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AEG -- Don't Blame Us for Dr. Murray!

9/16/2010 6:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

AEG is finally lashing back at Katherine Jackson's lawsuit over the death of her son Michael Jackson -- claiming it had nothing to do with the hiring or supervision of Dr. Conrad Murray.

AEG Lawsuit

In a statement released through AEG's lawyers -- the company calls Katherine's lawsuit "inaccurate, unsubstantiated and meritless" and then goes on to explain its relationship with Dr. Murray.

The statement continues ... "Dr. Murray was Mr. Jackson's longtime personal physician.  AEG did not choose him, hire him or supervise him.  That said, and in honor of our professional relationship with Mr. Jackson and his Estate, we will have no further public statements."

It is true that Michael handpicked Dr. Murray -- but Katherine claims that AEG was negligent because they didn't check Murray's credentials. Katherine also claims AEG pushed Michael way too hard during rehearsals.


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AEG took out a hefty insurance policy in case Michael Jackson's 50 London concerts fell through -- turns out the policy covered an MJ overdose.

AEG's chief executive Randy Phillips said the $17.5 million insurance policy from Lloyd's of London didn't cover a death from natural causes.

Phillips said the policy would still fall short of the money spent on Jackson's advance, producing the show, covering some of MJ's debts and paying his staff and rent -- which cost between $25 and $30 million.

Side note: WHERE'S TOHME TOHME?????


1434 days ago


Oh yeah, a bit of education here for your idiots out there. When someone murders you, it's not considered suicide you freaks!

1434 days ago


Katherine Jackson is a liar! She herself said she NEVER saw Michael drugged or disoriented before, and now is saying these lies about it just for MONEY! This is what motivates this family disgusting! Kathe you are a MONSTER!

1434 days ago


AEG took out an $17.5 million dollar insurance policy to covered drug overdose on MJ.
Now, I say that this is a strong foundation for MURDER!!!!

Posted at 6:49 AM on Sep 18, 2010 by HumanNature

Hey, u made a point. Neglected to think about that one. Yeah, I believe the family found that out from the contract, talked over it & decided to give it a go. She actually has nothing more to lose, she could see that lots of people are making $$$ off of MJ still & this was her son so she just feels compelled to go to the bottom of this to find out. Good luck to her. HN u made a good point.

1434 days ago


Oh my God people, I read your comments and come to dread. How did so much hatred and anger. Michael was not a pedophile and stop your stupid guesses. If those who think so are really educated, intelligent man you would not have to think about the person with whom were not even familiar with. Why did you decide that Michael was a drug addict? For you personally put the results of examination on the Internet. Which showed that Michael was absolutely healthy and died from an overdose of propofol. And if he was a drug addict that examination would not show that he was absolutely healthy. And here arises another question, who and for what purpose was introduced to Michael propofol making it dependent? And whether it was intentional? And if Murray has hired a company AEG is not difficult to guess whose interests are represented by the doctor. Clearly that is not Michael. And someone saw a contract that was concluded between Michael and AEG? And we have forgotten why the concert was planned to first 10, and then they become 50? So Katherine goes absolutely right and believe that it is important not money but justice.

1434 days ago


What LaToya Jackson said (People magazine): "The grieving sister of superstar Michael Jackson last night blamed ‘a shadowy entourage’ of manipulative hangers-on for effectively 'murdering' the King of Pop. ,.. She believes her brother was fed addictive drugs by handlers who wanted to control his moods. She says they regarded him as a ‘cash cow’ and exploited him at every turn. It was this, she believes, that led directly to his death. ... After returning from the hospital with the children and her mother to Katherine’s home, they received a troubling call from the Jackson mansion. It was Michael’s long-term assistant Michael Amin, a devout Muslim known as Brother Michael. He told La Toya that her brother’s Lebanese-born, self-appointed business manager Dr Tohme Tohme had fired all the staff at the Beverly Hills property and at a second rented home in Las Vegas. ‘I want to know how Michael died, and then, at 11pm on the day he dies, all the staff are fired?’ she asks rhetorically. ‘That raised my suspicions.’ ... While Michael regularly kept up to £1million in cash inside his home, La Toya says none was found. Nor was any of his vast collection of jewellery ...

"Someone went in there and did a good job."

I know a lot of people don't like or believe LaToya but her comment raises eyebrows to me concerning Tohme Tohme.

When the TRUTH comes out that Tohme Tohme is the one that gave MJ that large does of propofol, remember that I am the ONLY ONE THAT BELIEVE TOHME TOHME IS THE REAL KILLER THAT MURDER MJ!!!

Nobody seems to know where the MURDERER is!!!!

Dr Death is just the FALL GUY - SMOKE SCREEN TO MJ's DEATH!!!!

1434 days ago


Hi Everyone! To Phantom of the Opera - I have a question for you and I hope that you can help me with it! I have downloaded nearly all of the video's of Michael from the posts. I am now in a position where I must transfere the video's onto a DVD disk, or I risk loosing them all together. Problem is - I don't know how to do it! I have been using the Real Player to download the video's.

Would you please instruct me on how to transfere the video's from my computer onto a DVD disk so that I will have them? Thank you Phantom, I thought that perhaps you would know about such matters!

1433 days ago


I think DR Murry should be locked up and throw away the key , and any of the others involved , It was about $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ no regard for human life or Michael , and Michael was not a addict he was dependent on these medication , there is a difference , Michael was a inceditable Person who was so misunderstood and treated so badly , he had a hard time sleeping ( Anyone out there knows what that like )? when you dont sleep it ****s with you and with all the things going on in his life , sleep it what he needed , Remember some where the is a doctor who gave him his first shot of Demerol and one who gave him Morphine and one who gave him his Milk , and they where Doctors, of Course Michael trusted them why should he ? how many people do we know get hurt , Doc gives them some Loratab tells them take these for pain , and the story begins . Michael was Murdered , educated you self ,

1433 days ago


Katheine the Great Returns!
This is exactly how it should be with the Murdering Vultures feeding off of each all we need is for Randy Phillips to get tired of taking the fall with Murray, and drag Tohme into the hot seat, where he belongs! He can also have Muhammad and possibly Randy and Jermy join him....
No Peace till Justice!

1432 days ago


211. "Katherine the Great"....

What a metaphor! lol
There's nothing great about Katherine nee Screws Jackson...
except her mouth, her smell, her arse, and her greed.

1430 days ago


They pushed him too hard? They gave him millions in advances, spent countless millions in production costs, when no one else would touch him, and then they had the nerve to expect him to show up and work? Unbelievable.

1430 days ago


I'd advise you to go on Radar online and READ the AEG contract with Michael before you judge him. He was going to have to pay back those "millions" in Advance money and some of the Tour costs.....
But you're absolutely right. AEG wanted him to hurry up with the rehearsals so they could shave costs and move onto their biggest coup--scalping the TII tix...
Do you realize they scalped some of the tix for the 02 concerts for $500? ANd of course they weren't planning on paying Michael any of this, so when Michael began to figure out what they were doing, they decided to pull the plug on the show....and on him.......
No Peace till Justice!!

1429 days ago


Why are so many people now preoccupied with Michaels changing looks? Is there in LA show business many or any people who has not had fat sucked out of their body,gallons of silicone placed in
a little lift of the eyelids, not to speak of some matters too embarrassing to mention?Michaels changes are not even the point
here.His murder is.Thome-thome had all staff fired just prior to MJ`s death, security tapes are missing, the photos from autopsy
are missing.The big insurance AEG took.-I thank many,Em,noble day,amber and others,so I need not go into all the sinister facts and dirt.Hope Katherine´s suit is well timed and above all that the family get answers.

1421 days ago
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