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Floyd Mayweather Jr. Hit with 8 Charges

9/16/2010 4:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has officially been charged with felony counts of coercion, robbery and grand larceny -- as well as four misdemeanors -- for the alleged domestic incident with his baby mama in Las Vegas.


According to the Clark County District Attorney the misdemeanors are battery, and three counts of harassment.

As we first reported, Josie Harris claims the boxer beat her, threatened to kill her, and stole her cell phone during the alleged incident on September 9.

The coercion and harassment counts include alleged threats Mayweather made against his sons. According to the docs, the boxer threatened to beat his kids' asses if they "called 911 and/or left the residence."

If convicted of all charges, Floyd could spend up to 28 years behind bars.

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he gots money he'll be out in 6 months

1498 days ago


This guy is going to the big house and he deserves it! Useless Thug.I just love it when a rich jerk throws it all away due to his poor black upbringing. HA HA HA HA HA.... Dat's Right... You go Boy!!!!

1498 days ago


hmmm & Mel Gibson's case is still "under investigation"....

1498 days ago

joyce richardson    

ok all you haters out there black men may hit women but unlike you white guys you just go ahead and kill white women the media don't report on you like they do black men if the truth be told this is just another way to get rid of another black man and as for threating his kids give me a break how many of us hasn't threaten our kid if thgey did something we told them not to do and for the woman she needs to know the history of the black man and she would see that she is just playing into the hands of the system stop bringing the white man in he has degraded the black man and black women enough we can handle our own because they don't give a dam about us wake up black man and black women anytime a black man show confidence the white man is ready to stop him do anyone remember the great mohammed ali when they stoped him from fighting for a few year because he refuse to fight people that wasn't during anything to him if he was going to fight any one it would have been the klan in america ,the great roy jones when they took the gold from him when he competed in the olimpics please don't help this system continue to destroy us enough.

1498 days ago


exwives wit punk a$$ boyfriends and control of a your kids will drive any man crazy, but you can't understand it if you're gay

1498 days ago


When was the last time Floyd Gayweather even knocked someone out? He's all about outlasting.

1498 days ago


he deserves it for delaying his fight with Pacquiao for many times..*****!

1498 days ago


I guess when Mel the mouth Gibson and Charlie the crack head Sheen all is good right?? When they also beat on their women.

1498 days ago


"I'd rather spend years in prison than getting Knock Out by Pacquiao with millions watching the fight" Floyd Mayweather Jr.

1497 days ago


this story is bull ****, all u white people talking **** about the man cause u dont like him ,cause he's The man the best boxers , looks like u dont care for truth, jus proud of your hate for him to think u believe everything u see on tv , i dont know the truth but to guilty the man already is bull **** and racist and all white people have a Lil Hitler in there hearts cause they never to proud to hate on brother peace

1497 days ago


First of all..this happened the day AFTER his wack baby mama found out he just proposed to his longtime girlfriend with a 5 Carat!!!! So ummmmm there you go!

1497 days ago


What is up with the racist comments on this site. Some of you white folks (not all)are such haters. Since we are citing stereotypes, help me understand why? Is it because you all have small penises? Or because your daughter writes Lil Wayne letters in jail? Floyd Mayweather is a boxer, not a rapper. OJ Simpson hasn't been black since he got his Theismann trophy and is definitely not a rapper. Chris Brown, also a singer not a rapper. And Felony blackness??? What the hell is that? We dont attribute every white trash piece of sh&t to the entire white race or every serial killer, polygamist, crazy postal worker, columbine copycat or middle class white collar schmuck who embezzles from his boss then kills himself and entire family, for that matter. Stop hatin and keep ya daughters off their knees...your wives too!

1495 days ago


dang man so stupid

1493 days ago


Yeah right how the heck he gonna beat pacquiao. he for sure aint ko him out. He couldn't even ko marquez .... delahoya. This dudes a joke just honestly watch his highlight clip from HBO and then watch pacs. It aint hard to see that noone can put up with the pace and the offensive slaughter pacquiao puts on you. Floyd I dont blame ya . I wouldn't want to fight pacquiao either. SO keep living in denial but when your outclassed your out classed.

1491 days ago


First off,all the people on here that hate or still want to use color as a reason, BE GONE!This has nothing to do with anyone's race or where they came from. Floyd is the best boxer alive! It's funny how jeliousy makes people stupid? As far as what happend with him and his "baby's momma", just remember that there is ALWAYS 2 sides to every story. They need to leave that s*** about him threating his kids alone, please.I have told my kids that I would beat thier a** if they tried to do something I didn't want them to. Tell me one parent who hasen't.REALLY! I am ssssssoooooo sick of people always hating on mayweather about everything. Things happen to every one, good and bad, but this is overboard. We don't know exactly what happend because we were not there. People are so judge mental, and that's usually because they are hidding thier oun rong doings. Give credit were credit is do.We aren't fans of thiers because of thier personal life, we are fans of thiers because of what thier talents are. GROW UP!

1476 days ago
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