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AEG -- Don't Blame Us for Dr. Murray!

9/16/2010 6:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

AEG is finally lashing back at Katherine Jackson's lawsuit over the death of her son Michael Jackson -- claiming it had nothing to do with the hiring or supervision of Dr. Conrad Murray.

AEG Lawsuit

In a statement released through AEG's lawyers -- the company calls Katherine's lawsuit "inaccurate, unsubstantiated and meritless" and then goes on to explain its relationship with Dr. Murray.

The statement continues ... "Dr. Murray was Mr. Jackson's longtime personal physician.  AEG did not choose him, hire him or supervise him.  That said, and in honor of our professional relationship with Mr. Jackson and his Estate, we will have no further public statements."

It is true that Michael handpicked Dr. Murray -- but Katherine claims that AEG was negligent because they didn't check Murray's credentials. Katherine also claims AEG pushed Michael way too hard during rehearsals.


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What a nice picture of Katherine Jackson. Michael had such a resemblance to his mother.
Rest in peace MJ. Prayers for a wonderful life for your children.

Missing you always

1464 days ago


i knew AEG was part of it the whole time. they hired dr. murray and they hosted the memorial at their building for more $. it was all about the $ for everyone around MJ.. the reasons i think are:

*the family seemed to be MIA and not in MJ's life just to use him..all of them!
**AEG they hired Dr.death and they hosted the memorial and had to have worked him too much to train those dancers etc.
******DR death the idiot that didn't knoww what he was doing and didn't give 2 F's!
*the brothers seems sooooo phony, they smile tooooo much for having their best brother pass away..and making that show too.

ughhh MJ should've just turned to his fans and not these losers

****it seems as tho the mother is the only one in the fam that really cared and is really ruined that MJ is gone.

1464 days ago


if all the people who take medicine are addicted and should die!, the United States should no longer exist because it is the country with the largest numbers of addicts in medicine mundo.segundo the un!

1464 days ago


I was a MJ fan, but he was an adult, he wanted the drugs, his death is his own responsibility. certainly the doctor should not have cooperated, but the entertainment company? come on, please. they are not responsible for the decisions of a grown man.

1464 days ago


Michael WAS NOT A JUNKIE, he was NOT addicted!!! the autopsy does not LIE! the only drugs in his system was the propofol that Dr. Murray GAVE HIM!! I do not appreciate that Douche calling Michael a addict on live TV! GO TO HELL!!!!

1464 days ago


seriously some of you really need to check your "facts" MJ was not a drug addict,he trusted his "doctors" to do what was best for him. AEG should have ran a background check on Murray.

1464 days ago


Advantage Every (possible)Gain

1464 days ago


Fight 4 Justice for your son Katherine!

1464 days ago


The courts need to step in once and for all with the care of these children, she is 79 ! Did she ever get that loser daughter in law and her off spring- cough -cough out of the house like the court told her too? She is too old to care for these kids right. They are just a meal ticket to her and Joe. She has no shame.

1464 days ago

Why oh Why?    

MJ wanted his personal doctor to make sure he would get his Propofol. He would NEVER have allowed AEG or anyone else to swap the doctor for someone else. And yes, Dr. Murray should go down for what he did. But this has nothing to do with AEG.

Katherine´s claim is pathetic considering how she let her children get abused by Joe - she saw what it did to Michael, yet did nothing to protect him!! He must have felt so betrayed by his mother, too. Whoever could he trust?

1464 days ago


A-ctivate E-very G-ain

and they did, fully without shame

1464 days ago


If Michael was such an addict that AEG felt the need to stage an intervention the week before he died, why are there no drugs in his system other than the propofol?

Sounds like people re-writing history to suit themselves.

Missing you always

1464 days ago


At first I thought the old lady was the only decent member of the whole family. Now I can see she was (is)the family
Ma Barker. What a disgusting tribe. I suppose ther next move will be to petition the Vatican to canonize the only one in that clan--MJ--and be absolved of all those litte boy rapes and all thee rest of his ghastly messes. And they may succeed. This pack of hustlers and grifters does not give up easily.

1464 days ago


So she's going to spend money from Michael's estate to pay attorneys fees for a lawsuit that she is not going to be able to defend as AEG could keep it tied up for years...she and Joe and the rest of the family are not very bright.....

1464 days ago


What a bunch of money-grubbing low-lifes!!! When this asinine lawsuit doesn't pan out, don't be surprised if these s***my leeches don't trot out Jacko's corpse on some sort of beyond FINAL tour. This vampirish clan is beneath s***!

1464 days ago
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