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Kid Rock: I Tried to 'Moon' My Waffle House Accuser

9/16/2010 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kid Rock just told a Georgia courtroom that minutes before his 2007 Waffle House brawl -- he tried to give his accuser a view of the "moon" ... but he ran into a little problem around Uranus.  

Kid Rock Moon

Rock told the court that he and Harlen Akins were exchanging middle fingers during an early morning exchange in October 2007 ... Rock even claims he tried to flip the infamous "double bird."

But according to Rock, Akins took things to another level when he took his pants down ... so Rock tried to counter with a mooning ... but there was a catch.

Rock claims he couldn't unlatch his custom steer head belt buckle ... so he had to settle with a "small moon ... not a full moon."

He added, "I couldn't do what I wanted to do and give him the full moon ... because he was a smart ass."

The two eventually got into a scuffle that was caught on a Waffle House security camera -- and now Akins wants more than $6,000 in damages.


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He looks much older than 39! Besides that, he looks like he came right out of "Deliverance" - an inbred, white-trash red neck. No class at all....just a hillbilly.

1501 days ago


WTF?!? Sooo, showing everybody that you are a dumb, childish lowlife means more to you than paying-off the guy for ganging-up on him?!? You're stupid!!

1501 days ago


Kid Rock and Roll Jesus is my homeboy!

1501 days ago


BTW, couldn't he at least dress-up for the court date? He's gonna lose.

1501 days ago


For all of the people talkin' smack about Kid Rock check your facts! This man does a LOT for our Troops, he even gave up HIS Christmas one year to go to Iraq and perform for them! This past Saturday he came to Fort Jackson, SC and performed a live show FREE for the troops! He gives back a LOT! And if you knew the story behind this Waffle House mishap you'd know that Kid was trying to cool things over with this punk. He even offered to buy the man breakfast. It wasn't Kid's fault! The black guy started it, and the KID finished it! Go Bobby! I'm on your side buddy! Plus, you're one fine male! And for the people who say's he is too skinny he is on meth, blah, etc. Yeah he is a slim man, but when he removes that shirt he is pure muscle! Don't hate, appreciate the view! I do! Rock on Kid!

1501 days ago


For all you punks talkin' smack about Kid Rock let me fill you in on a couple of things. First off, Kid Rock does a LOT for our troops! He even gave up HIS CHRISTMAS to go over to IRAQ and preform for them! This past Saturday he came to Fort Jackson, SC and put on a live show there for FREE for the troops! He gives back a lot! For the people that say he is too skinny he is on meth, etc.... He is a slim man, but when he pulls that shirt off he is pure muscle! Belive me, I just saw him Saturday! That man is fine! As far as this Waffle House crap goes, Kid Rock did NOT start it the other dude did! Kid even tried to cool things off by offering to buy that cat breakfast! Dude wanted to act stupid and the Kid shut him up! Same thing a lot of you haters would do too givin the situation! So stop hating and appreciate the view, I do!!! I love you Bobby! Rock on, Kid!

1501 days ago


There was just way too much testosterone in that Waffle House. It is just a case of boys behaving badly! The humiliation of being dragged in to court ought to cool the heels of all parties concerned.

1501 days ago


Sausage-fest at the Waffle house !

1501 days ago


Who the hell is Kid Rock?

I have never heard anything on the radio by him and he looks awfully wimpy to be in a fight. He ain't no scrapper! Must just be a famous meth addict!

1501 days ago


"I love kid rock, he's just being himself and we're all guilty of immaturity every once in a while."

Like mooning people at a waffle house?

Speak for yourself, dumbass.

1501 days ago


Kid pebble is such a jerk

1501 days ago


Dumb Ass

1501 days ago


Kid, your the f*ckin man bro... dont listen to these c*ck suckers. a man does what he has to do when disrespected. Only whiney ***s start talkin bout it. stfu all u whiney little b*tches. Oh and btw i love the honesty in the courtroom. F*ck those c*ck suckers too. If you were the man u were 15 years ago you woulda taken a flame thrower to the place... lol. ****in mouthy N*gger got what he deserved. Thats how we do it down south. He felt that white power got scared and now wants money, that just like a damn monkey. Its true and all u people who hate this post know im right to an extent. They're always talking in the movie theatres to. Stfu. tax payers pay for theyre laziness then when they get whats coming to em they run they're coon mouth. lmao F*ck them. Ever seen 5 people burned alive suspected of whitchcraft in kenya, africa. google it theyre not right in the head man im tellin ya.

1500 days ago


He must not be able to come up with $6,000

1500 days ago

Throwback kid    

What is his real age? It looks like he is wearing old man makeup

1500 days ago
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