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Floyd Mayweather Jr. Hit with 8 Charges

9/16/2010 4:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has officially been charged with felony counts of coercion, robbery and grand larceny -- as well as four misdemeanors -- for the alleged domestic incident with his baby mama in Las Vegas.


According to the Clark County District Attorney the misdemeanors are battery, and three counts of harassment.

As we first reported, Josie Harris claims the boxer beat her, threatened to kill her, and stole her cell phone during the alleged incident on September 9.

The coercion and harassment counts include alleged threats Mayweather made against his sons. According to the docs, the boxer threatened to beat his kids' asses if they "called 911 and/or left the residence."

If convicted of all charges, Floyd could spend up to 28 years behind bars.

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Rick James    

Hahahahahaha!!! What an idiot...these superstars act like they're above the law. Good riddance...enjoy @ss rape city

1461 days ago

DEZ Nuts    

The truth is Mayweather is the modern day Jack Johnson. Black guy who kicks everyone's ass and is flamboyant and rich and can sleep with every woman that you haters lust after and because of this he's a punk, gayweather, chicking, going bankrupt, etc. because you simply can't stomach it and that's why you read comments like it must have been Bush's fault. Before he whipped Rick Hatton's ass (the great white hope) he was a bum because he never fought anyone of Hatton's caliber and after he beat his ass it was well he hasn't fought such and such yet. After he beats pacman's ass who I really a fan of you guys will keep on talking crap until the day you can see the smile wiped away from that black mans face. It's amazing this all happened after his kids mother found out that he was getting married the same day, two he's going to jail for taking a phone he purchased, three she did this before and back tracked stating that she did so because she was upset with him (didn't get her way) at the time. What I question is what the son saw. Did his mother tell him to say that or did he see is father standing over her yelling. No injury's. White fear and anger is a confusion and beatiful thing at the same time to witness. Jack Johnson lives through Mayweather!!!!!!!!!!!!

1461 days ago


Think it's just his way of not having to fight Manny Pacquiao!!!

1461 days ago


Can't stand this ****y SOB. He is getting what he deserves.

1461 days ago

Joe the Plumber    

**** the judge and everyone else. You're all bitches. Manny Pacquiao is a ****ing gook and I wish all Filipinos would get the **** out of America. Even Obama's dog eating White House chef. Get Real Bruh. Get a ****ing black chef you Uncle Tom.

1461 days ago


They may be great at sports, or great in the sack but they have no noodles whatsoever. It proves that in life you can't have it all.

1461 days ago


Why are so many people so quick to judge, with only a minuscule of evidence. It amazes me how a person can be accused of something, and assumed to be guilty, before all the facts are known. It's even more saddening to read so many racist comments, as if domestic abuse is just a black thing.

1461 days ago


According to the story in TMZ: "The coercion and harassment counts include alleged threats Mayweather made against his sons. According to the docs, the boxer threatened to beat his kids' asses if they "called 911 and/or left the residence."

Of course, he'll only beat his kids' asses if they agree to being tested for HGH and steroids first. If they won't agree to that, the fight is off.

You're a real man, Floyd, and You Are the Greatest!

1461 days ago


Posted at 1:11 PM on Sep 16, 2010 by Svengali

Did you day "only a minuscule amount of evidence". Did you read the police report and did you see the injuries that the girl had, and did you know he was at the house earlier and the police had to ask him to leave, but then he came back like gangbusters in the early hours of the morning?? ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS READ THE REPORT. You must be kiddling, seriously!!

1461 days ago


"Why are you all assuming he is guilty? This woman has pressed then RETRACTED charges already once before! He just announced his marriage to another woman also... coincidence?"

If you're going to put it that way. How about be fair and bring up all of Floyd Jr's previous problems with the law? That's right...ALL of them! Oh wait, you may not have enough space on the comments field to do that. NEVERMIND!

Not to mention that, this time, there's corroboration from his own children this time. He may find a way to escape a conviction for all 8 counts (highly doubtful). But he's going to have major problems with his own kids going forward.

Karma's a b....

1461 days ago


If you get with a fighter you gotta expect a few knocks im afraid, its the nature of the beast. Im guessing she deserved it.

1461 days ago


This guy is the epitome of an arrogant athlete who's surrounded himself with yes men and people who hold his testicles in order to get paid. He fired his own father for God's sake. Anyone who tries to check him and keep him in line he gets rid of. I saw the video of him dogging Manny Pacquiao and making racist comments and I hope he gets 10 years in the slammer. He thinks money can buy his way out of anything.

1461 days ago


floyd, meet comeupance, comeupance, meet floyd

1461 days ago


whew !!!...I'll bet Chilli (TLC) is glad she dodged that bullet.

1461 days ago


KO'd by his ex of all people...he should have chosen Pacquio instead and at least he would have made $40 million in the process...so much for family vacation and spending quality time with his family...punk ass!

Wait! Idea! Laila Ali vs. Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr. (a.k.a. inmate #1988768)

1461 days ago
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