forget to spray bronzer on his legs that day.

Pretty simple that Lambert didn't want pics of him without his make-up so he released some of his pent up rage against the photographer.

End result? A nice check made out to the photographer.

1442 days ago


just another reacharound....

1442 days ago


So, what did it end up being? A tickle-0ff? I doubt that sweety (AL) would hurt a fly! I see no true sign of anger or fear! Trumped up TMZ hogwash!

1442 days ago


Adam is just mad he was caught in that fugly hetro male outfit!Seeing it makes you wonder if he really is gay??Hmmm?

1442 days ago


He just go p ssed off the pics would make him look like a hetro male rockin very fugly clothes.

1442 days ago
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