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Former WWF Wrestler X-Pac Busted for Weed

9/16/2010 7:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former TNA, WCW and WWF wrestler X-Pac was arrested in New Jersey for allegedly trying to sneak THC onto an airplane ... this according to his rep.

A rep for Pac -- real name Sean Waltman -- tells TMZ the arrest for possession of marijuana went down last Sunday at Newark International Airport ... and it wasn't the only bad thing that happened to him that weekend.

Waltman's rep says the wrestler got robbed the night before at a party -- so he showed up at the airport the next day without ID.

We're told the ID-less Waltman had to go through an "extensive search" -- which allegedly turned up one joint.

According to the rep, Waltman was released from custody Sunday night.

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Vin Broccoli    

Shawn is a burn out?!? LOL What's next, the sky is blue? 1 joint too. What a huge story.

1496 days ago


Legalize it, or give it revolution!

1496 days ago


Legalize it! Getting busted for possession of weed is the most ridiculous thing and a waste of tax-payer dollars. For around 80 years MILLIONS of well to do citizens have been booked. Laws that most people will not abide by should not be enforced at all. I'm sure if Obama gets reelected legalization will happen

1496 days ago

Matthew Landon    

Everyone needs to mind their own business. Medical Marijuana is legal in 14 states in this country. We need to stop criminalizing pot and focus tax payer money on something else. Sean Waltman is fine by me.

1496 days ago


What does he think will happen when you go to the airport with no id ?
I think this guy is a total and complete moron and a waste.Yes, we are only talking about one joint (BIG DEAL) but fact is drugs and drinking ruined his carrear .
Guess some people never learn..Stupid to go to the airport and have no id and any kind of drug..
Maybe one day he will grow-up.

1496 days ago


he should have put it by his balls,,noone would search there..it works for me..

1495 days ago


he should have put it by his balls,,noone would search there..it works for me..

Posted at 6:19 AM on Sep 17, 2010 by MIDNIGHT TOKER

Any advise for those of us who were born without balls?

1495 days ago

Hoan Chola    

Oh my god, one joint?! Let's throw him in jail for 100 years, it's the friggin' end of the world!

1495 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

It's still realll to me, damn it!!!

1495 days ago


busted for weed sounds sooo ridiculous!!!

1495 days ago


Why is it we NEVER hear about the good WRESTLERS. Four weeks ago we lost one of the most incredible wrestlers that EVER put on a pair of boots and tights. Ted trained the likes of ARN ANDERSON, RANGER ROSS, BIG BOSSMAN and many more.

1495 days ago


I agree, one joint, crime of the century! Look him up and throw away the key. What since less thing to report on someone just to make them look bad!

1495 days ago


I think with all the crime in New Jersey their focus should be on catching real criminals! Marijuana is not a drug, non adictive and has no side effects. They need to get their heads out of their butts and focus on more impostant issues.

1495 days ago


There is no existing evidence of anyone dying of a marijuana overdose. There is some evidence that marijuana is useful in treating some forms of epilepsy and spasticity caused by multiple sclerosis. Some studies show that marijuana is effective for some patients in relieving nausea caused by cancer and chemotherapy. There is evidence that marijuana may improve the appetite and help patients gain weight. This could be lifesaving for AIDS patients who develop wasting , a severe weight-loss condition. Smoking marijuana is effective in lowering pressure inside the eyeballs of some patients with glaucoma.

Marijuana is psychoactive because it stimulates certain brain receptors, but it does not produce toxins that kill them (like alcohol), and it does not wear them out as other drugs may. Studies performed on actual human populations will confirm these results, even for chronic marijuana users (up to 18 joints per day) after many years of use. In fact, following the publication of two 1977 JAMA studies, the American Medical Association (AMA) officially announced its support for the decriminalization of marijuana. In reality, marijuana has the effect of slightly increasing alpha-wave activity in your brain. Alpha waves are generally associated with meditative and relaxed states, which are, in turn, often associated with human creativity.
On August 21, 2009, Mexico decriminalized "personal use" possession of up to 5 grams of marijuana

* A July 13, 2007, decision in Ontario Provincial court has ruled that criminal possession laws for cannabis are unconstitutional (R. v. Long).

Possession of cannabis is not illegal in Canada according to Justice Edmonson of the Ontario Court of Justice in R. v. Bodnar/Hall/Spasic - "there is no offence known to law which the accused have committed."

1495 days ago



1495 days ago
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